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Chapter 6


"But we didn't finish the last game!" I heard Mimi say. Truthfully I've had enough games for tonight. I was still recovering from the last game with my feelings.

"But Yama and I don't know what to 'I Never'." They looked too innocent. I knew something was up their sleeves and Sora caught on.

"I'm in!" We're in for trouble.


Oh no! That's the older brother signal. They always look like that when they have something planned for their poor younger siblings. They told Mimi to go first because they were still scheming.

"Miya, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Uh-Oh.

"I dare you to run to the gym in your underwear." Ha-ha she blushed and believe it or not, Ken blushed also!

"Can I make my choice really quick and then do it?" Mimi agreed.

"Hikari, Truth or dare?"


Miyako has got a lot of dirt on me and I would really rather not answer some of those questions I know she will ask so I of course, picked dare.

"I dare you to do it with me."



Hikari blushed, Taichi looked mad, Daisuke smiled, and Takeru was blushing.

"You picked dare."

They stripped to their underwear, which luckily for them they had been playing volleyball earlier so they were wearing sports bras. Since they are in sports, they have learned to run very fast. And off they went to face their doom. No one had to worry about following them because when we first started, we made a pact to never lie and we trust each other. I know they will do the dare. A couple of minutes later they ran back into the room and locked the door.

"Of course our fan clubs were down there!" Miyako shouted at everyone.

"It'll be tough using the gym tomorrow. The guys down there are in shock!" Hikari found it kind of funny.

"Hikari, your turn."

"Iori, T or D?"


I learned a long time ago that everyone in our group were willing to do outrageous things, and since Hikari and Miyako were still getting dressed from their last dare I decided to play it safe and I picked truth.

"Who do you like?"

"A girl named Mari, back in Russia."

"Will we get to meet her?" Koushiro asked me

"Maybe. We're not dating or anything yet."

"Okay your turn."

"Daisuke, T or D?" I knew Daisuke. He would only pick one thing and that one thing was…..

"DARE!" Of course.

"I dare you to do the hokey pokey."

"That's easy."

"In the lobby." Of course we all wanted to see this so we all traveled to the lobby to watch Dai make a fool of himself. Guys kept looking at Hikari and Miya.


Takeru and Hikari know that their brothers are up to something because they keep talking to each other with their eyes and it's kind of creepy but I'm kind of used to it.

"Taichi, Truth or Dare?"

"Dare of course."

"I dare you to go around the hotel and ask for salt. But change the language."

"Which one?" We knew many languages from traveling and all living in different places. I think Hikari and Takeru learned Portuguese though and we don't know that one.

"Italian." So he went around and came back fifteen minutes later with Salt, Pepper, Pepsi, ketchup, chips, ladies under ware and men's boxers to.

"NO ONE COULD UJNDERSTAND ME! Some woman tried to get me to come with her and finally gave up and signed her under ware with her name and phone number. Then some guy did the same, I finally got the salt because I walked in and grabbed it after they tried inviting me in to!"

We all laughed. It was pretty funny. All of a sudden I caught the eyes turn to one another and Hikari and Takeru both let out a huge yawn.

"Well I'm beat!"

"Me to."

"What are the sleeping arrangements?" Taichi and Yamato both looked bummed that their plan didn't work.

"There are 6 rooms and 2 beds in each."

"I got Yama!" To continue their planning I bet.

"Joes with me." Koushiro said.

"Hikari?" And the love birds are rooming together.

"I'll go with Mimi."

"Kenny boys with me!" Screamed the obnoxious one. Miyako was kind of down since Dai beat her to Ken but she asked Iori to bunk with her.

"Goodnight guys." Hikari and Takeru grabbed their stuff and headed to a room.


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