Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura stood on the bridge, waiting for Kakashi to show. All three ninjas were currently texting someone, so they all had their phones out.

"I'm here!" Kakashi said as he appeared on a bridge arc, right over Sasuke. Naruto slipped his phone into his pocket and Sakura into her purse. "YOU'RE LATE!" They screamed, pointing at their sensei.

Sasuke continued typing whatever he was trying on his phone. Kakashi looked over his shoulder. He saw who Sasuke was texting, and mentions of…things.

The raven saw Kakashi looking at his phone and quickly slipped it into his pocket. Kakashi, under his mask, grinned crazily.

"We don't have a mission today, and we've done enough training. Go home." He said, and the three genin did as they were told.

Kakashi, once they were gone, rubbed his hands together. A plan was forming in his head. A very evil plan, indeed.


The next morning, everyone was in their usual places on the bridge, but only Sakura had he phone out. Naruto was babbling on about getting ramen after training, and Sasuke wasn't even pretending to listen.

Suddenly, Kakashi appeared overhead. "YOU'RE…!" Naruto and Sakura began, but stopped. "On…time?" They were confused.

Kakashi smiled innocently and turned to Sasuke. "Sasuke, can I talk to you?" He asked, and Sasuke did nothing. From his pouch where one usually carried scrolls, Kakashi pulled out a bottle of whipped cream.

Sakura looked confused, and Naruto looked nervous. "Sasuke, I want you to have this. It has…many uses." He smiled got wider. "You can use it in the kitchen…in the dining room…in the bedroom…" He tried not laugh, but failed.

Sakura cocked her head to the side, and Naruto was turning red in a very Hinata-like way. Kakashi, to Sasuke's horror, continued. "It can be used any time of the day! In the morning…in the afternoon…at night…and you can use it for anything! On cake…on ice cream…or on anyone." Kakashi cleared his throat and pressed the can into Sasuke's hand. "So put it to good use."

Sasuke's cheeks had turned a very Un-Sasuke-Like pink, Naruto was as red as a tomato, and Sakura still looked dumbfounded.

Sasuke looked from the can to his sensei. "Kakashi-Sensei, I'd appreciate it if you didn't read my texts over my shoulder. It's considered rude." He grabbed Naruto's wrist. "Now if you'll both excuse us…" He led the blond away.

Kakashi was cracking up, holding his sides he was laughing so hard. Sakura…was still confused. Stupid girl.



I love my friends to death.