A/N: So I decided to make a story for the Chumscrubber. I love the movie and I've only seen one story on here so I thought I should make one. Let me know what you think about it, should I keep it or not? The intro is just to help understand the Daniels family and Ava's attitude towards everything. Okay? Good.


Dr. Michael Daniels had spent his whole career pretending to enjoy it for his family. He wanted the best for his wife and daughter. They were his world, the reason he got out of bed. Dr. Daniels was a social worker and often worked with delinquent children who were in and out of juvenile detention centers. He never really cared for helping them properly because they were privileged kids who just took advantage of the lives they were handed. But one day that changed.

Dr. Daniels was looking through a new case he was assigned. It was about a boy who was 17 and in jail. He wasn't surprised. Billy was in jail for kidnapping and attempted murder. He grew up in a single parent home but lived in a nice neighborhood. His father was a mechanic and his mother had left when he was young. He had no prior record but was well-known for being a bully. Dr. Daniels closed the folder knowing already what kind of person Billy was going to be.

Ava also listened as her father talking about new kids. All the things they did wrong, how they took the wrong paths, how they were never going to better herself. She had heard the same things over and over for the last 17 years but she always pretended to be interested. Ava knew her father didn't like his job but she didn't understand why he continued to do it if he disliked it so much.

One day however he seemed to speak with a different tone. He talked on and on about a new kid who he honestly believed he could save. Ava, along with her mother Vanessa, nodded and smiled.

It was four months later that Ava wished she had been really paying attention.

"Grab that end." Her mother instructed Ava as she pulled out the black duvet. "Pull it over smoothly." She ordered.

Ava followed her instructions. "I don't understand why we're doing this." She admitted out loud finally to her mother.

"Because the old duvet-"

"No, not this. I understand this but I mean-" Ava thought carefully she didn't want to offend her mother. "Why are you letting Dad do this to us?" She asked.

"Honey, he cares a lot about this boy. He honestly believes we can help him. This boy can't go back home." She stated firmly.

"It's not fair." Ava argued.

"I don't want you telling your father what you think." Her mother ordered. "Now go get the extra pillow cases and put them on properly." She said patting down her skirt before walking out the room.

Ava walked out after her turning right and going to her fathers office. In his office was everything they had extra, her father didn't really use his office. She opened the closet and pulled out two pillows. She looked at her fathers desk and noticed files sitting there. She walked over slowly.

She looked over the desk and read the names. There sticking out was the name Billy. She thought it over quickly before pulling the folder out. Ava knew it was illegal for her to look at it but she wanted to at least know something about him. She began to read when she heard her fathers voice. She closed the folder quickly. She threw the pillows into the spare bedroom and walked down the stairs.

"Hey honey, this is Billy." He said introducing them. "Why don't you show him where the room is while I talk to your mother for a minute."

Ava nodded. She turned walking back up the stairs. She turned down the hall walking to the second door. She pushed it open walking only a few feet in. He followed her in walking passed her. He dropped his bag on the floor looking around the room.

"So, do you need anything?" Ava asked watching him unsure. He had dark hair that was cut short. He was wearing a muscle shirt and his arms were built. She tried to not make eye contact mostly because Billy was wearing a patch. It was something she wasn't expecting.

He shook his head while sitting on the bed looking at his hands.

"Alright, I'm gonna go." Ava said walking out and to her bedroom. She opened her laptop, turned it on and began her homework. It was a few hours later when there was a knock at her door. "Come in." She called turning down the music she had playing. She turned facing the door.

Her father opened the door. "Hey, its time for dinner. Your mother made your favorite." He said.

"Alright, I'm coming." Ava said shutting her lap top. She walked to the dinning room slowly. She knew her mom made her favorite because how Ava felt about Billy now living in their house. Ava sat at her usual seat and Billy sat across from her.

"So Ava-" Her dad began. "how is school going?" He asked.

"Good." Ava nodded. "I got an A on my project from last week." She stated.

"Thats good." He said smiling. "So um, well...Billy here never got to finish his last year. So hes gonna be going with tomorrow." He said hoping Ava wouldn't argue.

She looked at him. Her jaw dropping but she didn't say anything. She knew better than to argue with her father about this. She ws angry because no one had bothered to tell her before. At least she would've had time to process everything.

Billy looked at her unsure about he felt. He didn't want to go back to school. He didn't want to finish. He was grateful to Dr. Daniels for taking him after his father refused to let him return home but he felt like he was going to have to change completely now.

Their dinner was completely quiet for the rest of the time. Ava couldn't remember the last time things had been so quiet in her house. After she finished she helped her mom clean up everything. She then went to her room where she spent the rest of the night alone thinking.

Ava woke up earlier than usual. She had a difficult time falling asleep and when she did she was unable to stay sleeping. She showered quickly and went to the kitchen. Billy was already at the counter eating cereal. "Good morning." She said to him trying to sound happy.

He nodded to her because of the food in his mouth. Ava grabbed a bowl and poured herself some. She poured the milk into it but decided against sitting next to Billy at the counter. She grabbed a bowl a began eating slowly. "So do you know what your schedule is?" She asked. He shook his head. "You don't talk a lot, do you?" She asked unsure.

Just then her father walked in. "Good morning you two." He said pouring himself coffee. "Do you need a ride?" He asked looking at Ava.

"No." She answered quickly. "No, thank you." She added when she realized how rude her answer had sounded. "I'm driving. I have drama til 6 and the bus stops running at 5." She reminded him. He nodded. "Anyway, I'm leaving." Ava said placing her bowl in the sink. She turned to Billy. "Are you ready?" She asked. He nodded. "Great." She said doing her best to sound excited.