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Chapter 1



My head whipped around in the darkness to where I thought the voice was coming from, but I couldn't see a fucking thing. I held my breath, waiting to hear the dulcet tones of the voice again.


The voice was distinctly feminine, that much I could be sure of, but I still couldn't see her. I needed to get to her; I had to get to her. Fuck. I tried to take one step forward when I felt two cold hands slid up my chest and finally rest on my neck. I lifted my arms and pulled her closer to me. That's when I saw her eyes. They were big and brown and warm, and I really just wanted to curl up in them. I tried to lift a hand to her face to that I could see the rest of her, but she pulled away disappearing into the abyss again.

I tried to go after her, but instead I felt a small hand smack my face; hard

" Edward? Are you awake now?"

My eyelids opened, and I grimaced at the unwelcome sight of my sister, Alice. She was standing in the middle of my bedroom staring at me in an impossibly short skirt and a tank top, her short black hair sticking out in different directions. I hate it when she dresses like any of the other girls at Forks High. I mean, I get that we're seventeen and all, and trust, I've had my fair share of ass in those years, but fuck. My sister isn't supposed to want to be like that. She's supposed to be a nun. I sat up in bed, running a hand through my hair and sighing.

"Yeah, I'm up. Did you have to fucking slap me, though?"

She smiled at me and made her way out of my bedroom, "No, probably not. I just needed some stress relief for the first day. Thanks, Twin."

I got out of bed and made my way to my bathroom, "Glad I could help."

Another fucking school year in this dismal as fuck town.

If I'm being honest, Forks wouldn't be that bad if you liked nature, hiking and all that bullshit. The thing is, I'm not one of those people. I do like the rain, though. I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I like solitude, and rain makes people stay the fuck away. I don't mean to be anti-social; I just don't trust people as a general rule. They usually end up fucking you left, right and sideways, so I have a couple close friends, but there's currently no opportunity for enrollment into the Edward Cullen Social Circle. If I was having a membership drive, it would be mostly female, and I'm sorry, but I don't want to be friends with the girls I dick around with. It's too messy.

I shower and shave quickly before heading downstairs to face my parents. Sure enough, Jennifer, my step-mother, is wielding a spatula, and putting another stack of pancakes onto my older brother, Emmett's plate.

"Edward, sweetie," she says, looking up at me "Take the seat next to your father, and I'll have some ready for you, okay?"

I nod to her and Carlisle's paper folds down so that he can look at me from the head of the table.



He gives me a scowl, but I ignore it. He hates it when I don't call him 'dad'. I don't give a shit. After what he did to my mother, I hate it when he breathes. All of a sudden, I feel a sharp pain in my shin, and shoot a look over to Alice who's sitting across from me.

"What the fuck did you do that for?"

"Honey, watch your language." Jen says, putting a plate in front of me, and then running a hand through my mess of hair. I think the only reason I can tolerate her is because she reminds me of my mother.

She headed back to the stove, and put some pancakes on a plate for herself before sitting at the table with us.

"So are you kids looking forward to a new school year?" She asked, looking to each of us, genuinely interested.

Alice, as usual, responded first, "Well, it's gonna be a lot of work because there's all my AP classes, on top of the play, debate team, French Club, Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty International and Model UN, but it should still be tons of fun."

She was practically bouncing out of her seat, and I wanted to vomit at her over abundance of enthusiasm.

"God, Alice. Have you ever heard of being too involved?" Emmett said to her, with a confused expression. He does that a lot. I think it's from all those hits he takes as a line backer on the football team.

Alice shook her head at him, still bouncing like a kid without Ritalin. "No such thing. Besides, it's my coping mechanism; yours is sports and Edward's is…well…"

"Getting laid?" Emmett finished, like he's actually fucking interested. Alice nodded her head, glad that she wasn't the one who said it.

I slammed my fist onto the table, staring at my sister because I was utterly livid with her. It was none of her fucking business. I was about to scream at her, when Jen came over taking my plate from in front of me and placing a hand on my arm.

"Now, that was a very rude thing to say, Emmett, but I'm sure you were only joking, right?"

Emmett scoffed, but nodded in agreement, "It's not like it's a bad thing, little brother. It could be worse. You could be the male version of Alice."

I raised an eyebrow at him, but I knew he was right. They both were. Ever since the…incident Carlisle made the three of us go to the shrink to try and find distraction to the tension that we had. Emmett threw himself into sports, Alice became the extra-curricular queen, and I found out that girls are the greatest distraction of all. Frankly, I think they're the ones missing out.

I got up to go and Jen handed me my keys, smiling sadly at me. I just walked away. I fucking hate pity, and she had no reason to feel that way about me.

I'm Edward Fucking Cullen.

I get what I want, no questions asked from anyone, anytime. There's no reason for anyone to pity me.

The. End.

I got to my Volvo, and once inside, it's like I could automatically calm the fuck down. It's the car; it completely sorts shit out for me. I pulled out of the drive way as fast as I could and sped across town to pick up my best friend, Jasper Whitlock. We've been friends since we were in utero and our mothers took a prenatal yoga class together. At this point, it's easier to stay his friend then find new ones. I pulled up to his house and I can see him smoking a cigarette on his front porch, looking dirty as usual in faded jeans and a white tee shirt.

He came around to the passenger side of my car, flicking the cigarette onto the driveway. There is no smoking in my car. I hate that shit.

"Hey," He said, looking me over "Bad breakfast I take it?"

I shrugged at him, preferring not to answer. He took the hint, but I caught him sweeping the back seat.

"She's riding with Emmett." I said, smirking at him. You see, Whitlock has a thing for my sister, but he's too chicken shit to tell her. He shot me an angry look before slumping down in the passenger seat again.

"This year's gonna suck already. I can tell."

"Dude, why don't you just grow a pair and ask her out?"

"Yeah, why not just have the love of my life reject me? Huh. Maybe because I have a little bit of self preservation?"

"You don't know that she'll reject you; she might feel the same way."

"Yeah, maybe." He muttered.

I knew Alice felt the same way; it's just not my place to tell him. They need to sort that shit out themselves, and I hope they did it soon because I was getting tired of having to kick the shit out of the guys who were dicks to my sister. At least if she was with Jasper, I could trust that he wouldn't hurt her.

"Dude, did Rose's tits get bigger?"

I pulled into the Forks High parking lot and followed Jasper's gaze to Emmitt's girlfriend, Rosalie. She was sitting on the hood of her cherry red BMW, wearing an extremely low cut green top and skin tight jeans. She looked like sex on legs. I'd do her if she wasn't fucking my brother.

"Nah, it's just the top. She's distracting Emmett."

I pulled my car into the space next to hers and she watched Jasper and I get out.

"Hey, Eddie, where's you're brother?"

"He's coming, Rosie. He's driving Alice today."

She threw a lock of her blonde hair over her shoulder and pouted at Jasper and I. "You take that crazy pixie to school from now on. I hate waiting for my guy."

I opened my mouth to respond to her when I felt two arms snake around my waist. I looked down to see Lauren Mallory smiling up at me, her make up already smudged.

God, I'm glad I got there first.

"Hey baby," she was trying to sound sexy, but instead she just seemed used, "I missed you all summer, we should catch up later don't you think?"

I grimaced at her. Of all the girls I fucked this one was the toughest to get rid of. She didn't get the not so subtle hints that I wasn't up for round two with her—ever.

"Hey, Lauren," Rosalie said, glaring "Get your skanky hands off him; he's not interested."

Lauren released me, and glared at Rosalie before stalking off. Yeah, Rose could be a bitch, but it's better to have the bitch in your corner than fighting against you, right?

Just then Emmett's jeep rumbled into the parking lot, and Rose straightened herself up. We watched as Emmett parked on the other side of Rose, and then he helped Alice out of the massive vehicle. I saw Jasper twitch beside me, but he held back. As soon as she had both feet on the ground, he made his way over to Rose.

"Hey, baby." She breathed.

And because today was just fucking wonderful, Alice, Jasper and I were subjected to watching their foreplay. In a parking lot. At eight in the morning.

"Hey, ass wipe!" I heard Alice yell, breaking my concentration, "Get your tongue out of her throat so I can say hi!"

Emmett reluctantly released Rose, backing away slowly. Yeah, Alice is tiny, but tiny and pissed off are not two things that go together.

Jasper pulled out his pack of cigarettes and offered me one, which I take, and then Emmett, who declines.

"The old man gave me a lecture after you left about looking out for you or some shit after you left," Emmett said, giving me the stink eye, "So don't get caught doing stupid shit so that I look bad, okay?"

"Yeah, Em, whatever." I said, rolling my eyes. My brother isn't that bad, he and I just have different views of our family; he forgave Carlisle for the incident, and I didn't. Simple as that.

I took a long drag from my cigarette just when a rusty red Ford pick-up ambles into the lot.

"Who the fuck is that?" Jasper said, as we all watched whoever the fuck it is park across the lot from us.

"Isabella Swan." Alice said, taking on an authoritative tone. "She's new, obviously, and she's Chief Swan's daughter."

Ah, yes. Chief Swan. He and I have been friends since I put a cherry bomb in Mrs. Kennedy's mailbox when I was fourteen. He thought I should have known better, and I thought I should have run faster.

I watched curiously as this little girl—not as tiny as Alice, but not legs-for-miles like Rose—got out of the truck, her brown hair falling in soft wave around her, obscuring her face. I tried to sneak a peek to see if she could be a prospect (wouldn't the Chief love that) when we heard the bell ring to start first period.

"Ah, fuck my life." Emmett said, helping Rose off the car as we headed into the building. Alice led the way, followed by Em and Rose, then Jasper and I.

"Oh, it'll be fine, Babe. I'll see you in Spanish second period."

"But we're seniors," I heard Emmett wail. "We aren't supposed to go to class."

Alice spun around from her position as leader of the pack to reprimand him, "Emmett, you're setting an example to the underclassmen by going to class. You know that. We talked about it in the car."

I can't help but laugh at Alice, as I pulled out my own schedule to see what I had first.

Fucking Bio. Figures.

I said good-bye to my friends as I headed into the room, only to find every table full, except for one. I slumped down into one of the seats when Jessica Stanley turned around and smiled at me.

"Hey, Edward!" She said, "Did you have a good summer?"

I can't help but smile back because I was feeling generous today, "Lonely without you, babe"

She giggled nervously, and tried to look at me seductively, "Really?"

I decided to play along, "Completely. Maybe you could come over later, and make it up to me?"

She nodded to me, trying not to seem too eager.

"Good. Meet me by my car after school, okay?"

She nodded again, and turned back around. I chuckled quietly to myself and stared out the window at the clouds beginning to pile up in the distance.

"Excuse me?" I froze at the sound of the voice next to me. It was the voice from my dream. I snapped my head around and looking back at me were the two most beautiful brown eyes I'd ever seen.

The brown eyes from my dream.

My brown eyes.

"Is this seat taken?" She said, smiling at me with perfect full lips that are just so fucking kissable. I literally had to shake myself out of the shock I was in to answer her.

"No. No. Not at all."

She smiled at me again, and sat on the stool next to me.

"I'm Bella. Nice to meet you."