Title: You are an Idiot

Fandom: House

Pairing: Dr. Gregory House/ Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley



A/N: So this is my very first 'House' story. In "Last Resort" when the negotiation squad blows up the wall and House runs in to see if Thirteen is alright, I wanted to add a little something and add an extra ending. The theme is the line "You are an idiot". Hope you guys enjoy it, I hope to hear from you!!!!

Dr. Gregory House rolls Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley over, the debris from the explosion falling from her hair and clothes. To his shock, amazement and pleasure, she is still alive.

"Why are you still alive?" He asks, incredulously.

"He didn't make me take it." Thirteen whispers, shrugging. House shakes his head, feeling relief. Other doctors ran towards Thirteen, pushing House out of the way. House watches as they rolled her away, feeling something strange.

He understands why Jason had done what he did, but he wanted to kill himself right now seeing Thirteen like that. If House hadn't been in Cuddy's office at the moment, everyone in there could have died. Thirteen would have died.

House can't take it anymore; he has to go see Thirteen. He walks down to Thirteen's room, not caring about the fact he doesn't have his cane. A part of him wants to give her employee of the month, another part wants to smack and fire her, but a third part wants to throw her on a table and screw her, but all three seem pretty stupid at the moment.

"You are an idiot." House says as soon as he walks in. Thirteen looks up at him and smiles.

"You're welcome, House." She says. House pulls up a chair next to her he bed and sits next to her.

"Why would I thank you? You almost got yourself killed, like four times." House tells her. "You are an idiot."

"But I didn't die nor did anyone else, including you, House." Thirteen says. House smacks her gently.

"I would have taken each of those medications, willing to keep you safe." He says, uncharacteristically compassionately.

"You're being nice to me House, why?" Thirteen asks. House doesn't have an answer so he changes the subject.

"You're going to be on temporary dialysis for a week, after then you should be fine." House tells her. Thirteen chuckles.

"Foreman told me. Stop changing the subject… will you?" she asks. House looks like and wonders himself why he changed the subject.

"I almost lost one of my team today… probably the smartest of them and I don't take too kindly to that." Not the real reason, he knows this, but this is the reasoning he will give. In her eyes, he can see that Thirteen doesn't believe him and can see behind it.

"You still diagnosed him." Thirteen mumbles.

"Kept you safe, didn't it?" House asks with a smile. Thirteen smiles back and House grabs her hand. "You have Huntington's." He tells her, hoping to get it through her mind.

"I know, House, I know." Thirteen whispers, reaching out to touch House's beard.

"You need to get treated for it." House says. She nods.

"Foremen set me up with a Huntington's clinical trial. Maybe it will do some good." Thirteen responds. House smiles and grabs the hand that was on his beard.

"You're still an idiot, Thirteen." He says. Thirteen nods and lies her head back down. "Sleep, idiot." He says, letting go of her hand.

"No." She mumbles, shaking her head. House sighs and reaches up to swat her softly on the head.

"Why not, idiot Thirteen?" He asks in a teasing voice, stroking her face.

"Because you won't be there when I wake up." She says, trying to fight her heavy eyelids.

"Yes, I will Thirteen. I'll be right here, just sleep idiot." He says.

"House why are you being so nice to me?" She asks, tilting her head to the side. Her eyes were starting to shut and her breathing was starting to become shallow. House decides to take a chance and stands up, leaning down to kiss her. He pulls away and softly whispers;

"Because I am idiot as well, Thirteen."