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What About Us



You never realize how fast things can change between two people. Especially when they have been great friends for years and seem to mean the world to each other. You hear about best friends finding love in each other and think that it's the closest to a fairy tale one can get. What you don't realize is just as easily it can turn into your own nightmare. The question is, if what you think you want is worth the pain and fight in the end. Can your fairy tale come true?

Chapter 1

"So Mike and I broke up yesterday." I told him as we sat in our meadow.

The meadow was a place we often hung out to get away from everyday life. It was a nice place to sit and relax, and talk about anything that is on our minds. The company wasn't bad either. My best friend, Edward, and I found this place by accident on a walk a few years back.

"Good, it's about time you two split. He wasn't right for you." Edward replied. He never really took a liking to Mike, it only got worse when I told him we started dating a couple months ago.

"It's funny, you say that about any guy I date. If I didn't know better I would think you were jealous." I replied. It's hard enough finding a boyfriend when your best friend is a boy, it only got worse when that friend didn't approve and spent his time trying to scare them off.

"You know I'm not, I just don't want you dating a scuzz ball. You can do better than that."

"You keep saying that. I don't know if you realized this, but there is a short supply here in Forks. If I plan on dating, I have to work with what's available." I said matter-of -factly, a small smile growing on my face.

"You don't have to date, you know. It's not like a requirement or anything. I don't think you'll fail any classes or let your parents down if you don't date." He said, starting to smile his perfect crooked grin back.

"I don't see you forgoing dating due to the less than optimal choices of girls around. When you stop, I will stop. How about that?"

We continued on like that for awhile. This was a popular topic for us. Neither of us really ever liked the people the other chose to date. Not that our dates were really fond of Edward and my friendship. It just wasn't commonplace for opposite genders being close friends without being involved.

The idea of Edward being more than a friend had crossed my mind a few times. He was a good companion. He listened to anything I had to say, he was always able to cheer me up and knew almost everything about me. He couldn't really complain about my date if it were him. I decided to bring it up to him soon. Maybe we could try it out.


We generally spent Friday nights together. It was a little tradition we had, hanging out at the beach at night and listening to music we had come across. We both loved music, so if we came across anything new we always shared it with the other person during that time. We liked to keep a well rounded take on music, always growing our collection.

This Friday night would be a little different though. I decided I would bring up the dating idea to Edward then. I was a little nervous, but it can't hurt to mention it, right? We really were great together, and had much more in common than anyone else we could date would have with us.

Friday came around finally. After I got home from school I grabbed my bag of toiletries and jumped in the shower to start getting ready for tonight. I got dressed in my jeans and a charcoal gray knit v-neck sweater. I put on some makeup and tried to do my hair a little more than normal. I have mahogany hair that mostly liked to do its own thing. I managed to get it mostly straight with a bit of a wave to the end. I put on a little eye shadow, there isn't much you can do to enhance my chocolate brown eyes, but I wanted to look a bit nicer than usual if I was planning on trying to get Edward to see me as more than just a friend.

He came by to pick me up with his older brother, Jasper. Jasper was a good guy and just turned 16 so he would usually take us where we needed to go. He pretty much jumped at any chance to drive his car. I left a note for my dad, Charlie. He was Chief of Police and usually worked late. My mom was off on some retreat. She liked to jump hobbies pretty quickly and right now she was on a self improvement retreat. I walked out to the porch and locked the deadbolt. Edward got out of the car to open the door for me, always the gentleman.

We drove out to the beach, grabbed our stereo and blankets, said bye to his brother and made our way to the shore. We laid everything out and sat down on a blanket while wrapping the smaller ones around ourselves. I was starting to get nervous about talking to him about this, I wasn't sure how to bring it up, or if I should just lean over and kiss him. I was glad he was distracted trying to find the CD he had wanted to put in first. He was way too perceptive of me and would be able to tell something was up if he wasn't otherwise occupied. I usually never had to pursue a boy before. They usually came to me first. I still don't understand that though. I had a hard time with not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings so I usually caved and would date them. My mom always said get a variety while you can, cause once you marry it's all over. I still think it's a bit weird for a mom to want her 15 year old daughter to date around, but I guess whatever works for her.

"Alright, I know you are picky about your classical, but just listen to this group and give them a chance. I think you will really like them if you just listen and really try to feel what they are trying to say with their music." Edward, the musician, said snapping me back into reality. He loved classical music and always paired it with emotion. I didn't fully understand it, but I'm willing to give anything a try.

"You know I will, I've never rejected anything you bring without giving it a proper chance first." I responded.

The music started and while listening I started grinning. Leave it to Edward to supply perfect background music for the conversation I wanted to have with him tonight. The music really was beautiful, and the intensity Edward showed while listening to it only confirmed my ideas of wanting to date him. He was wearing his dark denim jeans and a green henley that clung nicely to his slight muscles with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. His legs were straight out in front of him and he was reclined a bit leaning his weight onto his arms behind him. He had his head tilted back with his eyes closed and was humming along to the music. The almost full moon was shining on his bronze hair, mix that with the wind blowing and it looked like it had a life of its own. He had just a small smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

I know the music should be calming me, but with the way he looked and the conversation fully taking over any prominent part of my brain, I know I had no hopes of relaxing until this was over with.

"Edward," I said, trying to will the rest of it out of me. Now or never, right?

"Hmm?" He replied, tilting his head toward me just a little, but not opening his eyes.

"Do you think you could ever see me as anything other than a friend?" I rushed out, just getting it all out so I couldn't chicken out, like I tend to do.

He opened his eyes and sat up quickly. He looked mostly straight ahead, but kept glancing at me with his smug, crooked grin.

"What do you mean?" he asked. I was hoping I wouldn't have to spell this out for him. What else could I mean?

"Well, I guess I really just want to know if you could have feelings for me that go beyond our friendship. If you could see me more as a girlfriend than just your best friend?" I explained, the last part coming out in just over a whisper. I really had no idea how awkward this was going to be. Why would he have feelings for me, we've only ever been friends. Why change things now, I 'm sure he could have anyone else and not have to jeopardize his friendship.

Before I could get any of my doubts out and try to back peddle, I noticed he was once again changing his position and all of a sudden he was sitting on his knees right in front of me, with his amazing pine green eyes staring straight into mine. He brought a hand up and put in on my neck, rubbing small circles on my cheek with his thumb. My heart stumbled a bit in my chest at his sudden closeness to me.

"I had wanted to mention something about that to you; actually, I just wasn't sure how you felt." He half whispered to me, still gazing intently into my eyes.

Just after he finished speaking he leaned into me, closing the small gap between us. His soft lips met mine and started moving slowly. After a half second of shock from his movement, I joined him, moving my lips along with his. We stayed like that for a moment. Then needing a little more, just to be sure of our feelings, I opened my mouth a little and bit his bottom lip to try to gain access to the rest of his mouth. He granted it and our tongues met and slowly started gliding around each others.

As we progressed our kissing he pushed me back a little to where I was lying down on the blanket and he was laying half on top of me, using one arm to help keep most of his weight off of me, and with his right leg resting between mine. I moved my hands to his back and traced patterns over his shirt. He moved his unoccupied hand to the back of my neck, pulling me closer to him. I moved one hand under his shirt, playing with the newly exposed skin, while the other moved of its own accord to tangle in the soft hair at the nape of his neck. He let out a small moan as I grabbed a handful of the bronze mess. His hand moved from my neck, grazing down my arm and moving to my waist. He started playing with the bottom of my shirt, and the skin on my stomach. His hand started moving north under my shirt, as it hit the bottom of my bra I heard a loud noise come from behind us.