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It was a dark and stormy night. Okay so it wasn't storming but the way Bella felt it damn well should have been. It was prom night, the prom had started 3 hours ago, and her date Edward, had yet to show up.

Bella was forced to face the facts, she – head of the homecoming court, senior class president, and prettiest girl in the school – had been stood up by some lame wad nerd who she had planned on ditching as a practical joke the first chance she got. Someone was going to die if he didn't get here soon.

Bella waited for one hour, then two, and then three. By now the prom was over and Bella was sitting slumped over with her head in her hand on her living room couch. She sighed and got up to go to the bathroom so she could take off her makeup, and hang up the shimmery blue strapless gown.

Now clothed in comfy flannel pj's and a T-shirt, Bella went downstairs and turned on the wide screen TV that had been a gift from her constantly absent parents as an apology for never being home.

Bella hated the TV, she hated her house, she hated everything that her parents had ever given her. The bastards. They couldn't even apologize for their shitty parenting in person, instead they sent gifts and a video conversation using a web cam they had gotten Bella as a 'Sorry we were gone for your fifteenth birthday' gift.

Bella had smashed the camera with their last family photo. The heavy metal of the frame was now dented and mangled, the glass broken. The picture in the frame had been scratched almost beyond recognition of what it truly was. Bella now had that very picture stashed upstairs in her bureau drawer, a memento of the last time she had been truly happy.

Bella flipped through the cable channels, not really seeing the pictures that appeared on the screen, it took Bella a moment to notice that her eyes were tearing up. Once she had noticed her though, she swiftly set the remote down, the TV tuned to some random news station, and wiped the offending tears from her once bright eyes.

She sighed and turned off the TV, which was announcing a teenage boy's fatal car crash on the way to his senior prom. She didn't care until a transparent Edward, in what looked like his father's prom tux plopped down next to her on the black leather couch and exclaimed somewhat annoyed.

"Hey turn that back on they're talking about me!"

Bella jumped up at the sound of his voice. She hadn't thought that anyone was here.

"What the hell?" she shrieked from behind the couch. Edward looked back at her innocently.

"What do you mean, 'What the hell?'?" he inquired completely ignorant as to the reason of her aggravation.

"I mean what the hell do you think you're doing here after standing me up for six straight hours? How did you get in here with the alarm system we had installed? And why do you look like that?"

Edward sighed.

"If the residents of this house add up to a 'we', which I highly doubt, you should probably keep it down, and if you turn on the news, I'll have much less to explain." he said in an almost haughty tone that he couldn't quite pull off.

Bella rolled her eyes, and crawled back up on the couch grabbing the remote as she went, However she didn't sit on the couch by Edward as she was still mad at the dork, and slightly wary of his transparent appearance, but rather situated herself on a matching black leather arm chair across the room. She turned the TV on and refused to let her gaze wander to Edward, afraid that she might be tempted to fix his atrocious garb by burning it with the lighter on the end table.

A woman with stick straight auburn hair and perfect makeup was the news anchor at this time in the morning. She was reporting on a fatal accident that happened mere hours ago. Apparently a high school senior – whose name has yet to be released – had crashed his parents car into a 400 year old oak tree by the side of the road, successfully knocking it over, and had died upon impact. So far activists had shown up to morn the loss of so old a tree, but as of yet no one mourned the loss of the young boy's life. Bella's heart strings tugged violently, she knew what it was like to not be loved.

Edward's voice was quiet and depressing. "Yeah my parents wouldn't even come down to identify the body. I screamed at them for about an hour but they didn't even turn their heads in my direction. So far you're the only one who can see me."

Bella spoke just as quietly and reverently. "So that was you that they were talking about."


They sat in silence for a while. Bella, still curious, spoke first.

"So how did you get in here? I mean you're sitting on my couch so you're obviously not mist."

Edward thought for a moment.

"I think that it's because you have a metal door, it was never alive so to gh-" Edward struggled with the word having it finally come out a strangled mess, if anything said with his velvet voice could be called strangled "gho-, ghosts it just doesn't exist, but your couch is leather and wood something that lived at one point in time."

Bella thought for a moment – she wasn't stupid, not by any means but especially not by a cheerleader's standards – eventually coming up with something that sounded like an explanation to her.

"So as something that once lived, the only things that are truly there to you are things that have died. We know that much is true I can see the indent that your weight is making in the couch. But what about things that are living now?"

Edward shrugged, his face downcast.

"I don't think so, I tried to grab my mom at one point when I was yelling at her but my hands just went through her and she shivered, but then again she couldn't see or hear me either so who know, maybe you're just an abnormality in that aspect."

Bella narrowed her eyes and glowered at Edward – or at least what used to be Edward.

"Do not call me abnormal, you're the strange one here, NOT me."

Edward raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.

"Says the class president who's talking to her dead AV club prom date, that she was going to ditch anyways."

Bella's eyes widened and her jaw went slack.

"You mean you knew? For how long?"

Edward shrugged.

"I kind of always knew, I mean look at you, you're beautiful, then look at me, I'm such a loser. It's not exactly a match made in heaven." though he so desperately wished it had been. Edward, although he had yet to admit it to himself, had loved Bella for a very, VERY long time.

Bella's voice softened and her eyes were downcast as though she knew the answer to what she was going to ask before she'd even asked.

"So then why did you say yes when I asked you if you knew that it was all some glorified prank?" Bella refused to meet Edward's gaze as he spoke.

"No one asked you and I'd known that, asking me as a joke was the only way you could save face."

Bella nodded in understanding still refusing to meet his eyes. Then a question that should have been asked long ago prodded in the back of her mind.

"So like aren't ghosts, people that are still here because they have some kind of unfinished business left from when they were alive?" Bella inquired.

Edward thought for a moment then shrugged his shoulders.

"I suppose, that is what everyone says."

The two remained silent for a moment, Edward fiddling with his fingers and Bella gnawing on the inside of her cheek.

"Do you know why you're still here?" she asked.

"Nope." Edward shook his head. He hadn't looked up for quite a while now.

He looked so hopeless, like he would cry if he could, but Bella had suspicion that he couldn't, not anymore. She swallowed and did what she felt was the bravest thing she had done in a long time. She stood up and went over to where Edward sat slumped over on her couch and gave him a hug.

Bella was surprised to discover that hugging Edward felt good, he wasn't even that cold and he was completely there, and not half mist like Bella had expected him to be.

'If only he would hug me back' Bella thought with remorse, then she realized that she had been standing there a little too long for Edward's comfort, well at least that's what she thought.

Bella pulled away from him awkwardly and cleared her throat.

"So um... what do you wanna do?" Bella asked rubbing the back of her neck and once again refusing to meet Edward's intense gaze. Even though Bella and Edward's social circles didn't mix often – only for school projects that Bella's circle didn't feel up to – his eyes had always stirred feelings deep within Bella, feelings that Bella didn't want to surface, and she was at that moment beating down those very some feelings with a metaphorical baseball bat.

Edward raised his eyebrows.

"Bella it's almost five in the morning. You should probably get some sleep."

"Well what about you? Don't you need to sleep?"

Edward shot her a strange look.

"I'm dead, there's no reason for me to sleep. You on the other hand are so tired that you can't think straight."

Any remark on Bella's intelligence was usually taken personally, and despite her 'small' crush on Edward that she tried desperately to deny – this remark was no different.

"I'm a cheerleader, how do you know that I'm not this stupid all the time?" she sneered, finally looking Edward in the eyes, only to be met with an amused expression that very nearly made her melt.

"I know that because you never had to ask for help from my friends, you always made it on your own." The soft tone in which Edward declared this and the intense look of adoration that adorned his face while he said it would have made most girls forgive him on the spot. Unfortunately for Edward, Bella wasn't most girls and his words only served to infuriate her further.

"Because you and your friends are soooo smart." Bella's voice dropped dangerously lower and her eyes narrowed to tiny slits. "Really the world would probably stop turning without you."

Bella's words cut deep into Edward's heart. The world was already without him. And only one person had noticed. But at that moment she didn't rightfully care. Bella picked up the closest thing to her – the TV remote – and threw it at him.

Being made of plastic, the remote passed right through Edward without him feeling a thing, but it did have the desired effect of releasing some of Bella's anger. When she calmed down enough to take notice of the dreary vibe that Edward now emitted, she rushed over to his side and apologized profusely.

"I'm so sorry!" she put her arm across his shoulders as she spoke "It totally just escaped my mind."

"No, don't apologize, it's okay really. Come on let's get you to bed."

Edward stood up and offered his hand to Bella who was still seated on the couch. She didn't take his hand, still in shock over the fact that he could forgive her so quickly for something that had stung so much.

Edward smiled and when she still didn't take his hand, picked her up, and threw her over his shoulder. Edward then proceeded to march around Bella's impressively large home, opening doors and peering inside for a moment only to close it again and move on to another.

Bella laughed loudly at Edward's antics – she really should have hung around Edward more when he was alive, he was more fun than her other friends.

"What are you doing?" she asked him, gasping for breath as he peeked in a bathroom only to shut the door and walk to another.

"I'm looking for your room. Why on earth do you have such a big house?"

Bella rolled her eyes, not at Edward, but at her ever absent parents.

"I don't know maybe my parents thought the echo would keep me company."

They remained silent for a while after Bella's sarcastic remark, which in hindsight, was nothing but the truth.

"I'm sorry you have such awful parents." Edward said softly, Bella was still slung over his shoulder.

"It's okay, your's are just as horrible as mine."

Edward took that to mean that this particular conversation had some to a close, and that he was never to breach the subject again. For that Bella was eternally grateful.

"Down the hall second door on the right." Bella said.

Edward was confused and said so out loud. Bella smiled even though Edward couldn't see it from the way she was placed on his shoulder.

"That's where my room is, down the hall, second door on the right. You were looking for it remember?"

Edward didn't say anything, he just walked down the hallway and found Bella's room.

Walking inside, he set Bella down and looked around her room with a surprised, yet approving look on his face.

"Well I always knew that you weren't the most conventional popular but this isn't what I expected at all."

Bella furrowed her brow and cocked her head.

"So then what did you expect?"

"Oh nothing much," Edward said in an almost whispy voice that you would generally expect from a ghost, turning around so Bella couldn't see his face. "Just bright pink walls, posters of 'sexy'" he said the word with disdain "actors and other men you'll probably never meet. And anything else generally regarded as preppy. Certainly not this." he said gesturing grandly around Bella's room.

He was right nothing in Bella's room exactly screamed 'I'm a popular!' The maroon walls, deep red bed comforter, and darkly stained 'Gothic' style dresser, said 'this room belongs to a wanna be vampire.'

This of course was not true. At that very moment Bella desperately wished to be a ghost.

Bella sat down on her bed and patted the spot next to her, encouraging Edward to a a seat next to her. When he didn't move she sighed.

"Come on. Pop a squat."

"Pop a what?"

Bella laughed.

"Pop a squat. You know, sit down? Preferably here." she said, rubbing the spot next to her. This time he sat down, making the mattress shift an awful lot for someone without a body. Bella had momentarily forgotten that Edward still had weight to him and consequently wasn't prepared for the sudden shift when Edward sat down and fell over onto his lap facing up towards Edward.

Bella blushed slightly at the clouded look in Edward's eyes that was only vaguely familiar, and squirmed uncomfortably when she felt something hard pressed into her back. When Edward realized what made the beautiful woman in his lap shift uncomfortably, he blushed heavily as well and did the only thing he could think of to distract her. He kissed her.

Bella was caught off guard and fought against his lips for only a moment before she yielded and kissed him back with all she had, her arms winding tightly around his neck. The object pressing into Bella's back became harder and with a much needed gasp of air Bella realized what it was.

"Sorry," Edward apologized as Bella gasped for air, "I forgot." He looked ready to continue his apology, but Bella cut him off by mashing her lips to his, and knocking him back on the bed.

Edward's hands instinctively went to Bella's hip and trailed up her sides over the flimsy black T-shirt that she now wore. Bella, having much more work to do than the ghostly man that she was straddling, dragged her hands up Edward's chest, eliciting a delicious moan from him, and quickly untied his light blue bow tie, and unbuttoned the frilly white dress shirt underneath.

She cast the bow tie away and spread the unbuttoned shirt apart. Breaking their impassioned kiss, Bella sat up and stared down at Edward's well muscled chest. He was by far the hottest member of the AV club she had ever seen. Bella sighed and bent her head back down so she could once again kiss the god before her.

Not letting their kiss break Edward leaned forward and shrugged out of his coat and shit, and kicked off his dress shoes as well. They stayed like that for a few moments, just kissing and touching each other.

The next time that Bella broke away to breathe Edward said huskily. "You're wearing too many clothes."

His voice was so sexy and full of lust that Bella almost died right then and there.

She slid her black T-shirt up and off of her body, but wasn't enough for Edward. He reached behind her and with strangely skilled fingers, unhooked her bra and dropped it too the floor. He stared at Bella's now bare chest for a moment, then dove forward and latched his mouth to one of her breasts and teased her, using his hand to massage her other peak.

The pleasure from this seemingly simple action was so intense that Bella could do nothing other than throw her head back and moan loudly. Edward continued his ministration for a few moments, Bella moaning all the while, before switching to the other and repeating the process. Despite how chilly the rest of Edward's ghostly body was, his mouth was pleasantly warm.

Without warning, Edward, still attached to Bella's chest, flipped them over so he was on top, nestled between Bella's thighs.

Bella, incorrectly thinking that Edward was mot enjoying this experience as much as she was, moved her hand to the hard area between Edward's legs and gripped him through the fabric stroking softly. The earned her a loud moan from Edward, and soon Bella found herself without her flannel pajama bottoms or underwear.

Unfortunately Edward still wore the powder blue pants he had on when he had appeared next to Bella on her couch. Bella lowered her other hand down to join the first in an effort to correct this problem, however she had a bit of a problem locating the zipper as she couldn't look down with Edward's lips attached to hers.

Edward's hand reached down to guide hers a little to the left of where she had been searching for his zipper. She slowly pulled it down teasing him. Edward groaned into her mouth and Bella grinned loving that she had this kind of effect on him. Edward kicked off his pants and underwear, leaving both of them as bare as the day they were born.


Edward guided himself to Bella's entrance, and met her gaze, silently asking if she was okay with this. Bella nodded giving him the go-ahead, and Edward slid himself all the way into her tight sheath. They both groaned loudly, this position was heaven for both of them. Edward didn't move for a while still getting over the fact that he was inside someone so wonderful, so Bella – desperate for friction – bucked her hips a few times urging him forward.

Edward complied with her silent plea and drew back until he was almost completely out, then slammed back in, the force of his thrust shaking them both to the core.

"More." Bella begged, and once again Edward found himself unable to deny her. He thrust into her harder, faster, with no rhythm, his movements sporadic and slightly uneven. For Bella this only increased the love she now realized that she felt for him. He was just so adorable in his own little dorky way.

Bella and Edward could both feel themselves getting closer to the edge and Bella climaxed first, her walls clenching around Edward causing him to come as well in a burst of stars that appeared before their eyes as his cool liquid filled her to the brim. Edward collapsed on top of Bella panting.

By now sunlight peaked in the sides of the curtains that were drawn over Bella's windows. Looking at the clock beside her bed, Bella could plainly see that it was almost six in the morning. She sighed softly.

"What is it?" Edward asked, pressing his lips to the spot where her shoulder met her neck.

"What happened to me going to sleep?"

Edward lifted his head and looked at the clock.

"Oh," his eyes widened when he saw what time it was, "well you don't have to get up today. It is the weekend. Maybe you should get some sleep today." he suggested sheepishly.

Bella snorted, "Yeah. Sleep. Like I'm really going to be able to do that after what just happened."

Edward pursed his lips and nodded. "Or," he said slyly "we could just fool around all day."

Bella smiled deviously. "I think we should."

Edward's eyes were already heavily lidded when he answered. "I was hoping that you would say that." he said and drew her in for another passionate kiss.

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