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Bella Cullen Introduction

Six years ago, when I had my first official conversation with Edward Anthony Cullen, who sat down on the couch next to me in the student union of the University of Washington, I never imagined that my life would turn out like this.

He was the sexy, outgoing, yet very responsible and studious; university swim team captain and president of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Before the first time we ever even spoke, I was well aware of the charisma that my now husband possessed, and he was the object of desire for most of the female population on campus.

He was a junior when I entered the University of Washington as a creative writing student over seven years ago, and the only reason I ever even met him was because my older brother Emmett, who was also a junior, was on the university swim team with him as well as in the same fraternity.

During my first week of class, my brother's entirely too perfect, Barbie doll of a girlfriend, Rosalie, insisted that I just had to go to watch a swim team practice with her. I wasn't exactly looking forward to sitting awkwardly on the bleachers alongside the indoor practice pool with a group of giggling sorority girls, ogling a bunch of pale swimmers in Speedos, but she convinced me that I needed to get my head out of a book and enjoy some 'eye candy' while I was still young.

The first time I saw him, I thought that I was hallucinating. He was standing on the end of the diving platform, stretching backwards and bouncing on the balls of his feet in preparation for a dive. He had long, lean, muscular legs and every single defined muscle in his back rippled as his arms moved. The pale skin on his back sparkled with the movements of water droplets running down his back and into his tight blue Speedo.

In an instant, he was gone, and a blur of movement sunk into the water gracefully without as much as a splash. It had to have been an apparition I thought as I intently watched the water. Within a few seconds, this god of a man was climbing out of the water using a ladder just feet in front of me.

The girls around me were silent as he used his strong arms to pull himself up out of the water. Then he pulled off his blue swim cap to reveal slightly matted messy bronze colored hair. I couldn't help but stare at him, and as he walked up towards us, his eyes met mine.

They were the most sparkling emerald green color I had ever seen. He flashed me a coy, crooked smile as he walked up and said hello to Rosalie sitting beside me. I could feel the heat in my cheeks rise as I blushed at his gorgeous smile. He kept eye contact with me as she talked to him and I could have sworn I was going to have to reattach my jaw later as I gawked at him.

I vaguely remember him asking her about me, and I snapped out my trance as he extended his hand out in front of me, saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you Bella Swan, I'm Edward Cullen."

I could only choke out a squeak of a "hi," as he took my hand into his and placed a kiss on the back of it. My skin felt like it was on fire, and I instantly knew that he would be the object of all of my fantasies.

A year later, I had only seen him a handful of times; mostly exchanging hellos at swim meets or house functions that Rosalie dragged me to kicking and screaming. I knew that he would never be interested in me, but I hopelessly lusted after him.

It wasn't until my best friend and roommate, Alice, decided that 'plain' Bella needed a new look; that I even fell into the same category of beauty that he resided in, and even then I felt that I still fell short.

Alice Brandon and I had been friends since high school, both coming from the small town of Forks, Washington, a few hours away from Seattle. She had always been seen as the popular, energetic, cheerleader with unbelievable looks who took pity on the 'bookworm' Bella Swan.

We had met on my first day of school my junior year, after I moved there from Phoenix. My parents had gotten divorced, and I was sent to live with my dad, Charlie, who was the police chief of the tiny little town in the Olympic Peninsula. My brother Emmett had already gone to Seattle for college, so I was left alone to take care of my quiet, stubborn, conservative father.

This tiny little pixie of a girl with spiky black hair and piercing blue eyes sat down next to me at lunch and introduced herself as 'Alice, your new best friend'. Her energy was infectious and we instantly became friends. She was artsy and always knew that she wanted to be a fashion editor or stylist when she grew up, and I longed to be a novelist or an editor at a large publishing house. When high school ended, we both decided that we wanted to go to the University of Washington, and that we would be roommates.

During our sophomore year in college, Alice grew tired of my introverted tendencies and along with Rosalie, they gave me a complete makeover, head to toe. I was plucked, waxed, teased, and dressed up to perfection.

My plain brown hair was highlighted with tints of auburn, and cut into long flowing layers that fell down to my shoulders. They made me go with them to a spa, and I was tortured with hot wax as they shaped my eyebrows, and 'cleaned up' my bikini area, for swimsuits of course, Rosalie had said.

Then I was dragged to a makeup artist who taught me how to perfectly apply makeup to highlight my chocolate brown eyes and pale skin. Once these things were done, there was a drastic difference, but Alice informed me that her job was not done if anything from the GAP was still left in my closet.

She had been interning at a fashion magazine based out of downtown Seattle since the summer before at that point, and she dragged me kicking and whining to their 'closet of magic' for free samples. Rosalie and Alice spent two long, excruciating hours forcing me to try on uncomfortable designer clothes and heels that I swore would be the death of me.

It was a good thing I was a size six, because the clothing samples actually seemed to fit perfectly. When they finally stopped torturing me, I was sent home with bags full of new clothes and Alice cleaned out my 'hideous strip mall wardrobe' and donated it to the Goodwill.

The reaction to my change was staggering, and guys who had never even looked twice at me were begging for my phone number. One of my guy friends named Jacob, who was also a major in the English department started taking me to parties, but I couldn't force myself to see him as anything more than a friend, he would never stand up to my fantasies of Edward.

He finally relented on trying to make our friendship into anything more, and he became my guardian whenever we would go to fraternity parties. Jacob had decided to pledge Emmett's fraternity, so the first time that Edward saw the new me was when Jacob took me to the Spring Formal.

While Jacob was off in a corner doing shots with his pledge brothers, the Greek god of my dreams approached me as I sat at a table with Rosalie and some of her sorority sisters.

He came up behind me and whispered "You're absolutely beautiful," in my ear and when I turned to face him, he had this crooked sexy smile plastered on his face.

I stood up and said, "I'm Bella, I believe we've met," as I reached for his hand.

He took my hand and held onto it while his green eyes wandered down and then back up to meet mine. They flickered with slight recognition and he quietly led me out to the dance floor. I was unsure about dancing, as it had never been my forte, being slightly accident prone growing up.

I told him he was making a mistake trusting me with the safety of his toes, and he chuckled as he spun me around and then held me up against his chest. I was too nervous to speak, so I just tried to follow his lead. Our eyes met several times and I could have sworn that he was enjoying himself, but at the end of the song, he thanked me and left.

I never saw him the rest of the night, and when Jacob took me back to my apartment that night, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I knew it was only a stupid fantasy, but having Edward Cullen holding me against him as we swayed to the music had been one of the best moments of my life.

Spring Break came and went, and when I returned to school, I often found myself hanging out in the student union, typing on my computer or reading in the comfortable couches in one of the lounges.

Two weeks before the end of classes, someone sat down next to me on one of the union couches, as I was engrossed in a book, curled up against the arm beside me. I could feel eyes boring into the side of my head, and when I looked up; my eyes met the penetrating gaze of none other than Edward Cullen.

I put my book aside and was able to squeak out a hello as he stared at me. After a few awkward moments of eye contact, he started talking, and six hours later, we still hadn't stopped.

That weekend, he took me to dinner, and we talked about our families, our career goals, and our dreams. He had been admitted to the medical school at the University of Washington, so he would be spending two more years taking classes in Seattle, and then he would spend two years doing clinical rotations at a local hospital where his father, Carlisle, was the chief of surgery.

He was an only child, and therefore his father's shadow; and he was urged from a very young age to follow his father's career path. He never seemed to mind, but I could tell that medicine was something he held a little bit of contempt for.

His mother Esme was an architect, and they had several family homes dotted across the United States, but they decided to have their primary residence in Seattle. She had been a housewife during Edward's childhood, and she was the epitome of the perfect wife and mother.

After dinner that night, he kissed me for the first time, and I knew that I had to spend the rest of my life with him. There wasn't any other option for me. The way he tasted, and the electric current that surged between us was undeniable.

For the next four years, we were inseparable, and after his graduation from medical school, he proposed and we moved in together that summer.

It has been a long, blissful, happy year since we got married, but now that the newlywed phase is wearing off, my excitement to be a housewife has dwindled down to a quiet acceptance.

When I graduated from the University of Washington with my graduate degree in English Composition last year, I originally planned to start writing the novel I had been toying with since I was in high school, but with the stress of Edward's internship at the hospital, I had to take care of the new house we bought after the wedding.

My resolve to write daily has turned into maybe a half an hour a day at the computer, and the rest of my time is spent cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and shopping for groceries.

We are still just as passionate about each other as we were five years ago, but there is something about trading sex for picking up my husband's socks that makes me long for a more exciting life. When going to the Albertson's down the road to buy milk, and trips to Target for laundry detergent become the highlights of your day at twenty five, it's kind of a lackluster existence.

The only thing that even keeps me in tune with my former life are my weekly meetings with my best friend Alice. She is still single, and thrilled about it, and she works at the fashion magazine she interned for in college. We thought that she too might follow in the married footsteps of Edward and I, and Emmett and Rosalie, but she broke up with her boyfriend James right before she became the maid of honor at my wedding.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a guy in her life, but she keeps him under lock and key, and with her busy schedule, I doubt that it is really something serious.

We meet for coffee, lunch, and sometimes go out to clubs dancing if Edward is on call during the weekend, and she is the only thing that keeps me attached to the fabulous life of a carefree twenty something.

I would never trade the life I have built with Edward for a career, but it would be nice to have something to call my own. I feel like I have just resigned to being his indentured servant, and even though I know he loves me, I still feel like there is something missing.

My sister in-law Rosalie is pregnant with her first child, and I don't really know what I think about when it comes to having kids. I know that I want to have them someday, but the thought of being a mother scares me.

Edward wants to finish his residency before we even think about procreating, and he is always very careful to make sure that we are protected. It's like he's paranoid about creating something that would be that dependent upon us, and therefore our sex is rarely ever spontaneous anymore.

The second the condom box is empty, even though I am on the pill, he won't even touch me, and it makes me feel horrible. I know we aren't ready to have a child, but I love him and I want to keep feeling that intimate connection with him. Call me selfish, but I actually expect my husband to want to have sex with me.

His hours at the hospital have just made things worse in a sense. He is always exhausted, and when he comes home, he just wants to relax and zone out to sports center, or play games on the computer. Whenever he isn't doing one of those things, he is up in his office, head in a text book, completely ignoring me, while I follow him around picking up his dirty laundry.

It's like his socks multiply when I am not looking. When I wake up in the morning, they are everywhere. Under the couch, on the bathroom floor, beside the bed, on the stairs, inside of his work crocs, everywhere, absolutely everywhere, and it drives me insane.

You would think that a twenty seven year old professional could pick up their own laundry and put it into the hamper, which is in the bathroom, right next to the shower, but no, he has to strew them all over the place. It takes me longer to find it all than it does to wash it and put it away.

So to say that my life is perfect, and everything I dreamed about as a child isn't exactly accurate, but I guess in real life, nothing ever is.

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