Rosalie's pov

There were very few people gathered outside when we finally emerged from the building. We all automatically turned to the right to make our way back to our cars. I heard somebody clearing their throat behind us and turned only to see Edward still standing by the door.

"My car is the other I guess I'll see you girls later...and I'll see you guys back at the apartment?," he said as he ran his hair through his already messy hair. Jasper nodded in his direction.

Alice quickly walked over to him and wrapped her small arms around his waist. She leaned up to whisper something in his ear, causing his head to jerk towards her. What did she say?

"I'll call you in the morning," she sang to him over her shoulder as she walked back to us. He nodded and his eyes roamed over us all as he gave us a wave goodbye. I didn't miss the way his eyes lingered on Bella, causing her to turn away.

We walked back to the car in silence, reaching our rides in mere minutes. We said simple goodbyes, exhaustion from the long night finally hitting us, but I felt suddenly awake when Emmett let his lips brush my hair. I drove us home since I was the one who knew city driving the best. The radio hummed quietly in the background while Alice and Bella stared out the windows as the other cars whipped by us. They were probably thinking about their night.

I smiled as I thought about mine. My lips involuntarily shot upward into a wide grin. Emmett was something different. The last time I had seen him I had just had a recent run in with an ex followed by another argument with my mother. I hadn't wanted to smile or be happy or even be there. Yet he made me forget, just as he had done tonight. I was starting to think that things with him could be simple... easy. That maybe he thought there was more to me the just a shiny surface. I knew that he had to be a good guy. He was related to Bella. But part of my mind wanted to fight off all those happy thoughts that said that a guy could look at me for who I was inside, it was ingrained in my system to think that way.

I was so enthralled with my thoughts that I nearly passed the apartment building and had to slam on the breaks quickly, jarring Alice and Bella out of their reminiscing.

I averted their eyes as I parked the car and quickly got out.

"Be careful of your dresses!" Alice chirped.

"Shit! I ripped mine!" Bella yelled.

"Are you serious!" Alice squeaked. I could hear the rustling of Bella's dress as Alice inspected it.

"No," Bella laughed as she made her way over to my side. I held up my hand so she could high five it.

"Oh you think you're just so funny," Alice muttered. I followed her into the building and we hit the up button for the elevator. When Alice had finally unlocked the door (after refusing help from Bella and I, Bella shuffled in and kicked off her heels with a victorious yelp. Alice scoffed at her and exited the kitchen, disappearing into the living room, and presumably heading to the room she and Bella were sharing. I followed her since I didn't have any stuff with me and would need something to sleep in.

Eventually we all gravitated towards the living room once we had pulled on our pajamas. Alice sprawled out on the couch, taking up half of it, so I took up refuge at the other end. Bella eyed our seating arrangement, rolled her eyes, grabbed the blanket that had been over the arm of the couch, and sat down on the floor. We formed a sort of triangle. None of us had thought to flick on the lights when we walked in so Alice turned on the small lamp by her head.

"My feet hurt..." Bella whined, breaking the silence. I looked over to see her rubbing the arch of her left foot.

"Suck it up," Alice quipped in a surprisingly loud voice considering that she looked ready to pass out. But of course Alice was never too tired for talking...

" and Edward seemed to hit it off," Alice flipped onto her side so she was facing Bella and raised her eyebrows up and down suggestively.

"I...uh..I guess. It's different though," she whispered as she softly fidgeted with her necklace, "we could never be like you and Jasper...or like you and Emmett," she nodded her head towards me. Like Emmett and me?

"What do you think is going on between me and Jasper? And Rosalie and Emmett for that matter?"

Bella pulled at a loose thread in the blanket. "Its just that you guys are all close already and..."

"Listen to me Bella," Alice said as she shot up into a sitting position, "I have no idea where you got this nonsense into your head, but it isn't true. I've hung out with Jasper a total of two times now! He didn't hang around too long after the ball last year and neither did we remember? So stop with this nonsense about all of us and our relationships or whatever it is you think we have!"

"It's still different Alice! He has a girlfriend. A girlfriend Alice! You don't seem to..."

"So what Bella! You are more of a woman than that fake bimbo will ever be! And Edward will see that eventually! And it's not as if Rose and I don't have our own obstacles to deal with," Alice's voice quivered at the end.

"Like what? What could possibly stop you two from being with any guy you want?"

Alice's face scrunched up in frustration. "Where did you get that from? Your ass? I have never had a boyfriend and I have never wanted one! I don't trust guys remember?" She whispered the last part and I almost didn't hear it. But apparently it had an affect on Bella because she pursed her lips but didn't respond. The heat of the conversation intrigued me and made me think that it was similar to ones they must have had before, but I decided not to pursue it.

"Listen guys, I think we are all a tad tired. So I'm going to bring this conversation to a close, but I just want to make sure I understand some things. One, we all suck when it comes to guys," I said. Bella looked shocked, and I couldn't tell if it was because she forgot I was in the room or because she didn't believe me. I assumed it was the latter.

"Ya Bella it's true. I could say I'm great with guys and shit but that would be crap. We all have our problems. Mine is that I don't let people get close to me because I'm afraid they only care about how I look, you are afraid to accept the fact that you are an amazing person, and Alice doesn't trust guys. Now we could go into detail about all these little things, or we could save that for another time. My vote is that me drop the serious talk and pop in some F.R.I.E.N.D.S and then pass out. Who's with me?"

"Me! But don't think that we won't be finishing this conversation soon," Alice warned before getting up and popping in a DVD. Bella quickly got up and dove for the couch. I laughed as she sprawled out like Alice had. Unlike Bella though, Alice didn't sit on the floor, she situated herself on top of Bella.

"Ahh! Alice. Can't. Breathe." Bella managed to get out from under Alice and the two of them found a way to share the space.

As the theme song began to play I noticed that Bella was fidgeting with her necklace again. Her necklace was a silver heart with an emerald in the center that hung delicately from a chain.

"Bells your necklace is gorgeous, but I need to know your secret! How did you get Alice to let you keep it on tonight?" I asked. Bella stiffened and Alice whipped her head towards me. Jesus what had I done now?

"It was my moms, I never take it off," she whispered.

"Oh...well its beautiful Bella," I said softly. She smiled slightly and then turned her attention back to the TV. And then I noticed that Alice was fidgeting with jewelry of her own. A pink bracelet with the words, "I do believe in fairies," inscribed on a silver plaque.

"What about you Alice? What's the story behind your bracelet?"

"My dad gave it to me when I was little," she said without taking her eyes off the TV.

"Oh. Well I guess I have a knack for asking the wrong questions..." They both laughed.

It wasn't long before the two of them had fallen asleep. They looked so peaceful. I grabbed the blanket and draped it over them.

Bella's pov

I woke up to the sun shining straight into my eyes because none of us had closed the shades last night. My head was resting on Alice's back and her head was smooshed into the corner of the couch. Rosalie was laying at the other end of the couch but her long legs reached mine and were currently tangled in a pile. I quietly extracted myself and attempted to turn right towards my room, but the blanket had caught on my leg and nearly knocked over the flower vase on the coffee table. I quickly untangled it and headed towards my room. Alice and I were sharing the second room because it was the most girly of the two.

The alarm clock on the night table read 8am. Alice would be up in an hour or so because she usually didn't sleep late but I figured Rose would sleep longer than that. My stomache growled and I remembered that there was no food in this apartment. Damn. I guess I should probably go shopping. I slipped on a pair of light jeans that had the bottoms already rolled up (I had worn them yesterday), grabbed my Ciao tank, a sweater, and my sunglasses and headed towards the kitchen. My purse was on the counter so I slung it over my shoulder, after leaving a note for Rose and Alice, slid on my sandals and headed out the door.

Alice's pov

I woke up to darkness. What the hell? I lifted my head up in confusion only to be blinded by sunlight. Darkness! I choose darkness! I shoved my head back into what I now realized was the crook of the couch and shut my eyes. Damn, now I'm wide awake. I peeled myself off the couch and noticed that Bella was gone and Rose had curled into a tiny ball at the end of the couch. My mouth opened to let out a cat-like yawn as I padded into the kitchen. I noticed a note from Bella:

Al and Rose,

I've gone to the store Esme mentioned to get us some food. Try and make do until I get back and by make do I don't mean order in take out that we would never be able to finsih because I so don't feel like chinese food for breakfast (Al). I have my phone, text me if there is anything specific you want.


Funny Bella, real funny. That had happen once and I hadn't had much for dinner the night before. I grabbed my phone off the counter and hopped onto one of the counter chairs.

New text message from Emmett:

Hey Al I sent this message to Bella too, but I'm about to go hit the gym downstairs with Jasper and Edward went to get groceries. He said that he would drop Rosalie's stuff off with the doorman.

Edward was getting groceries huh? Time to start meddling. I clicked Edward's number and typed out a quick message to him.

Hey Emmett said you were out getting groceries. Would you mind going to Berkley's a couple blocks from us? Bella won't answer her phone and I'm worried that she got lost. Thanks.

"You know it wouldn't have been all that hard for you to close the god damn shades when you woke up," Rosalie grumbled as she walked into the room. She wiped at her eyes before pulling her hair up into a bun.

"Morning sunshine," I said in my best sing-song voice. She stuck her tongue out at me and pulled Bella's note towards her. I decided now was a good time to get dressed.

"Don't judge me by that note Rose," I quipped over my shoulder. I was distracted from her laughter when my phone buzzed.

New text message from Edward:

Sure thing.

He was always one of few words. My phone buzzed again.

New text message from Bella

Pop-tarts: Strawberry or Blueberry?

I replied informing her that the correct choice was always strawberry.

I sighed and closed my phone. Last night's conversation had been all over the place. Bella and I were so close that sometimes we forgot that we needed to talk about things instead of just assuming we knew what the other person would say. College had been going great for Bella. It had been going well for me too but it wasn't my first choice. However I was with Bella and that was what mattered to me. College had seemed to lessen some of Bella's stress and worries so I almost for got they were there. One of these days I would sit down with Bella and Rose and we would spill out all our insecurities. This summer was going to be life changing, I could feel it. We would need each other if we wanted to move on, and the only way to do that would be to be honest with each other.

I opened the door to my room and made my way over to the bed to sit down. The room was pretty simple. There was a closet directly to the right of the door that looked like it would be able to fit a decent amount of stuff, plus there was a dresser on the other side of the door as well. The bed was big enough to fit both Bella and I. It had a pretty comforter that I couldn't wait to sleep in. I heard the bedroom door creak open followed by a still tired Rosalie muttering something about coffee. She sat on the bed beside me.

"I have no clothing Aliceeee," she whined.

"Oh! Emmett said that Edward was going to drop your stuff off." She snapped her head up and smiled. Whether it was at the prospect of having her stuff or Emmett's name I wasn't sure.

"I'll go grab it in a minute. So what's the plan for today? Are we going to hang out with them? I'm pretty tired so if we do something let's keep it low key." I nodded in agreement and then her words sunk in and I was hit with inspiration.

"I got it!" She raised one of her perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

"Care to share?"

"Nope! Go get your stuff." I pulled her off the bed and pushed her out of the room.

"Ok ok I get it. Right well I'm going to go grab my stuff and then I'm going to head to a nail salon I saw down the street. My toes are gross," She said. I had stopped listening to her though because my mind had gone into full plan mode. I knew exactly what we would be doing tonight an there was only one way to do it: Alice style.

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