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The Future's So Bright, I Gotta wear Shades!

We've shared joy and we've shared pain
We've shared guilt and we've shared shame
We've bought into the stupid games
We've freed each other and we laid claim
Oh yes the butterflies are still there
Butterflies - Sia


I learned very quickly that when Claudia Whitlock-Hale wanted something, she got it. Jasper was flown back to Seattle on a private jet with his own private medical team. He was taken to the hospital Edward worked at, because Claudia trusted him to look after her baby.

It took weeks of healing before he was discharged into my care, I was told to keep him in bed and off his feet, and I really didn't see that as being a problem either. Our little impromptu lovemaking in the hospital thankfully hadn't damaged his healing, and we avoided an awkward explanation on that. Much to Jasper's disgust, I refused to do it again, and he was growing restless, much the same as I was.

I don't think he'd been home for an hour before we were back to screwing like rabbits. We couldn't get enough of one another.

By the time Christmas rolled around, he was as good as new, and talking to Emmett's firm about a position they had available. Selfishly, I was happy he wouldn't have to stray far anymore, and Jasper didn't seem at all upset at the end of his career as a model.

Maria had been going through the courts since the day she was arrested, her agency had posted bail but refused to put her back to work. They hadn't wanted the media talking to her so she was held close until her trial. She ended up being sentenced to a year in the state prison, and a year of community service after that.

My life was a swirl of color compared the the dull variations of gray I had been living in before. I was happier than I'd ever been, and it was all thanks to the man I loved with every inch of myself. I was still as driven as I'd always been, but I had a purpose.

Work was much the same, and I tried the best I could to divide my time between Jasper and my friends. The whole situation with Bella had opened my eyes. I couldn't afford not to balance it all out. Everything seemed to coexist in perfect harmony in my life and I felt untouchable.

It was a week before Christmas and I found myself more in the mood than I had ever been. Jasper had surprised me after work one day by bringing home a tree and decorating it. I walked into a dark apartment, the lights blinking merrily by the window, with a very naked Jasper laid on his side in front of it, his hand propping up his head as the lights danced across his alabaster skin.

That night we had some of the best sex I'd ever had in my life. Jasper was always so attentive, but that night in particular he made it all about me bringing me to the brink of insanity more than once.

The annual Christmas party, held the weekend before Christmas, was more eventful than I could have possibly imagined. James showed up with a blond woman no one had ever seen before. Unfortunately, for him, Bella and I had taken pity on Tanya and invited her to come along with us. Her stomach was more swollen now, and she found herself home alone more often than not.

Edward had mentioned it at Thanksgiving dinner, so we invited her. It was a scene I don't think I'll ever forget.

Bella and I had been standing with Jasper and Edward, away from the mass of bodies that were circulating in the large open space of the lobby. Tanya was with us sipping on her virgin eggnog. We had an open view of the entire room, and it wasn't hard to avoid the entrance of James and his new pet. The elevator doors had slid open to reveal the two of them organizing their clothes as they plastered fake smiles on their faces.

Bella and I looked at one another and then to Tanya in pure shock. We had no idea whether she'd seen him or not. Both of us seemed to be unsure of how she would react. Sure enough, her eyes were trained on the couple entering the room. James was working his way around the room, introducing his friend as he chatted briefly with everyone he dealt with.

His eyes flickered to mine, I was sure the amusement was obvious. I hated that Tanya had to deal with this, but I was excited at the prospect of the bastard getting his dues. I don't think he'd even noticed who I was standing with, he just seemed intent on heading towards me. Our interactions had all become antagonistic, when he stopped into the office briefly time to time, he would make it a point to come by my office. My hate for the man had amplified considerably.

"Alice," he said drawing out the syllables, making my skin crawl.

"James," I answered, smiling sugary sweet as I felt Jasper's arms circle my waist.

I saw Tanya shifting uncomfortably in my peripheral and stepped towards her, Jasper still standing close behind me. He knew how I felt about James so I knew it wasn't a jealous action, it was more to deflect the unwanted attention.

"You remember my friend, Tanya, don't you?"

James' eyes flickered to Tanya, his smirk still in place. Then his eyes roamed over her body, catching the very obvious physical changes in her appearance. He looked to me, then back to Tanya panic obvious behind his eyes.

"I think we need to talk!" Tanya spat, her eyes narrowing at the blond stood with James.

"Maybe later, Tracy."

"It's Tanya you asshole, and either we talk now, or you will be hearing from my lawyer."

The air around us seemed to still as the words seeped in to all of us. Whether he liked it or not, Tanya had just confirmed his worst fears. The color drained from his face as he looked at his date.

"What's the matter Jay, who is this?"

"You need to go home."

"What?" his date asked, seemingly surprised that he would dismiss her so easily for a pregnant woman.

"Go home, Irina."

"Whatever, your loss."

She turned on her heel and walked away, her head held high. I don't think she ever made it to the elevator.

"Well, talk." James spat, his anger evident.

"Don't you think it would be better . . ."

"No. I don't. Say what you have to say here, or don't say it at all."

Tanya shifted again, her eyes dancing over all of us, including Edward. I knew this was awkward for her, and Bella had told me that Tanya had been caught in the shower with another man by Edward the same day as she'd been with James, but something in face seemed to smooth out as she realized that all of us would be more likely to back her up than James. It was obvious in the way we all regarded him with contempt.

"You're going to be a father." She brought her hands to her hips and leaned forward into him. "Congratulations!"

James stood stock still, his eyes wide and his face drained with color. You could practically see the wheels in his mind turning slowly as he fought for any escape from this situation. Emotions seemed to flicker over his severe features and rested easily on disgust. I could almost predict his next words.

"I know women like you. You see a wealthy man and think that you can play the pregnancy card and get their money. Guess what, Sweetheart, that shit doesn't work with me. Play me for a fool and I'll outsmart you every time."

"You think this is about money? You asshole!"

Tanya skipped forward like a lioness with her claws drawn, but Edward was quicker. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back with ease his angry glare directed at James. I knew what he was going to say, because we'd discussed it before, and he'd been the one to set us right that time as well.

"Tanya doesn't need money, James. In fact that's the one thing she doesn't need from you."

"Then why the hell would she tell me about this? What would be her motivation for trapping me like this?"

"Trapping you," Tanya shrieked, pushing against Edward with all of her strength. "You wanna know trapped motherfucker. Try carrying around a watermelon sat on your bladder all day long, making your skin puffy and stretched. How about the fact that I will be looking after this child for at least the next twenty years, not only physically but emotionally. You trapped me, I thought you'd want to know that your daughter will be born sometime in the next few months. You're one sorry son of a bitch, you know that?"

"What the fuck do you want from me, Lady?"

"I want you to take some responsibility for your actions. This isn't just my child, James."

"I don't even know you, I can't just drop my life because you got yourself knocked up. I don't owe you a goddamn thing."

"Oh really? Well we'll see what the courts have to say about that asshole. You can expect to hear from my lawyer."

Tanya struggled from Edward's embrace and pushed James out of her way as she marched through the room towards the elevators. I felt terrible that she was leaving alone. She didn't deserve such disrespect from an asshole like James.

"You cowardly piece of shit," I said, shaking my head. I ran my hands along Jasper's arm so he would know to let go of my waist. "You disgust me."

With that, I caught Bella's hand and pulled her towards where Tanya was waiting for the elevator. I wouldn't let her leave alone.

I hadn't heard or seen from James since, but I doubted he would stay away for long. His temporary replacement had been a junior associate in the firm.

Tanya had been so distraught she'd gone to stay with her aunt in Portland for a while. It was disturbing seeing someone that strong broken.

Christmas brought with it more revelations. We all gathered together, as we had since college. This time, Jacob joined us with Nessie. It felt like everything was finally complete. All of the people I loved were in one room.

As was tradition, we ate before we opened presents. It had always annoyed Bella that we did things so backwards, but this years she seemed to float through it without much thought. She was positively glowing. I had, on more than one occasion tried to corner her, and ask her what the hell was going on, but she danced around my questions with her usual excuses.

It wasn't until we were all sitting around the table, and her and Edward seemed to exchange glances more often than eating, that I started realizing there was something big going on. I hated being left out of the loop.

It wasn't until everyone had finished eating and the plates had been cleared, that they made any indication at all of sharing their secret. Edward stood from his chair, his wine glass in hand. My stomach flipped roughly when I saw the look pass between him and Bella.

"Can I get your attention everyone?" he requested confidently, smiling down at his wife.

"Bella and I have some news. We went to the doctor a few days ago, and as of July, we are going to be parents."

The table erupted in excitement. Bella glowed as she sat in the center of attention, it was something I had never seen before, she seemed to accept it quite gracefully. I was itching to get out of my seat and hug her, but I could see that Edward was waiting patiently to finish what he was trying to say. As soon as the room quietened down he started again.

"So I ask all of you to toast the mother of my future child, and the love of my life, Bella."

All of us lifted our glasses and toasted the two of them and their unborn child. I couldn't have been more excited for the two of them. Bella and Edward had been trying since the masquerade ball. Neither had been particularly worried about when it would happen and I assumed that they were just having fun trying. I had never seen the two of them happier.

As soon as the toasts were done, I sprung from my chair, wrapped my arms around my best friend's neck, my chin on her shoulder. Her hand came to rest on my arm as she giggled. She'd obviously seen my excitement.

"I'm so happy for you, sweetheart."

"Thanks, Ali."

I gave her a kiss on the top of the head before making my way to Edward. His long arms wrapped around me and his smile was breathtaking.

"Congrats, Daddy."

"Yeah yeah," he laughed, kissing the top of my head.

The warmth and love seemed to emanate around the room. They happy chatter continued, Emmett swung Evan up into the air eliciting a peal of laughter from the baby. He was one of the most spoiled children in the world, none of us could say no to him, and I could only imagine that Bella and Edward's child would be subjected to the same. He or she would be one of the most loved and spoiled children around.

I stood still watching Emmett and Evan together for a while. I was only disturbed when Jasper's warm arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me against his chest, his chin coming to rest on my shoulder as he watched with me. I had never considered kids before, and in all honesty I was now, but it seemed as though it could be a possible future. Somewhere way ahead in the future.

"What are you thinking about, Sweetheart?"

"Nothing really," I lied. "Just watching Emmett and Evan playing."

"Did you not want to open presents?"

I raised my eyebrows and turned my head a little. This close, I could see one of the scars he'd gotten from the accident. I brushed my lips across them gentle, eliciting a smile from him.

"Do you know me?" I giggled.

"That's what I thought, baby," he chuckled as he shuffled me towards the huge Christmas tree in the living room.

Jasper and I had left most of our presents at home, so we could have our own mini version of Christmas later on. We'd just brought a present each, which seemed to be the way most did it now. It was one of things I hadn't noticed before, but now being in a relationship I immediately got.

Jasper fell into one of the chairs by the fireplace and pulled me into his lap. He nuzzled into my neck as I leaned back into his chest, ready for the festivities to begin. Jasper and I had been having a ball the last couple of weeks shopping for Evan.

The large pile of gifts pouring from under the tree were almost all addressed to him. I wasn't sure what an almost four month old was going to do with this much stuff, but I imagined he would grow into anything that he couldn't use now. His little face was lit up as he laid on his dad's chest watching the world go by.

"Okay, who's playing Santa this year?" Rosalie asked, a slight cooing to her voice as she touched the tip of Evan's nose with her finger. I didn't think I'd ever get used to seeing that.

"I vote for the daddy to be," I laughed, winking at Edward.

"No, let me," Jacob mumbled jumping to his feet. It was the first thing he'd really said aloud all day.

I felt guilty for just noticing it. He and I had gotten back to being friends now that he and Nessie seemed to be closer than ever. I was happy to be able to talk to him about Jasper. It had been weird for him to talk to me about Nessie in the beginning, but once he realized I was genuinely happy for him, he seemed to fall right into step with me.

He shuffled awkwardly towards the tree reading tags and handing out gifts with a nervous smile. As was tradition, we waited until all of the presents had been delivered before opening a present. Emmett, as always was getting frustrated with waiting.

The room was filled with happy chatter as the last present was delivered, but just as we were about to start opening the gifts, Jacob stopped us.

"Hang on guys, there's one more."

Everyone stopped and looked at the tree before looking at Jacob. His normally warm russet skin looked pale as he pulled a small box from his pocket.

Everyone in the room froze, their eyes darting between Jacob and Nessie.

Jacob took Nessie's hand in his and pulled her from the couch into the center of the room. Everyone was completely silent, the only sound was gurgling coo's from Evan.

Jacob lowered himself on one knee in front of Nessie with a warm smile, her hand still in his.

"Nessie, I know it's only been three months, but I may has well have known you a lifetime. You're everything I ever wanted and more. You are the only person I will ever want. Will you marry me?"

My eyes flew to Nessie's face before breaking out into a huge smile. Anyone could tell her answer by looking at her. Her warm brown eyes were pooled with unshed tears, her mouth turned up in the most radiant of smiles.

She didn't say a word, but she nodded. Small happy sobs breaking from her chest as Jacob put the substantially sized rock on her finger. She dived into his arms as soon as he kissed the ring on her finger.

The room burst with excitement as the congratulations started all over again. I launched myself from Jasper's lap and into Jacob's arms in one leap. I had never been so proud in all of my life. He chuckled deeply into the top of my head as he placed me back on my feet.

"Congratulations, you sly fox. You hid that one from the masses."

Jacob only smirked, his face lighting up as Nessie fell into his arms again. I gave her a huge hug and checked out the ring. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen in a while. It was nothing like Bella's, but it fit Nessie beautifully. The small platinum band circled her dainty finger and joined together in a cradle for the, what I could only guess was at least a carat, diamond.

The celebrations went on for a while after that, so much news on one day. The room had been so filled with love every one of us seemed reluctant to leave. Unfortunately, time doesn't stand still just because you will it to, and all too soon people started filtering out.

Jasper and I made our way around the room, saying our goodbye and congratulations. I promised Bella to call her the next day when everything had settled down a little so we could talk. She seemed excited about it, especially when Edward mentioned he had to work.

Jasper and I made our way home in relative silence. I wasn't sure what was going on in his head, but I could see the deep thought as the relaxed smile played on his full lips. It wasn't until we got into the apartment that he said anything at all.

I'd just walked into the kitchen to get a glass of wine. He'd followed me. I didn't even make it to the refrigerator when I felt his arms wrap tightly around my waist from behind. He spun me in his arms before lifting me onto the counter. He leaned on the hands he'd placed either side of me so he was eye level with me.

I ran my hands across his forehead gently trying to erase the small lines of a from across his brow. I knew him well enough to judge what had brought about this mood change.

"What's on your mind, baby?" I asked, moving my hand down to cup his cheek. He leaned into it with a sigh, his eyes never leaving mine during the sentiment.

"Are you disappointed?" he asked, his deep voice sounding a little troubled.

I frowned at him. I had no idea what he meant or what would have brought this on.

"About what?"

"That I didn't propose or . . ." he paused, smiling. "Knock you up?"

I smiled at him and brought my other hand up to cup his neglected cheek. Only Jasper would worry about something like that, he couldn't seem to fathom that as long as I had him I was happy. Everything else could wait as long as I had him to fall asleep with and wake up next to.

"Jasper, I want those things with you, but it doesn't have to be now. As long as I have you nothing else matters to me, I don't need a ring to know that you love me, and I really don't think we're ready for a baby," I giggled, leaning forward and rubbing my nose against his. "We're having way to much fun at the moment for that."

"You deserve those things though, Ali, and I feel like a shit for not even thinking about it, because I want to marry you. I know I don't need anyone else . . ."

"I know that silly," I said, placing my fingers over his lips. "I want the same things, but it doesn't have to be now, you'll know when it's right for you. I have no doubt that I will marry you one day, Jasper. Please don't think that I'm anything but happy."

Jasper's answering smile filled me with joy. We'd lived in such a blissful bubble that I hadn't even thought about when we would get married. I think I always knew in my heart we would, but even when Jacob had proposed to Nessie, I hadn't even thought about when and how he would ask me. I loved him and he loved me, to me that was all that was important.

"I love you, Alice Brandon."

"I love you too, Jazz."

He leaned forward slowly, his lips brushing against mine with a tenderness that I craved from him. He always started our kisses with a slow burning passion, it was laced with everything we felt for one another. The core of our emotional bond.

Even with the tenderness of the moment, I knew it couldn't last for long, the same spark that always seemed to fuse us together ignited the moment my fingers slid to the nape of his neck, tightening in the soft hairs that lay there.

Jasper's tongue brushed against my bottom lip as the moment transformed into unbridled lust. My legs tangled around his waist pulling him to me as I allowed him to deepen the kiss. Nothing seemed to matter in that one moment. When the warm turned to the passionate flames and the need grew so rapidly it was like a drowning person resurfacing, there was no stopping us.

I loved moments like these, spontaneous lust over taking everything until I felt him within me. It was never any question with Jasper and I, all we had was passion and love for one another. It was a constant, any moment between us could turn into this amazing desire that could only be quelled by feeling him inside of me.

My hands untangled themselves from his hair and moved straight to the hem of his shirt in my desperation to feel whole again. The buttons were fed through the eyes before I pushed the material over his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I immediately pulled the t-shirt he had on below it up over his head. Our lips parted as I pulled it over his head and deposited it on the floor.

The moment his hands were free he moved to my sweater pulling it over my head in one smooth motion. His lips crashed against mine as his hand roughly pushed the material of my bra away releasing my breast.

His lips, hot and wet passed over my neck and down to my exposed chest. His free arm circled my waist as my back arched at the feel of his teeth digging into the aroused skin of my nipple. My hands found purchase in his hair once again as I held him to me.

His hands moved quickly to the waist of his jeans, he unbuckled his belt with one flick of his wrists as his other fumbled with the button and zipper. I dropped my legs as he pushed roughly on the material sending the jeans and boxers to the floor.

"I need you, Jasper," I moaned, my fingers fisting in his hair making him growl.

His lips made their way back up to his mouth as his hands disappeared beneath my skirt. His fingers hooked under the fabric of my panties and ran along the folds gently. He moaned, it was a long drawn out sound making my toes curl.

"So wet, baby," he mumbled against my lips.

I slid myself closer the the edge of the counter, needing him more now. His fingers slid out slowly as he made his way to the waist band.

Hooking his fingers around the flimsy material, he pulled them down to my thighs. He stepped away from my body pulling the material down over my knees until they slid down over my feet. The cool air hit my hot aching sex, and I couldn't stop the moan falling from my lips as a shiver ran down my spine.

Jasper moved quickly after that. His hands gripping my hips as he pulled me to the lip of the counter, he stepped forward grabbing his stiffened member before guiding it into me. My legs locked around him again, needing him to be closer.

I groaned at the feeling. Rapturous pleasure coursed through my veins as he filled me completely.

Fully sheathed inside of me, he moved a hand to my back, I lay back into his touch, my elbows hitting the counter as he pulled out of me gently. Our eyes locked as he pushed back into me again, his hooded eyes seemingly echoing the groan.

He picked up his pace, the only sound in the room were our lust filled moans and grunts and the sound of skin on skin. Pleasure ran through my body like molten lava as he drove into me. I knew it wouldn't take me long to reach the precipice he so easily pushed me over.

My legs pushed him deeper within me as I moved with him, using my hands and elbows to gain leverage. A sheen of sweat covered both of us as we moved together, the push and the pull, the moans and the groans. I gripped onto the edge of my mind waiting for him to follow but it was useless, the feeling was overwhelming and the white lights behind my eyes seemed to coordinate with my coiling muscles.

His name was like a mantra in my mind and on my lips as I tightened around him. Jasper's movements slowed gradually as his muscles tightened. His fingers moved between us as he pushed deeper, once, twice. His fingers closed around my clit and I knew what he wanted. I let go again as the first gave way to the second. My voice hoarse from the groans found a new life as I tightened around him again, feeling him throbbing within me.

He called out my name as he buried himself for the last time. His body collapsed over me, his weight held by his forearms as his head came to rest on my chest. Both of us were panting for air as the cool air licked at our damp bodies.

He wrapped me in his arms as our bodies pressed against the other. Our hearts seemed to pound in time with one another, synchronizing as though they were one.


Waking with a start, I felt pressure in my lower abdomen, a slight fluttering that intensified my urge to use the bathroom.

Carefully removing Edward's arm from my swollen belly, I sat up slowly and made my way towards the bathroom in the dark. I had made this trek many times in the last several months, but luckily it was not to throw up anymore. That had been the worst part of the pregnancy so far.

Christmas to Groundhog's Day was spent with more hours in front of the toilet than I cared to admit. Luckily, my cubicle at work was just around the corner from the bathroom.

When I returned to bed, I glanced at the clock, it read 6 AM, and I was anxiously hoping that the next five hours would fly by quickly. Today was my first ultrasound. At twenty weeks, I was finally going to get to see my child. I had grown accustomed to the sound of the heartbeat in the last few doctor's appointments, but today was so much more exciting.

Edward was still sleeping soundly, one arm thrown over his face as he laid on his back. The pale expanse of his stomach was exposed above where the comforter rested just below the band of his boxers.

It was totally unfair. While I continued to expand daily at a startling rate, he remained tight and toned. Not that I was complaining, but I still couldn't see why my expanding body made him so excited.

He had barely been able to keep his hands off of me in the past few weeks, constantly rubbing and kissing my stomach when he wasn't trying to rip my underwear off.

I was convinced that the whole concept of getting a pregnancy glow had evaded me, because I did not equate acne to glowing. My once flawless skin was dotted with tiny red marks which pissed me off to no end. Why couldn't I have been one of those beautiful, fresh faced pregnant women like Rosalie had been? Was that so much to ask?

I knew that I was being vain when it came to scrutinizing my appearance lately, and Edward didn't seem to be phased by my acne or my one new tiny stretch mark, but I couldn't seem to help it.

Lying down carefully on my side, I scooted over towards Edward and laid my hand on his chest, tucking my head into his shoulder and closing my eyes.

"Bella," he breathed as he turned to face me; his eyes flickering open and a small smile lifting the corner of his mouth.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," I whispered before he leaned down to kiss me lightly on the lips.

"It's alright," he whispered back, tucking a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

We both smiled shyly at each other as Edward situated himself on his side, propping his head up on one hand while his other slipped under the material of my tank top.

"Morning mommy," he smiled as he ran his palm over my belly. "Any movement today?"

"A little, but still no kicks, just turning. We seem to have a restless one."

Edward scooted down the bed until he was eyelevel with my belly and lifted up my shirt to expose my small bump.

He began to whisper to my stomach and tap lightly on my abdomen, encouraging our child to let him know it was there. It was killing him waiting for the baby to start kicking. He wanted to feel our child in there, I guess feeling it kick would make it more tangible for him.

"It'll happen soon," I whispered as I ran my fingers through his messy bed hair.

He turned to face me, laying his head down on my abdomen and raising an eyebrow.

"No," I said firmly as his hands began to push my tank up further to expose my now much larger breasts.

"Bella," he said playfully as he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"No," I repeated as I shook my head at him.

"But they aren't even doing an exam today, baby. I promise I'll be gentle," he cooed as he ran the tip of his finger over my overly sensitive nipple.

"Edward," I warned as I grabbed his hands to stop their ministrations.

He ignored me as he turned his head and began to softly kiss across my stomach, stopping briefly to grasp the waistband of my underwear with his teeth.

Inching them down slowly, he began to nuzzle the patch of soft brown curls with his nose.

"Stop it," I giggled as he freed one of his hands and used it to pull my underwear down to my thighs.

"Now we both know that you don't mean that, love," he teased as he tossed my underwear to the floor beside the bed.

He leaned back on his heels and pulled his boxers briefs down and my eyes widened as his erection literally bounced out of its confinement.

Edward quickly stood up and left them on the floor before he knelt down beside the bed and turned me to face him. He pulled a few pillows from the head of the bed and propped them up behind my back before he peeled off my tank top fully exposing me to him.

I wiggled my hips towards the end of the bed and gasped as Edward leaned forward and captured a sensitive nipple between his teeth. Leaning back to enjoy the sensation, I felt Edward situate himself in between my legs and brush his length against my folds.

"Oh god," I whimpered as he moved his mouth to my other breast and pressed the head of his cock inside of me.

It seemed like I was permanently aroused lately, and more sensitive down there than I had ever been before. Sex was much more intense, and Edward seemed to enjoy the fact that most sex between us lately resulted in multiple orgasms. I guess it made his ego swell, among other things.

He grunted as he slid into me slowly, placing both of his hands on the small of my back to hold me into position.

We had abandoned the concept of missionary style sex, or anything that involved me lying on my back because with the growth of the baby over the last few weeks it was just too uncomfortable.

This had led to some more creative positioning on our parts, and I was enjoying sharing this with Edward. I knew that he was worried earlier on in the pregnancy about sex because I was so drained, but I had slowly been getting my energy back, and with it came my insatiable libido.

Edward began to place wet open mouthed kisses on my neck and shoulders as he increased the depth of his thrusts, forcing me back into the pillows with every stroke.

"Oh yes," I moaned as he moved his hands down to my ass and began to angle his hips upward as he drove into me.

"Come on, Bella," he encouraged as he leaned me back further and moved one of his hands up between us to play with my breasts.

He had figured out that with my nipples being so sensitive lately that a few carefully placed pinches could drive me over the edge.

"Fuck me," I whimpered as I felt my muscles begin to tense around him.

He grunted in response, let go of my nipple and trailed it down my swollen stomach to rub firmly against my clit.

I jerked in response and began to spasm around him as I arched my back and moaned out his name.

As I came down from my high, I looked up to see Edward's eyes clenched closed in concentration as the muscles in his neck and shoulders tensed.

He was fighting back his release, but I could tell by the pace of his thrusts that he was getting closer to falling.

I leaned forward, grabbed onto his hips and squeezed as I tightened my legs around his thighs.

He was moaning loudly as he continued to drive into me and I could feel the familiar tingling sensation begin again in my abdomen as he swelled inside me.

"Come on Edward," I moaned. "Cum with me."

His eyes flashed open in surprise and he moved one of his hands to the back of my neck and pulled me forward to kiss him. He thrust his tongue into mouth as I felt my muscles tighten again, throwing me into my second orgasm.

"Fuck," he grunted against my mouth as I felt him jerk into me one last time and still.

We were both completely breathless and panting against each other, completely exhausted.

My legs relaxed as I let go of his hips and I leaned back into the pillows to catch my breath.

"I think it's time for a nap," Edward said sleepily as he pulled out of me and arched his back to stretch.

I mumbled and nodded as I felt him stand up. He gently pulled the pillows out from under me and replaced them at the head of the bed as he turned me to lie down.

Once I was settled, he moved around the other side of the bed and climbed in with me, pulling the sheet up over us both.

He settled his head on my shoulder as he placed the palm of his hand over the swell of my stomach.

"Your heart is beating so fast," he said quietly.

"Well you did give me a little bit of a workout."

He chuckled as he snuggled up to my side more closely, rubbing his hand up and down my stomach in smoothing strokes.

Just as I felt myself falling into slumber, something jerked inside of me and I popped my eyes open.

Edward's head shot up also with wide eyes as the corner of his mouth began to quirk up.

"Did it just?"

I nodded, bringing my hand down to rest on top of his, moving it slightly lower to where I could feel faint movement.

We both laid there silently as we waited.

"Do you think it will do it again?" he asked, his voice slightly awed.

"I dunno."

He began to rub his hand firmly against me, and I could feel corresponding movement on the inside again. I felt a little bit of pressure and then it jerked again, into where our hands were rested.

I let out a startled laugh as Edward tapped on my stomach with his long fingers, eliciting the same bump.

"It kicked me," he said happily, as he leaned down to kiss me, his hand still planted firmly on my stomach.

"I know," I said as tears pricked at the corners of my eyes. Every time that we reached a new milestone in the pregnancy, I seemed to cry. Hormones were really a bitch sometimes.

I leaned back against the pillows and settled in as Edward lied down next to me on his side, his head propped up on one arm as his other hand rested on my stomach. I yawned loudly as felt myself getting sleepy.

"Sleep, Bella," Edward whispered leaning forward to kiss my cheek as my eyes fluttered closed.

As I drifted off, I could feel his hand moving over me tenderly and smiled at how happy we had become.


"Make sure you finish that before we get there," Edward instructed in his doctor's voice as he tilted his head towards the bottle of water in my hands.

In order for the sonogram to be performed easily, you had to have a full bladder.

Before we had left the house, I used the bathroom for the fourth time this morning and as soon as I walked out, Edward thrust two bottles of water into my hands and tugged me towards the car.

He was beyond excited and was making sure that I followed the instructions the doctor had given us to a T.

"I know," I groaned as I finished off the last drops of the first bottle and cracked open the lid on the second.

I thought about the last several months as I forced myself to gulp down the rest of the water, staring out the window as the city came into view.

The October session of "trying" didn't work, so when my period came, I bawled my eyes out while Edward went to the store and bought a digital ovulation monitor.

He was going to be proactive about the whole thing, and it made me angry and happy at the same time.

My first, very short lived, pregnancy was a complete accident, and I was so disappointed when it didn't happen again right away.

Edward assured me that it was normal, and some people took up to six months or even a year to get pregnant, which just made me cry harder.

November was a trial. I was taking basal body temperature readings, fertility saliva readings, and ovulation tests all at the same time. On the first day that I came up positive for ovulation, I called Edward and ordered him to meet me at home during my lunch break.

I jumped him the second he came in the garage door, and there is a very distinct possibility that our child may have been conceived on the kitchen island.

Edward made me call in sick for the afternoon and we spent the rest of the day in bed, making sure that I was properly "fertilized".

The next day was a Saturday, so we continued our activities into the afternoon, and then it was all out of our hands once I didn't get the two pink lines on the ovulation test anymore.

I threw myself into work for the next few weeks, spending all my free time with Alice and Rose, shopping for Christmas presents.

Thanksgiving came and went without much drama, and Jasper continued to heal as we all settled into our routines.

I ended up getting the promotion and now had my own featured column on a quarter of a page of the magazine, but I was still stuck in my tiny cubicle.

Christmas was quite the event with Tanya confronting James, and Nessie and Jacob getting engaged, but the most exciting news came a few days before all the drama.

When it came to taking the first pregnancy test, I was terrified, because I really wanted it to be positive. I sat nervously curled up on the floor of the bathroom staring at the plastic stick until I saw two faint lines come into view.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran out into the bedroom, and woke up Edward who thought I had been murdered at the noise.

As I was jumping up and down and squealing, tears running down my face, Edward groggily got up and grabbed the stick out of my hands, looking down at it in shock.

"Holy shit, I'm gonna be a daddy," he shouted as he scooped me up in his arms and twirled me around in a circle.

We "celebrated" the news with a little extra practice for next time, and then he forced me to take two more tests just to be sure.

Three days later, and much cajoling on Edward's part, we sat in the doctor's office after they had received my blood tests back.

Normally they waited until around ten weeks to see a woman the first time in her pregnancy, but with Edward's pull we confirmed my pregnancy at just over five weeks.

Three and a half months flew by with Christmas, New Years, Groundhog's Day, and now Easter was just around the corner.

My stomach seemed to have blown up over the last two weeks, and now we were finally going to get to start buying things for the new baby.

"You ready?" Edward asked as he opened up his car door.

He came around to help me out of the car and we walked through the skywalk to the main hospital hand in hand, buzzing with nervous energy.

As we walked up to the floor where the main obstetrics offices were, I was nervous that we weren't going to be able to find out today. I had heard of several people who didn't know until their third trimester because the baby decided to be shy.

"Eleven o'clock for Isabella Cullen," Edward told the receptionist before we settled into the cushy chairs in the waiting room until they called us back.

I was bouncing my legs nervously as I clasped both hands over my stomach, trying to calm down.

"Stop wiggling, Bella. You are making me nervous," Edward teased as he settled a hand on top of mine.

"Easier said than done."

After what seemed like an eternity, which was really ten minutes, they called my name and I took in a deep breath before we followed the nurse back into one of the sonogram rooms.

There was a computer set up on a cart with a large monitor beside it with several cords attached to it.

"Alright, are we ready to do this?" an enthusiastic young blonde man in a labcoat said as he plopped onto the rolling stool at the side of the exam table I was seated at.

I nodded warily as Edward reached forward and shook his hand, introducing himself. The ultrasound technician's name was Riley, and he was apparently also a medical student.

"Ok, Isabella, I am going to need you to lean back and pull your shirt up to expose your stomach, you might need to unbutton your pants, but I will give you a sheet to cover yourself. Why don't you get settled in while I get my computer set up."

He turned towards the computer, turning on the monitor and typing a few things in while Edward helped me get situated. It felt weird to be sitting with my stomach just sitting out there, but I was going to have to get used to this eventually.

"We settled in?" he asked as he swiveled around in his seat and faced us.

"Yep," I chirped as he put on some gloves and reached for a tube that was sitting beside him on the counter.

"As I am sure you know, this is going to be cold, but it will warm up as we go," he said as he opened up the bottle and squeezed a large amount of the gel over my stomach.

It tickled when he picked up the wand and began to move it around my belly, spreading out the gel, and I squirmed a little when I felt the baby move in response.

"Today we are doing a full anatomical survey of the baby, checking to make sure that there don't seem to be any spinal or cranial malformations. We will also be able to make sure the heart looks healthy, as well as the brain. If the baby cooperates, we might be able to determine the sex," Riley said as he rolled to the side so both Edward and I could see the monitor behind him.

At first, it was completely filled with static, but then as he pressed down towards my lower abdomen, a picture flickered into focus.

"Oh wow," I whispered as I got the first glimpse of my baby's face, its little nose and a tiny little fist balled up next to its head.

Riley clicked the mouse a few times and then the image panned out, and we could see the baby curled up with a little foot visible at the side of the screen.

I was completely mesmerized as he manipulated the wand on my stomach and began calling out body parts, and telling us about the spine and the heart movements. I could see a tiny little flicker in the center of its chest as its heart beat furiously. Every once in a while, he would type something in which would appear on the screen and then the image would freeze.

When it came time for him to try to identify the sex, he ran the wand down the side of my belly and the bottoms of its little feet came into view, after a few more precise movements, he had it zoomed in between its legs, and I gasped as I realized that it had to be a girl.

"Is that the three lines thing they tell you about?" I blurted out as Edward squeezed my hand.

"I see someone has done their homework," Riley chuckled as he tried to get the image more into focus.

Edward kissed me on the cheek as Riley began to talk again.

"That right there," he said drawing an arrow on the screen, "is the labia, so yes, you are having a little girl. Everything seems to be proportional and in the right place."

I giggled as the baby then proceeded to clamp its legs together, cutting off the view, and Edward said something about her keeping her legs shut until she was thirty.

"I think we are pretty much done here," Riley said as he put away the wand and handed me a dry hand towel as he wiped the gel off my belly with a moist one. "I will print out the pictures that I took and if you have the DVD we asked you to bring I can make you a copy of the video as well. All of these images will be sent to your doctor, but I don't think there was anything out of the norm you need to be worried about."

We thanked him as he got the pictures and video ready. Edward and I were both grinning like idiots as I got my clothing resituated, and he kissed my belly before I pulled my shirt back down.

"Thank you," Edward said softly into my hair as he helped me sit up. "She's perfect."

I fought back the urge to cry as I slid off the table.

We got all of our materials rounded up and walked out of the office and as we got to the car, we both pulled out our cell phones.

I called my mother first, who squealed in my ear, and then Charlie, who quietly congratulated us and seemed thrilled to be welcoming a new granddaughter into the world in a few months.

Edward talked to his parents as I called Rose and Em, who were excited that they got to be around a baby girl. Em said that he would help protect her honor later on in life and I laughed as Edward hung up the phone and I passed him mine.

He talked to Emmett for a few minutes as I nervously waited for my phone back, anticipating calling Alice, who had not so secretly been rooting for a girl.

"Well, who's next," Edward chuckled as he handed me back my phone, winking as he started the car and pulled it out of the parking space.

With shaking hands, I called Alice, and waited impatiently for her to answer her office phone.

"So?" she asked anxiously as she answered, not even bothering to say hello.

"Hello to you too, Ali," I giggled as she laughed on her end.

"Yeah yeah, hey Bells. What's the news?" she squealed, and I could just imagine her bouncing around in her chair.

"Well," I said somberly, taking an exaggerated breath. "I guess you will get your wish to buy cute little dresses, because it's a girl."

She screamed in my ear happily and began babbling a mile a minute.

"Oh, yay! Now we can go buy some cute little summer dresses, and tiny little sandals. We have to get her a cute little swimsuit and some fun little hats. Oh, and tiny little socks….."

I laughed as I listened to her ramble on and on about all the things she was going to buy for my daughter and took hold of Edward's hand as he drove us home.

In a few short months, our life was going to be thrown into complete chaos, but I had every bit of faith in the fact that we would make it through everything together.

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