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As I stepped out into the bright light from the darkness of the movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home. I was wishing I looked like Paul Newman- he looks tough and I don't- but I guess my own looks aren't so bad. I had a long walk home and no company, but I usually lone it for no reason except that I like to watch movies undisturbed. I'm different than most of the gang, the boys we hang out with. By we, I mean my brothers and I. We live together because our parents were killed in an auto accident eight months ago. My oldest brother, Darrel, who we call Darry, works long and hard and never has any time for fun. Sodapop, my next-oldest brother, dropped of high school awhile back and has a job at the DX gas station. He isn't dumb or anything, he just doesn't have the attention span for school, it bored him.

Anyway I went on walking home. Greasers can't walk alone much or we'll get jumped by the socs. I could've waited to go to the movies until Darry or soda got off work. They would've gone with me, or driven me there and back, or even just walked along. Or even one of the gang would've come. Our gang consists of us- the Curtis boys- Keith "Two-bit" Matthews, Steve Randle, Dallas "Dally" Winston, or Johnny Cade. Any one of them would've come if I'd asked, I just don't use my head, it drives Darry crazy because I'm supposed to have a high IQ and I skipped a grade a while ago. But, I liked walking anyways.

I didn't like it so much when a red Corvair pulled beside me and five socs got out. I have a good build, but I couldn't take these guys by myself. They slowly circled me, all smiling sweetly, silently, sinisterly.

"Hey, grease," said one. "We're gonna do you a favor and cut all that long, greasy hair off." Then he pulled out a blade. I backed up. Of course I backed right into one of them. One grabbed the back of my neck so that I couldn't move.

"Need a haircut greaser?" he asked menacingly.

"No," I murmured.

"What was that?" He asked, tightening his grip.

"NO!" I yelled as I broke free. They chased me for about 10 yards, and then tackled me to the ground. They held the blade against my throat.

"Well, someone's a little ungrateful. Let's start that haircut right about here," the one sitting on my chest said. He sliced my throat, not hard, just enough to bleed. I realized that these guys could kill me and I went wild.

"Shut him up, Greg!" one said. They punched me a few times and then gagged me. I stayed quiet. Soda! Darry! Where are you?! I thought. All I wanted was to be home with people that I loved. The socs were still beating on me and it took all I could to keep from blacking out. They had torn my sweatshirt of and were slicing my arms with the blade. Then, from a distance, I heard feet pounding the pavement. The socs jumped off me, and then someone picked me up. I was too dazed to see who it was. I was thrown against something hard and then a door was slammed shut. I was surrounded by total darkness. Great I'm in the trunk of their car, I thought. There were muffled shouts, doors closing and the revving of an engine. I knew that wasn't the groaning of Two-Bit's or Darry's cars. This car was the socs.

When the trunk opened, I was greeted by the darkness of an alley. The socs loomed above me.

"Get him outta there David," one said. He roughly pulled me out of their car and threw me against the wall. Then they began slugging the senses out of me. And then, I prayed to God that I lived through this and made it home to my brothers in one piece. Next thing I know, everything stopped. I could dimly make out four socs' figures through the darkness and haziness of my vision still. Before I can even begin to enjoy the break in my beating, the blonde soc pulls out a blade.

"What are you doing John?" One- I think it was David- said.

"My God, Kyle, he's gonna kill him!" Greg said. John takes his blade and jams it into my side. He turns it; the cool mettle rips through my flesh who knows what else. Then, although not nearly soon enough, I lost consciousness.

FYI- The socs in the ally names are Greg, David, Kyle, and John. How many of you noticed one soc was missing in the ally? He is nameless because his name actually isn't important. He's not there for a reason. See why in the next chapter!