Bella/Jacob OOC. What do drugs, sunshine, and Jacob do to Bella when combined? "All that's left is a second for his reaction--I can see the confusion sparkle briefly in his eyes--before I bend down slightly to where he's sitting and kiss him..."

It's this kind of gentle afternoon sun that does things to you.

Well, that, and a bit of weed. But still.

Jacob's a feet feet away, sitting on a rock--for some reason that strikes me as extraordinarily funny, and I crack up--and exhaling. Hearing me crack up, he looks over, a smile already on his face, as if everything I do is silly in and of itself.

He smiles at me, and my laughter ends with a huge grin. I stare at him like that for a second too long and he arches an eyebrow, then rolls his eyes at me, as if to say, O...kayyy, Bella.

I don't really understand why I do it. Or why, even when Edward's face swims around behind my eyes for a moment, I don't stop. It's not even really like I think about it. But I know that a combination of that soft sunshine, breeze, the field out here, and everything about the world makes a wave of exhilaration ride through my stomach, followed by a rush of adrenaline.

I stand up suddenly, my intentions clear in my head, a stupid grin appearing on my face. Because even if this wasn't about to work, even if I didn't know with every fiber of my being that all along, it's been my call on when to make a move, I could just brush this off later as giddiness in the moment of being wonderfully stoned.

I take several deliberate steps through the soft grass, grown long now that it's summer, and he turns at the last second to face me, startled. All that's left is a second for his reaction--I can see the confusion sparkle briefly in his eyes--before I bend down slightly to where he's sitting and kiss him.

There's the gentle click of the lighter he's holding being set down and then he kisses me back, just slightly, and only for a minute, his lips warm against mine. I can feel him smiling and making every effort not to let that disturb the whole kiss in and of itself.

It doesn't.

Later that night in the field, far beyond where humans--or more importantly, vampires--can detect the scent of cigarettes and pot, blowing more sets of smoke rings into the sky, we sit there next to each other, laughing and grinning like teenagers. Which, wolf or no wolf, soon-to-be-vampire or no soon-to-be-vampire, is still what we are.

I try to stand up, because on a night as beautiful as tonight, I feel like I can graze the stars if I just reach high enough.

For my effort, I'm rewarded by somehow tripping and winding up flat on my back on the ground.

Jacob blows out a steady stream of smoke and grouses, "I never should have smoked you out. You're clumsy enough to begin with." But there's a little smirk on his face.

I can't resist teasing him about earlier. "Oh, I'm sure you regret it."

"Damn right," he fires back.

That does it. "Then I'm sure," I say delicately, laying down his still smoking pipe in the grass, "you'll regret this, too." I turn and give him a brief kiss, watching with smugness as his eyes flutter shut. I sit back, light a cigarette, and ask sweetly, "Having any second thoughts, there, Chief Smokes-Ten-Bowls?"

He laughs at that but then replies, "If this is what smoking does to you, then maybe I should have offered a whole lot sooner."

I scowl.

Jacob surprises me by kissing me on the cheek, and adds, "Just kidding."

My lips turn back up into a smile. I'd take this over eternity any day.