Their Child

Will Parry was on his way to the Botanic Gardens, early, for his usual Mid-summer day visit. On his way, however, he met someone who could possibly change his life forever...

Will, now in his early twenties, and his dæmon Kirjava walked down the path they usually take. Will would be talking to his dæmon but it was a busy day and no-one else in this world could see her. She knew what he wanted to say though.

Kirjava stopped. "What is it?" Will asked after looking to see if anyone was there. "We're being watched." Will stood still for a moment waiting to see if he could see anyone. Suddenly a dark figure jumped at him catching him off-guard and knocking him over. He hadn't fought in years giving his attacker an advantage. Will stopped defending himself because he realised that his attacker was only about three fourths of his size.

It got off him springing into the corner hidden, crouching, in the shadows. He stood up and approached the thing, whatever it was, warily. Then he realised it was not an "It" at all what he saw was a girl. A memory flashed into his mind:

"Who are you?"
"Lyra Silvertongue."
"Do you live here?"

His encounter with this child was exactly the same as when he first met Lyra...Everything she did, every deep breath she took, her stare, her posture, reminded him of Lyra.

He found himself saying the same words:

"Who are you?"

And found the girl giving the same answer:

"Lyra Silvertongue."

The words felt as if she had struck him. "That's a lie!" He shouted without realising.

But the girl took no notice she continued staring, Will noticed, at his shoes, or ankles. With a stare both focused and unfocused at the same time...

Will remembered what Mary Malone has told him...She was looking at Kirjava! That's impossible!

"Y-you can see her, then?"
"But...How? How do you know--"
"I just do."

Will sighed "You got a family? A mum or dad?" The girl looked up at Will she blinked a couple of times, like coming out of a trance. "Not any more. Why d'you care?"

Will continued thinking of Lyra. But this girl was not Lyra. She didn't have Lyra's golden hair or pale blue eyes. Both were dark...Like his?

Yes, they were...

Will's head swam. What is going on?

"Come with me." Will held out his hand for the girl to take. She didn't take it but she got up to follow him. Will started walking. If he kept at that pace he's get to the Botanic Gardens on time.

Problem was the girl was falling behind. "Come on." He said with a friendly hand gesture. She stayed a few meters behind, ignoring him. Reminding Will once again of his first encounter with Lyra. "Leave her Will...She's still with us."

"I know."

Will sat on the familliar bench knowing Lyra was with him. The girl stood farther away watching with curiosity. "Who you talking to?"

Will looked up. "A...Friend."

The girl had a look of...Knowing, understanding. She nodded. "Lyra. It's Lyra en't it? And you're Will, Will Parry...Can I say 'Hello'?" She asked. "Or would you rather I didn't?"

Will looked down. "Alright."

The girl walked over to the small bench, climbed over the arm of it and sat down. "Hello Lyra. I've missed you. I've finally met you're Will...He's not as good a fighter as you said! I knocked him over an' he didn't get back up!" She laughed.

Will got up quietly to let the girl talk...It sounded as if she had been here for about a week or two. He looked over at her. She wore a light blue blouse and a beige skirt, both dirty and torn in places...But not enough that it would stand out, with fancy shoes and knee socks that were dirty and scrunched around her ankles. She swung her legs as she spoke of how she bought a chocolate bar and figured out how to unwrap it, how it was just like chocolatl, asked why it had a different name...

And mentioned she was protecting something.

"I'm keeping it safe for you, Lyra. It's safe. I learnt lots 'bout it too! Just like you said you did when you was young." The girl looked at him. "Oh, I just remembered something! I was supposed to tell you that I have to stay with you for a while." Will wasn't surprised at all. Not with all the other things that happened today.

"How long is that?" Will asked, turning around to face her. "Dunno. 'Till they take me away I guess..." She replied.

"Who's 'they'?" "I don't know! They're people...Sort of...But not exactly...They sent me here to find you...And to where Lyra lives to find her before that."

"Why?" Will asked sitting back down on the bench.

"You ask more questions than me! I don't know why or how things work. They just do!" She said stubbornly crossing her arms. "Alright, alright. I'm sorry." Will chuckled.

"Even though it's impossible there's no denying that she's Lyra's child."

Will looked down at the girl again and smiled.

"And mine."

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