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Chapter 27


"So when do we get to go to Ireland? I forgot to check with all the excitement going on last night.."

"And this morning." He added with a smug grin. "We leave next week. I thought it would be better to go soon, so we have more time to explore before we have to come back and get ready for real life. Alice already has your stuff all packed, mine as well I believe. So we just get to enjoy this week together, and get any last minute things we need. Then we head out. Is that okay for you?"

"Yeah, it sounds great. How did she pack my stuff already? I didn't notice anything missing from my closet or dresser."

"I believe she decided a whole new wardrobe was appropriate for this trip. I agreed to it as long as she didn't bother you to go shopping. I know how much you hate it."

"Thanks. I guess we should get up soon and tell them. Otherwise the pixie will somehow know something major happened and will start banging down our door til we tell her."

We were still laying in bed after our exhausting, but very fun, night. There was still nothing better than waking up to a naked god wrapped around you.

"Yeah, you're probably right."

We got up and showered shortly after, and met the gang for brunch. No one seemed overly surprised by the news. I would guess Edward had discussed it with them before hand, but they were all acting, badly mind you, like they didn't know.

The next week was nice, like a pre-vacation vacation. The parents all took the news very well, and were excited for us, even my dad. They said they would see us after our trip, as they didn't have time to visit with us before we left.

Getting on the plane was a little nerve-wracking for me. I've never had an issue with them before, but I had never gone this far in one either.

The flight went better than expected. It was mostly spent cuddled to Edward, and talking about everything we wanted to see and do.

Over the first week, we visited a lot of tourist spots, starting in Dublin and working our way out. It was such a gorgeous place to visit. I had to stop myself from making comments to Edward about just getting married while we were there. I knew there had to be a lot that went into being married over seas, we wouldn't have enough time to do it while we were here. I was almost upset he didn't save this trip til our honeymoon. I understood though, once he started back up into medical school, and I got going with a career, we wouldn't have the time to come back. I am glad we got to take this chance while we had it though.

A week after we arrived in Dublin, Edward rented a car and we prepared for a drive east. We stopped frequently along the way to see the countryside and take pictures. I was going to have so many to show our friends when we returned. We stayed overnight at a little inn, and left after an early breakfast.

Finally, as we hit near the coast, Edward started taking smaller roads, until we came up to a beautiful castle. It was absolutely magical. Not like Hogwarts magical, more of an extreme beauty. It was set right on the lack, and surrounded by streams and mountains. I was completely blown away that we were at a place like that, and surprised that he knew of it enough to find his way there.

"You like it?" He asked as he helped me out of the car.

"I love it, it's amazing. What are we doing here?"

"Getting married." He answered nonchalantly, with his crooked grin in place.

"What do you mean, I am nowhere near properly dressed for a wedding! Edward..."

"Calm down love. I didn't mean today. We still have a couple of days til the wedding." He answered like I should have known what he was talking about. I was still completely flabbergasted.

He finally turned to me, taking my hands in his and letting his eyes meet mine. "I've already planned it all out. This is what I've been doing those months that you were so worried about. I wanted everything to be perfect for you. I know you never wanted to put much thought into weddings. I didn't want you to have to stress about getting everything ready or planned either. I thought this way, it could be everything you wanted, and you could just enjoy it. So, I arranged everything we would need, with the help of our friends and family, and we are getting married here this week. If its okay by you that is."

"You just don't know how to do anything small do you? This is amazing Edward, of course it's okay!" I jumped in his arms after my last words and planted kisses over any part of his face I could reach.

"As much as I'd love to stay here and see where this takes us, everyone is inside waiting for us."

After a small Alice like squee I grabbed his arm and dragged him toward the Castle.

We spent the next couple days enjoying the area with our family. Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose of course were there, along with Esme, Carlisle and Charlie. I asked about my mom, not sure if she was invited or not. I found out she was, but never responded. Charlie said he called her when they hadn't heard anything, and found out she wasn't approving of any wedding I was having. I guess she was upset that all of that preaching she did didn't stick with me. Oh well. I would miss her at my wedding, but didn't want to be around people who couldn't be happy with us.

Alice showed me my dress the first night there, it was stunning, and simple. Everything I could hope for. It fit along my body nicely, loosening a bit from my hips down. It was an ivory satin, covered by a light lace. It had a v-neck cut and about one inch straps that led to another low v-cut on the back. It fit perfectly.

It seemed like the days leading to the wedding were a blur. Before I knew it, we were all dressed and ready, me on my fathers arm, walking down a natural grass aisle, between rows of wildflowers, and surrounded by those I love. My wonderful fiancé stood at the end, waiting for me.

I wish I could remember all that was said, but all sound evaded me when I locked eyes with my Edward. All there was was him. I know I repeated words as needed, and made sure I said "I do". Next I knew they were pronouncing us husband and wife and my lips were met with his. I'm so glad I'll have a video of this.

The haze didn't lift over the next few days either. With the excitement of the wedding and having everyone here with us, it seemed to get better everyday. We all explored around the area, discovering all we could and enjoying our time together before the others left to give Edward and I a couple weeks alone to enjoy our new status.

The night before everyone left, our friends, my husband and myself went to explore some of the areas around the castle. We came to a cliff overlooking the streams flowing into one another as the sun set. Each couple had paired up and we snuggled together watching the colors of the sun falling, and how beautiful nature looked at this magical time of day.

It made me wonder how much magic- fate- had an affect on our lives. After losing Edward, and all that happened until finding him again, I never thought my life would work out so well. Running into him, and meeting our friends and the amazing life I fell into since, it only seems right to think a little magic was involved. I knew, now that I had these amazing people in my life, that we could get through anything the future could think up for us.

As long as we have each other.