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When asked how he made it off the island, Logan gave no definitive answer. He didn't know himself, the only thing he was certain of was barging through the mansion doors and making immediately for the infirmary.

He gazed down at Kurt lying on the bed. Words like fragile, frail, delicate, and doll like, sprang to mind to describe him. He was unconscious and showing no signs of coming out of it. Besides the shock of the cure, he had taken a serious hit to the head when the car had landed on him. But he was stable, or Storm assured him.

Logan still couldn't help but worry. Kurt's arm was bound in a sling, his ribs and around his head was wrapped in bandages, and his broken leg was elevated. There was a small square of gauze taped to under his bruised eye as well. And he had been cured. Where it wasn't bruised or flushed, his skin was milky in complexion. His curls were no longer indigo but a dark, chocolate brown, as were his eyes, according to Storm. Logan kept expecting his tail to curl upwards, or wave across the floor, but it was gone.

"He'll be ok sugar," Rogue whispered behind him. She laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. An ungloved hand. Logan glanced at her in surprise.

"I had to," she hastened to explain. "It's what I wanted. Bobby wasn't happy at first, he didn't want it, but he's starting to understand. Anyway, he'll come to soon. I promise."

Rogue left Logan alone to watch over Kurt. He would have liked to do just that and nothing more, preferring he be the first one to see him when he came to. Unfortunately, that wasn't allowed. Storm insisted that he needed to shower, and eat, and go about teaching his classes. That's what they all needed to do. Even Hank had decided to stay, and was teaching a few classes. Grudgingly, Logan let himself be ushered from the infirmary, and was expressly told that the minute there was a change in Kurt, he'd be the first one to know.

He waited a whole month for there to be a change in Kurt. But he remained in his comatose state. To keep himself from going absolutely crazy from waiting, Logan wandered the grounds, going a little further each time. By the month and a half mark, he knew the woods bordering the grounds like the back of his hand, be it day or night. There was a large oak tree in the middle of the woods, taller than the rest that he climbed up, using his claws as anchors. From there he could see to the edge of the world, or so it seemed. It was lonely, but he didn't want any company whenever he went there.

Logan was at the top of the tree in the middle of the night when he heard the scream. Without a second's pause, he slid down the tree, using his claws as a brake until he reached the forest floor. He sprinted to the mansion, the trees seeming to part before him and allow him to get by, like they sensed his urgency.

Storm ran into him in the foyer, and together they ran up the stairs to Rogue's room. She was backed in the corner, clutching her arms around herself, her face as pale as the nightshirt she wore. Bobby was twitching on the floor, veins bulging on his face. It was clear what had happened; her powers had re-manifested. Which meant the cure wasn't permanent.

Logan left the hysterical Rogue in the care of Storm and Hank. He threaded his way through the gathered students, shivering slightly when he accidentally walked through Kitty. He pounded down the stairs, hoping desperately that the cure wasn't permanent for Kurt either.

It wasn't, but the re-manifestation didn't go as smoothly for Kurt as it had for Rogue. Kurt was thrashing on the bed, rattling the machinery hooked up to him and crying out in pain. Logan reached out, grasping an already faintly blue hand. He could feel it reforming, the bones sliding around and into the place they should've been. Something brushed against Logan's leg, and he looked down to see Kurt's tail, stubby but lengthening out as he watched. His ears started to regain their elfish point, and when he yelped once more, Logan could see his teeth were starting to turn to points. But there was something wrong.

"C'mon Kurt! Fight through this!" Logan urged fiercely. He was unaware that Storm and Hank had brought Bobby in, and were watching intently. Kurt continued to shudder uncontrollably, his eyes not opening. His three fingered hand clenched around Logan's before falling limp. A high pitched beep reached Logan's ears and he found himself pushed out of the room by Hank.

He managed to keep himself under control until the bedroom door locked behind him. The walls took the brunt of his sorrow and rage, though the pillow was a close second. He slashed at things until his arms ached and feathers stuck to his claws and he collapsed to his knees. There was a keening moan sound filling his room, and he realized with a start that it was coming from him, and that the reason he couldn't see the way to his bed was the tears blurring his vision.

Hank silently saw to Bobby while throwing quick glances at Storm. She pulled the sensors that hooked Kurt to the machinery from him with shaking hands, and brushed the hair from his sweaty forehead. He hadn't even woken up, it wasn't fair! And Logan, oh poor Logan. To lose Jean and then Kurt? She hardly expected him to stick around after this and she couldn't blame him.

White light. That's all he was aware of. White, burning light. Things started to come back in pieces then.

Faint sobbing.

A steady beeping.

A low cough.

Sweat congealing down his back and across his forehead.

And pain, lots of pain, everywhere it hurt! Make it stop hurting!

He swam up through darkness and light. The light broke apart across his eyes and he took a great, trembling breath, coughing suddenly and wincing in pain as the action caused even more pain.

"Kurt?" a shrill voice asked.

"Ja? Who is…Storm? Where am I?" Kurt blinked, trying to focus. Slowly, Storm came into view, looking startled, her eyes wide in her tearstained face.

"You're in the mansion. In the infirmary."

"Vhy does everything hurt?" Kurt took in his surroundings. He looked down at himself and was happily surprised to see he was blue and his tail was back. He ran his tongue over his teeth, feeling the sharpness. "Vasn't I injected with the cure?"

"I guess it's not permanent. And everything hurts because you were hit by the burned up remains of a car. You've been out of it for almost two months now," Storm answered, sitting down carefully at the end of the bed. She sniffled and looked down. "We thought you died just now."

Hank overheard and joined them. "My best guess," he added, "is that because you've been a mutant since birth, the cure and then the effects wearing off so suddenly likely threw your system into shock. But it did appear as though you were dead."

"I am fine now," Kurt sat up a little higher. "But…where is Logan?"

"I'd say it's safe to assume he's in his room. He was very, very upset, as you can well imagine," Hank answered.

"I will go see him then." Wincing, Kurt swung his legs around the side of the bed.

"Kurt you can't!" Storm protested.

"I can and I will. Although crutches would be appreciated."

Storm sighed, knowing there was no way to convince him otherwise. "You're getting to be as hard headed as Logan," she grumbled, but got crutches for him. "And at least let me tie the back of your robe. Can't have you hobbling around the mansion with it flapping open."

"Danke," Kurt slid the crutches under his arms and tested them out. It was slow going, and it hurt, but he was mobile.

"Take it easy. That means no teleporting!" Hank called after him.

"Kurt! You're ok!" Kitty almost hugged Kurt when she saw him going for the elevator, stopping short when she saw the bandages.

"In a matter of speaking. It is good to see you are well too, Katzchen," Kurt beamed at her.

"Are you going to see Logan?"

"Of course. He doesn't know I am better, so he is in for a surprise."

Kitty snickered, and watched him limp off. A blush crept up her cheeks when she noticed that the tie had slipped on the back of his robe. Mortified, she dropped through the floor.

Trembling, Kurt knocked on Logan's door.

"Go away!"

Kurt frowned, and knocked again.

"I said go the hell away!"

"Is zhat anyway to talk to your elf, liebchen?"

Logan nearly wrenched the door off its hinges. He leaned heavily against the door frame, gaping at Kurt. He thought for a minute his mind was playing tricks on him, or maybe he was seeing ghosts. Because there was no conceivable way that Kurt, his Kurt, was at his door, grinning like a fool despite looking like blue hell.

"Gutentag. You are going to draw flies unless you close your mouth." Kurt quipped, and frowned as Logan reached out and poked him in the chest. "Go easy on me liebchen, I vas hit by a car."

"You died," Logan said by way of answer. "I saw it, I felt it. You were gone."

"Yet here I am. Vhat Hank thinks is zhat because I was not born as a human, but looking like I do, when I received the cure, and when it wore off, it threw me into shock. A very bad shock."

"Understatement of the century elf. Come on in, we'll talk in here." Logan let Kurt in, and helped him sit down. He sat perpendicular, allowing for Kurt to elevate his leg on his lap. They sat in silence for a long while, each caught in their own thoughts until Kurt spoke up.

"You said you wished to talk about what happened between us."

"I do. I just want to say that, I'm sorry it happened. Jean may have not been in her right mind, and may have instigated it, but I let it happen. I didn't mean to…well, I didn't mean to do that to you," Logan muttered, his gaze remaining on the ground.

"I apologize too, for not allowing you to explain yourself. I propose that from now on, we communicate better. I have heard it is the key to a good relationship," Kurt said sternly.

"Oh relationship huh? And from now on? Does that mean you'll stay, y'know, with me?" Logan looked out of the corner of his eye at Kurt, a small grin turning up his lips.

"If you do not mind of course, liebchen. I am rather fond of you."

"Well that's good. Because I got express orders from a dearly departed gal to give you all the love you deserve, and I would hate to disappoint her."


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