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A few months later...

Will paced back and forth. He knew his daughter was gone. Mary comforted him, told him it was alright, and he pretended he was okay.

But he wasn't.

Thoughts of the little time he spent with her silently played in his head she might not have been happy but Will was.

Will was awoken that night by a tap on his window he sat up looking in the direction of the sound while Kirjava went to investigate. A witch was in the room moments later.

"Will Parry. I need you to come with me." She said. "Why? What's happening?" Will asked. "Lyra has asked me to take you to her. I don't know anything."

"Okay." Will nodded "I'll come with you." The witch chanted something, Will couldn't make out the words, and they were standing outside a college.

There was a figure standing a few meters away Will didn't need to see the person to know who it was.

"Lyra?" He asked. She ran over to where Will was standing and hugged him. "I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too..." Both Lyra and Will stood there for a moment, not wanting to move. Hoping that time would stop right there and then.

Lyra was the firsst to move. She pulled back and stood looking at Will.

Will looked at Lyra, she had grown, she wasn't the thirteen-year-old Lyra Silvertongue anymore but at the same time...She was.

Of course Will was older too. He still had the same dark hair and eyes but he had gotten much taller, about a foot taller then Lyra, they used to be about the same size.

"Here." Will took the althiometer, still wrapped in the black velvet, from his pocket and handed it to Lyra. "So you've met her then?" Lyra smiled. "Yeah. She's--" Will smiled too. "Just like you."

"I heard someone took her from you." Lyra's smile faded. "N-not me. Mary. I had left her with Mary for a few days but when I came back she was..."

"I could ask Dame Hannah to use the Alethiometer. It could tell us where she is."

"Could you?" Will asked hopefully. "Yeah. I'm sure she wouldn't mind doing me one favour...I've been working really hard these past few weeks. I'm close to being able to read it myself...But not close enough." Lyra confessed. "C'mon. Let's go inside." Lyra motioned in the direction of the front doors of the college.

As soon as Lyra and Will entered the room Lyra knew she would have to either tell Dame Hannah everything that happened since the appearence of the little girl many months ago or make everything as simple and vague as she possibly could.

She chose the second option.

"Dame Hannah, I need you to ask the Alethiometer something for me. Please, this is really important." Lyra siad after both of them sat down. "If it's that important I can't see how I can refuse." Dame Hannah said almost jokingly, not realising that it really was important to Lyra and Will.

"We really need to know this answer." Lyra had a serious tone in her voice.

"Alright." Dame Hannah said. "What would you like me to ask?"

"There's this girl, a special girl, about twelve years old and...Someone has taken her and we don't know who, or why." Lyra explained hoping Dame Hannah wouldn't be curious and ask about "Lyra".

"So you want me to ask where the child is and who took her?" Dame Hannah asked to make sure. "Yes." Lyra and Will replied. "Well, I'd need more information on the child. Lyra, you should know by now that if I'm not specific the Alethiometer will tell me to be."

Lyra sighed. "She's...Oh, I don't know how to explain Dame Hannah! She claims to be our child!" Lyra motioned to Will who was sitting quietly in the chair. "But we haven't seen each other since we were kids! And we certainly didn't--" She stopped, blushing. Dame Hannah chuckled.

"Lyra, come over here. This will be good for your lessons." Lyra obeyed sitting next to Dame Hannah. She flipped through some pages of a book, a book with symbol meanings in it, and focused on the Alethiometer. She started turning the knobs pointing the arrows to three symbols explaining as she went.

"I'm pointing this one at the moon and the other at the baby. Can you tell me why?" Dame Hannah looked at Lyra. She nodded slowly. "The moon is...Magic? No, mystery and the baby is the girl?" Lyra asked. "Yes, that's right." Dame Hannah smiled and turned the third knob. "Now, this one is pointing at the globe. Do you know why?" Lyra shook her head, no. "The three main meanings of the globe are Politics, Sovereignty and fame but, a globe can tell you where something is can't it?" Lyra understood now.

"So...Sometimes you don't need the meanings? You can interpret it any way you want?" Lyra asked. "No, not exactly, the symbol can mean anything if you're asking, you just need to focus on what you mean, but when your getting the answer it's best to stay with the meanings I have here." She patted the book lightly. Lyra nodded. Dame Hannah focused on the dial. Lyra did too. Lyra waited for the needle to swing around to sevral symbols with a complicated answer that Lyra would never understand. Instead the long needle went straight to one symbol, where it stayed.

"The Angel?" Lyra had a puzzled look on her face. "What does that mean?" Will asked, startling Lyra. She forgot he was there.

"It's certainly not a location I can tell you that..." Dame Hannah said.

"She's not...Dead, is she?" Will asked suddenly worried. "No, she's not..." Lyra replied. "Death is the hourglass...I remember that."

The three sat silently pondering over the Alethiometer's vague answer when, actually, it was as simple as looking at the words scribbled on the peice of paper.

"The Angel?"

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