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Summary: It has been 3 years since everybody split up. Each is famous and living all over the world. They meet up again at a party planned for them back in Odaiba.

Who planned the party?

Will Takeru and Hikari get back together?

Taichi and Sora?

Yamato and Mimi?

Miyako and Ken?

Who's the creepy stalker guy that's following Hikari?

The couples are Major Takari Some Taiora, Mimato, and Miyaken.

The first chapter is a background check-like thing to set the story.

Takeru Takaishi: A 21 year old pro basketball player. Has short blond hair, blue eyes, older brother's name is Yamato Ishida. Lives with Ken and Daisuke in Japan. Still in love with Hikari

Hikari Yagami: A 21 year old pro volleyball, tennis, and soccer player. Has long brown hair, and brown/ amber eyes. Older is Taichi Yagami. Lives with Taichi in America. Still in love with Takeru.

Taichi Yagami: A 23 year old pro soccer player. Has messy brown hair, brown/amber eyes. Younger sister is Hikari. Lives with Hikari in America.

Yamato Ishida: A 23 year old lead singer. Has shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. Younger brother is Takeru. Lives in Japan in a house with his band in Japan.

Ken Ichijouji: A 22 year old pro soccer player. Has medium length bluish black hair and black eyes. Lives with Takeru and Daisuke in Japan.

Daisuke Motamiya: A 21 year old pro soccer player. Has crazy maroon hair and Maroon eyes. Older sister is named Jun Motamiya. Lives with Takeru and Ken in Japan.

Miyako Inoue: A 22 year old pro volleyball player. Has long purple hair and purple eyes. Has two older sisters and one older brother. Lives in America with her older brother.

Sora Takenouchi: A 23 year old pro tennis player. Lives in America with her family. Has medium length Auburn hair and Auburn eyes.

Mimi Tachikawa: A 23 year old singer. Lives in Italy by herself. Has long wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

Joe Kido: A 24 year old famous doctor. Lives in China with his older brother. Has medium length blue hair and blue eyes.

Koushiro Izumi: A 23 year old computer genius. Lives in Africa with his partner. Has short red hair and brown eyes.

Iori Hida: A 20 year old famous Kendoer. Lives in Russia with his family. Short light brown hair and light brown eyes.

So concludes the summaries of our digi-destined.

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