Code Geass: The Devil and the Dragon


The whispers began when the doors opened. Two boys, dressed in princely uniforms of black, with capes flowing around their shoulders, marched up to the dais, faces set in a firm expression. Both looked exactly the same. Black hair, purple eyes, and thin bodies. Only the side on which they tied their capes told them apart.

"Father!" said the one on the right. "Our mother is dead!" The figure on the throne, imposing and tall, shifted.

"What of it?" the boy on the left twitched, the first movement since walking to his current position. He stared at the man on the throne, a look in his eye causing the nobles at that end to move uncomfortably, caught between two forces. The indomitable will of the emperor behind them, and the cold fury of the princes before them.

"What of it?!" cried the boy who spoke previously, "She has been slain! And you do nothing about it!!" The emperor scoffed, back still erect against the cold stone of the throne.

"Your point being?"

"There is no way and terrorists could have infiltrated the palace without being detected! My brother has heard that all the guards were withdrawn before the shooting!"

"Get on with it boy." Looking infuriated, the prince took a deep breath before finishing.

"You left our mother unprotected and allowed her to be killed!!" Gasps echoed throughout the hall, mutters breaking out amongst the onlookers. "Until we discover who exactly is responsible for our mothers murder, I Lelouch vi Britannia,"

"And I, Learme vi Britannia," The boy on the left-hand side spoke, his voice a cold and chilling version of his brothers.

"Renounce our claims to the throne!" The two spoke at the same time, heated cry and cold whisper roaring. At this, the Emperor, Charles di Britannia, stood , and issued his own proclamation.

"I hereby strip you two, and your sister, of your titles as Princes and Princess of Britannia!" With that, the same exact sneer spread across the two boys faces, and they turned, exiting the hall.


April 12, 2010 – Japan, unknown area

The three uncomfortable passengers shuddered as the Glasgow sped over the landscape, burning bodies and shattered corpses everywhere around.

"Onii-san? Whats that smell?"

"It's nothing Nunnally, we're just passing by a dump." Lelouch assured his sister. Next to him, another boy, brown-haired and green-eyed, stared at the devastation around them. Unheeded tears crept down his face, dripping from his chin onto the girls hand next to him. Frowning, she moved her hand up, along his arm and shoulder, eventually feeling his wet face.

"What's wrong Suzaku?" Startled, the boy moved his face away, quickly wiping away at the tears with his sleeve.

"It's nothing Nunnally. Maybe you should get some rest." The girl hesitated, before replying.

"Alright. Tell me when we get there." She laid her head down on Lelouch's shoulder, quickly succumbing to the exhaustion that had plagued her for the past two days.

"When do we get there Learme?" Lelouch asked his twin.

"Two, two and a half hours at most." The pilot replied, cautiously scanning their surroundings with the Glasgow's Factsphere. Tied to his feet were long blocks of wood, allowing him to reach the pedals controlling their speed. His hands easily gripped the controls, twitching occasionally as he brought the Glasgow's rifle or cannon to bear on a potential target, relaxing when the Factsphere revealed it to be just another scrap heap.

Two hours and seven minutes later, they had abandoned the Glasgow and marched to a refugee camp, controlled by the Britannian Military, obvious victors of the short and quick invasion. Suzaku sat on a stump, hands clenched in before him as the twins stood in front of him.

"Suzaku......" Lelouch began, Learme continuing with him.

"We will destroy Britannia!!"