Vampire Knight: Redux

Chapter One: Guardian

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The noises have stopped.

But no one has come to get me yet. Where are you? Don't stay away, please, I'm so scared.

Under a cloth covered table a little girl hides, her once freshly clean dress clothes splattered with blood and dirt and her own tears. Her red curls tangle her fingers as she wipes at her tears. She clutches a sharp knife, smaller than most knives and yet it seems to be too big for her own small hands close to her heart in front of her like a shield.

She's been breathing in hiccupped gasps, trying very hard to be quiet like her father ordered her to do when he pushed her in here but she's so lonely and frighten. She heard screams outside the double doors, coming from the ballroom where her family was holding a party for friends and fellow—

Thump! Thump! Thump!

She covers her mouth to keep from screaming but it peeps out anyways as someone, SOMETHING, pounds on the doors. She scoots back from the table she was hiding under and quickly moves to another one, farther back against the wall. She slides under the table just as the heavy iron locks give away under the awesome pressure from the one her attacked her family.

The doors slam open, crashing into the walls behind them and pushing wind into the room, carrying the fresh scent of blood on their wings. Slow gentle footsteps sound as the monster enters the room.

"Come out, come out where ever you are…" the deceitfully cheerful voice singsongs from the doorway. The little girl's heart in pounding in her chest and a plead falls from her lips.

"Sister, come save me."

10 years later….

Cross Academy is a private institution for the purpose of building bridges between two classes. The Day Class are full of students who are from families that live nearby and want their children to have all the resources to make something worthwhile and better for themselves and the people around them

"It's almost time!"

"Squee, I can't wait!"

"I know! I wish the sun would set sooner."

Every day at nightfall, most of the female students gather in a mass of love struck and mind bending awe as they wait for the other class that shares their school to arrive from their dorms. On the outskirts of the mob, a few boys could be seen, keeping back as they tried to keep their excitement down by looking disinterested.

"Alright everyone step back, this means you—!!" This order came from a young girl who stood at the front of the mass, doing her best to keep order in front of the large wood and iron door that separated the dorms. She wore the black outfit that all Day Class students wear but on her left arm she wore a white band that announced her role as School Guardian, part of the Disciplinary Committee set up by the Headmaster.

"Listen Guardian, it's so not fair that you get to keep us from seeing the Night Class day after day—" a put out girl from Day Class said with a sulkily frown. The other girls tittered nervously, as the girl in question straightened up quickly and whirled around on the speaker.

"No talky backy missy miss." She said, with a finger in the air. "Or I'll report you to the Headmaster---"

"He's just a sweetie—" this came from another girl who giggled as she thought of the school's kindhearted and somewhat dimwitted headmaster, Kaien Cross.

"Or better yet…" A glint came to the Guardian's eyes that made the girls gulp. "I can always tell Secondary Headmaster." The girls froze in fear under that threat.

"Now, now Allana don't go scaring the poor girls like that." The girls blinked and sighed with relief as the other School Guardian appeared, his warm smile and bright green eyes instantly eased their fears. He put his hand on his partner's head and rubbed his fingers through her dark red hair, mussing it up.

Allana frowned, her hazel eyes darkening in irritation as she reached up and pinched the back of his hand as she grabbed it from her head. She turned on him, her hands on her hips as she scowled up at him since he was a head taller than her. "Where were you Dylan? You're late again!"

"Well we all can't be born with an internal alarm clock like you pet." Dylan said, rubbing the back of his hand as he looked down at the furious girl. "Come on now, its too early---"

"It's almost sunset."

"Exactly. I'm still running on my home time and not school time." Dylan grinned at her in hopes of appeasing her, as he re-spiked his light brown hair. "I'm a night owl remember?"

As Allana was about to respond, the gate doors to the Moon Dormitory opened. The girls around them breathed in awe and gasped as their love struck eyes focused on the students walking out. Dylan and Allana barely had time to cover their ears as the girls exploded in screams and cries. Immediately they jumped into motion, moving to create a barrier between the Day Class and the Night Class as they headed to the school building.

Night Class, an elite group of students who are born to noble and aristocratic powerful families, whose lineage can be traced centuries back and whose parents had lived through those dark forgotten times. All beautiful and stunning with a grace that seems to the Day Class almost inhuman. They don't know how close to the truth they are. Because the Night Class are full of vampires.

"Hey! I said keep back! Stop being such pests and go to your dorms. It's curfew for all Day Class students—"Allana was saying to the girls as she put out her arms to hold back the crowd as Night Class walked by in front of her. She always made sure to never have her back turned when there was a group of them nearby.

"Hello. Please have a wonderful time in class tonight." Dylan said to the Night Class, giving them a pleasant smile while easily handling the girls behind him.

"Oh Dylan you're so kind." One of the female students of Night Class said with a hint of smile on her face. Dylan blushed lightly as the girl reached her hand out towards him only to be stopped by Allana.

"You better hurry Gaia. Class will start soon." Allana said, releasing Gaia's wrist and stepped back, making sure to keep herself between Dylan and Gaia. Dylan laughed uneasy with all the female attention on him all of a sudden.

Gaia pouted but moved away with the rest of her class, who had stopped to watch the sparks burn between the girls. It was always a sight to see. "Maybe some other time, Mr. Disciplinary Committee when your personal guard is not around."

"Scary pretty girl." One of the Night Class sighed not so quietly.

Allana and Dylan watched as the Night Class disappeared into their building as the rest of Day Class broke apart to head to their dorms, sighing and chattering excitingly about how their dream guy looked right at them for real when Allana turned and punched Dylan in the arm.

"Oooww!" Dylan complained as he dodged another hit.

"You are not meeting with Gaia alone you poof!" Allana said with a huff.

"Who said I would?!" Dylan put his hands up in surrender.

"Because it's Gaia freakin' Tseng! You have like, the biggest crush on her, everyone knows it and she will not hesitate to use it to her advantage! She's part of Night Class after all. They all are the same, scheming power hungry vampires." Allana crossed her arms as Dylan sighed wearily.

"No they're not. You can't be so bias against them Allana. How else are we supposed to bring Headmaster Cross' dream to fruition with your negative, hostile attitude? We're Guardians of the school; we should be building bridges not walls between the vampires and humans. We could learn so much from each other."

"Early one morning just as the sun was rising, I heard a fair maiden singing in the valley down below---"

An old song came to her mind, one she viciously pushed away as she turned away from Dylan.

"Vampires need to drink blood to survive." Allana's eyes shifted to the windows that housed the classroom used to teach Night Class. Faint lights could be seen from inside as Dylan joined her. "That tells me everything I need to know."

Allana Uriel and Dylan Kaeda are Day Class students who bear the title of School Guardians. They create a balance between the Day Class (humans) and the Night Class (vampires) without letting one know about the secret the other hides. Together they have kept the peace on school ground, unknowingly mimicking the two Guardians who came before them ten years before. There is no knowing if they can remain as they are or be torn apart as a rising darkness heads their way.

"Come on. We have to report to Headmaster Cross." Dylan said, pulling on Allana's arm. She let him, holding his arm close to her as they headed towards the Headmaster's residence.