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AN: The prologue to Acts of Aggression is now posted! (This is for all you with alerts on The Cold War but not on me.) And to make it worth your while for having received a "fakeout" chapter, I have below a teaser from the as-yet (Oct. 4, 2009) unposted chapter 1 of AoA.

And by the way, The Cold War has been nominated for two more awards. The Mystic Awards (up for the Lion Award) are already in the "voting" phase until Oct. 9 -- you can find the info on my profile. Round 2 of The Sparkle Awards (up for Best Volturi) is still in the nomination phase until Oct. 15.

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Teaser for Acts of Aggression:

Clip from Chapter 1: Summer's End

I was seeing nothing of consequence, little moments in the lives of my family (I would have to warn Bella about what Emmett was going to leave in her bathroom), when I was startled by the image of Stephanie, a nurse at Carlisle's hospital. She was deathly white, her eyes open and staring, her mouth open in a look of frozen horror. I could see the wound on her carotid. She had been drained. But by whom? My stomach clenched. It couldn't be Jas.

"Call your men," I asked the girls urgently as I dialed Jas's number. I searched more frantically now as I waited for his phone to ring. Which one of us would attack so close to home? Would the blood overwhelm Carlisle after his long exile from medicine? Finally, Jas answered.