Pairing: KnucklesXCream

Summary: She was the only one that remembered my birthday.

It was a lazy afternoon for Knuckles. All he did was guard the master emerald. Even though it was boring at times, Knuckles was destined to do it. This was his job and he wasn't going to fail. Knuckles' legs were sprawled out on the cold, stone floor. The sun shone down its rays on him. The wind gently blew in Knuckles' face. It was a peaceful day.

"Happy birthday, mister Knuckles!"

Knuckles' head jerked up, completely alarmed, and looked at the cream- colored rabbit. How did she remember his birthday, when he completely forgot his own birthday? It was flattering that somebody remembered that it was Knuckles' birthday. She stood on the top of the stone steps, beaming at Knuckles. She held a basket full of delicious cupcakes. Cream wore her usual orange dress, tangerine colored shoes, and one of her ears had a orange flower clip as if her ears were hair.

"I made you some cupcakes!" Cream declared, innocently. Cream reached into her "basket of goodies" and grabbed a chocolate flavored cupcake with red frosting. The red echidna, still alarmed at her sudden arrival; he didn't even hear her coming up the steps, glared at the cupcakes.

"Cupcakes?" He inquired. Knuckles stared at the cupcakes as if it were poison. Cream smiled sweetly, nodded her head, and handed the cupcake to him.

"I don't like cupcakes," Knuckles told her, still staring the desert in his palm. Cream slightly frowned for a millisecond, but she then smiled brightly again.

"Well, that's okay! I got you a gift," Cream told him excitedly. The cream- colored reached into her basket and grasped a piece of paper that was buried underneath the cupcakes.

"What is it?" Knuckles looked at the paper in interest. He stretched his neck upward to try to see some of the words on the paper, but he couldn't.

"Here you go!" Cream announced, gladly handing her gift to Knuckles. Knuckles grabbed it and scanned the paper. The picture was a poorly drawn picture of Knuckles with a giant birthday cake in front of him. Cream also drawn Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cheese, and herself at Knuckles' party. At the bottom of the drawing, it said 'Happy birthday, Knuckles' on it.

It was flattering. Cute at the most.

"Do you like your gift?" Cream asked; she started to hop up and down in excitement. Okay. It may not be the best picture in the world, but it was cute that Cream took the time to draw the picture for Knuckles. For a second, Knuckles smiled.

"Yeah Cream, I like it."

The End!