Ending What would we do without Reno?

The ending is finally here! I'm gonna miss writing this, I had a lot of fun with it. And thanks to all you readers out there that took the time to read this fanfic, It's much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed it! XD


Elena woke up from dawn's sharp rays of sunlight.

As soon as her brown eyes fluttered open, she smiled, remembering the person lying next to her. For once, she didn't care about the consequences, only about her newfound love for the redheaded Turk that she had been denying for so long. Reno had known the whole time that they were both perfect for each other, but Elena knew that he wouldn't admit it so easily.

The day had finally come and gone, and she was thankful for it. Turning her head towards the man lying beside her, her stomach churned.

He was fully clothed, and had black hair. And she didn't want to know how he had ended up in her bed.

Reno... Elena groaned inwardly. Once again, he had left her with false hope, and a hollow, nauseating feeling inside.

She didn't want to awake her boss and frighten the life out of him, in fear that her career in Shinra would be harmed. Plus it wouldn't be the most comfortable of conversations. Instead, she quietly rose out of bed, slightly embarrassed to be wearing chocobo covered pyjamas, and glad that Tseng wasn't awake to see it. She walked towards her desk, where her PHS was awaiting her, until a glimpse of something glittering caught her attention.

She turned her saddened eyes towards the object, and was surprised to find that there was a simple, yet familiar silver earring sitting atop a hastily folded sheet of paper.

She lightly picked up the earring and examined it, her pain only increasing as she realised who's it was. She bit her lip and placed it on her jewelry rack out of harm's way, before taking the sheet of paper reluctantly.

Hey 'Laney,

Bet you're wondering why I left my earring, hey? Think of it as a goodbye present.

I'm sorry, but I'm leaving now. It's nothing to do with you, it's more of a work problem.

I'll see you soon, though, I'm sure.

I know you're hating me right now, but believe it or not, I'm doing this for you.

You'll understand soon enough. Trust me, okay?

Heh, fat chance of that...

I feel so crap right now for leaving you. Especially after last night...Hell, I feel like

a damn player. But I swear, you're different to the other girls, 'Lena.

You're perfect. So I understand if you think you're too good for me-you probably are.

I guess I'm getting off the subject. I gotta go now, so just know that I love you,


Love from, Reno of the Turks.

I love you... The tears were streaming down Elena's cheeks as she re-read that line, and then the letter again three times over. She hated him right now, but at the same time, she was madly in love with him. She wanted to find him and give him the bitch slap of his life, before kissing him with all her passion. But to search for him would be an almost guaranteed let down. Then again, just waiting would be foolish.

As she sorted out her jumbled thoughts, the inevitable question kept invading her mind. What would we do without Reno?

It had only taken one night, but she knew the answer now. And she was satisfied.


Okay that ending sucked. Let me know what you think though.

Oh and if you liked it, I have its sequel :) It's not a humor as much anymore, so we'll see how it goes. You might have already read it. It's called Betrayal.

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