A Summary of Bells and Roses (though it doesn't make up for actually reading it, just a review):

Bella Swan is the new kid on the block, finding it hard to make friends. But someone unexpected notices her, though she deeply struggles with it initially. When Rosalie invites her to a concert, Bella begins to realize just how strongly she feels for the blonde beauty. They almost kiss on their way to the concert, but are interrupted by a near car collision. Rosalie decides to tell Bella that she's a vampire, insisting that they shouldn't be friends due to how dangerous she is. Though Bella is shocked, she takes the news well and assures Rose that she couldn't care less. The two proceed to the concert where they have their first intimate moment. Rosalie returns Bella safely home.

The two continue to see one another, both of them falling in love fast. When the two share a sensual moment in the woods, they are greeted by a furious Emmett. Rosalie reveals to him that she is gay and a fight erupts, though Jasper intervenes and prevents any serious harm. Rosalie is forced to come out to her family. When Esme, Alice, and Carlisle all show their support, Emmett takes off without any notice of where he's going. Though most of the Cullens support the couple, their peers at school are not as sympathetic. Boys either mock and make fun of them or ask flat out if they can watch them make out. Some even ask to join in. Girls gossip and avoid them all together. A group of boys key Rose's car, insulting the couple harshly.

And then there's a sex scene between the girls. (Chapter 8 you pervs. :P)

While out shopping for groceries, one of the boys that had keyed Rose's car approaches Bella, apologizing for what he did. Hesitantly, Bella accepts and resumes her shopping. Little does she know that the boy stole her keys and he and his friends are waiting for her inside her car. Bella fights heroically but is outnumbered and beaten harshly. About to be raped, Bella is pulled from the car into the rain where she passes out in a pair of cold, stoney arms which she assumes are Rosalie's. She wakes up in a comfortable bed with Rosalie beside her. Carlisle makes sure that her injuries are healing properly. It is revealed that it was in fact Emmett who had saved Bella, who'd come to grips with Rosalie's decision, deciding that whatever was important to her he would protect. Emmett teaches the boys who'd hurt Bella a lesson and they are expelled from school. Since Bella's dad is the chief of police they leave it up to her to report the crime or not. Rosalie tells Bella about how she was raped and left for dead-that being how she became a vampire. The rest of the family accepts Bella and Rose's relationship, apologizing for not doing so earlier. The two feel acceptance and an even deeper bond between them.

And now, the sequel. Please enjoy.