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Ava sat down waiting for Billy. She wanted the day to be over already. She couldn't handle the stares and looks. She just wanted to go home and get into her bed. She never felt so paranoid before in her life. Ava looked around trying to ignore the eyes on her. She saw Leah walk in. Leah was with a group of girls Ava had never seen her talk to before. They were laughing. Ava suddenly felt like they were talking about her. She hated it.

Leah's eyes landed on her. She said something and the girls disappeared. She walked right to Ava. "Hey Miss Perfection." She said sarcastically. "I was wondering how you were doing since it seems like there are a lot of rumors going on around about you." There was a bitterness in her voice but it also seem satisfied and happy about what she was saying. "After the way you treated me its almost like karma..." Leah leaned over the table and got close to Ava's ear. "I'm going to do my best to make your life horrible." She said softly so only Ava could hear her. She took a step back and smiled appeared on her face almost instantly. "Have a nice day." She turned quickly and walked away.

Ava felt her skin burning with anger. She didn't understand how someone who had once been her best friend could be so cold hearted to her. It just didn't seem right. She saw Billy walk and he sat with her. "I'm sorry about all of this." He said softly. "This is all my fault. Everything. Your mom leaving...now all these people saying these horrible things that aren't even close to the truth at all." He shook his head.

"Billy, stop." Ava looked at him. She held his eyes with hers. "None of this is your fault. Things happen the way they're supposed to." She said softly. She leaned over and kissed him softly. "I love you and that's all that matters to me." She smiled at him. At that moment Ava didn't care if people were talking about her. She didn't care if people were watching her and Billy. All she cared about was him.

It took weeks before people stopped talking about Billy and Ava. Finally it seemed like things were slowly going back to normal, well at least as normal as they could be for them. Ava was didn't care either way because she had Billy. Thats all that mattered to her. Just him.

Ava sat quietly on the couch, watching the TV. She had finished her homework and was bored. Billy was at work and she was home, alone. She heard a knock at the front door. She stood up and walked over. She looked through the peep hole and saw Leah standing there. Ava rolled her eyes but opened the door slightly. "What do you want?" Ava asked looking at someone she used to trust completely.

"I just...well..." Leah pressed her lips together. "Look, I don't want to be your friend. I know you don't want to be my friend but I do want to apologize for the things I said about you behind your back." She said simply. "The reason I said was because I was jealous. I've always been jealous of you and because of that I've always hated you, since we first met. We never were friends but, I guess, I thought if I hung out with you then everything that happened to you would happen to me." Leah shook her head slowly. "Obviously, I was wrong. So I'm sorry for that. Thats all." She stood there waiting for Ava to respond.

"Okay." Ava said unsure exactly how she was supposed to respond to something like that. Ava never knew that was Leah felt about her. She never even suspected it. Thats why the whole situation was such a shock to her but she knew the truth now. "Alright, thats fine." Ava said shrugging. "Is that all?" She asked.

"Yeah, I guess." Leah said turning. She walked away.

Ava shut the door and returned back to her spot on the couch. She wasn't sure how she felt about Leah now. When she thought about her she did imagine the good things and not the bad things but she knew all of that was fake now. It still didn't stop her from feeling like she lost a friend. Ava watched the tv until she fell asleep on the couch.

Suddenly she felt someone shaking her. She opened her eyes and saw Billy standing above her. "Hey, are you going to sleep here or in your bed?" He asked softly. Ava sat herself up. She rubbed her eyes. "I just didn't want to leave you here if you wanted to sleep in your bed." Billy explained to her.

"Thanks." Ava said holding back a yawn. She stood up. "I love you." She said as she leaned over to kiss him. "I mean it." She smiled at him. He smiled back at her. "I'm just glad we're going to be together next year. I don't know what I would if I had to go to the same University as Leah without anyone." Ava said as they began to walk up the stairs. "That would totally suck." She shook her head thinking of living in New York.

"Yeah, that would totally ruin everything." Billy said thinking of them together in New York. It wasn't what he wanted growing up but now he couldn't imagine his life going any other way. He was going to New York University for art and Ava was going for music. Michael hadn't been happy when Ava told him she didn't want to be a doctor like him but he accepted it because he knew she would happy that way.

"I'm just really happy." Ava said as she sat on her bed.

Billy sat next to her. "I know you are. I am too...more than I ever have been." He said wrapping his arm around her shoulder. He brought her closer to him. "I love you." He smiled and kissed her cheek softly. They both lay down and eventually fell asleep with one another.

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