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Olivia bent over the dead woman and fished her wallet of the ratty old purse lying next to the body. Petty Officer Jenna O'Henry.

"El, call NCIS. Our vic was a naval officer on leave from DC." Olivia called over her shoulder to her partner, who was standing behind her, observing.

"Yeah…I'll get right on that." Elliot mumbled. Olivia stood and raised her eyebrows at him.

"Is there a problem, Elliot?" Olivia smirked.

"No…well, yes…what's NCIS?"


Gibbs and Jenny descended the stairs together in sync and entered the team's desk area.

"We've got a dead Petty Officer." Gibbs stated as he grabbed files, keys, his badge, and his gun from his desk. Jenny had her purse and briefcase with her.

"Where are we going Boss?" Tony asked as he grabbed his gear.

"New York City. You all, the Director, Ducky, and Abby are all coming with."

"Yay!" Tony squealed as he dropped everything on his desk in an excited clatter. Ziva rolled her eyes as she grabbed her gear and headed towards the elevator with McGee.

"David, McGee! We leave at 8 o'clock tonight on the dot! Be late and lose your job." Gibbs called after them.

As the elevator doors closed they heard Jenny's voice, "Did you just threaten to fire my personnel, Agent Gibbs?"


"Did you contact NCIS?" Captain Cragen asked as he stood over Elliot and Olivia's desks.

"Yep, Special Agent's Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee are coming. As well as Officer David, Forensic Specialist Scuito, ME Mallard, and Director Sheppard." Elliot read off of a sticky note.

"The Director's coming?" Olivia asked, stunned.

"Well, I guess she wants to keep an eye on her agents." Cragen shrugged, "Make them feel comfortable, show them around the city, then aide them in the investigation."


Abby rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet as she stood in the middle of JFK airport, "New York! McGee! We're in New York City!"

"Yeah…" McGee answered absentmindedly as he looked through his carry-on.

"McGee! Listen to me!" Abby whined.

McGee's head shot up, "Sorry, I just thought I left my laptop at home."

"Well, did you?" Abby knelt on the ground by him and started digging through his bag with him.

"Looking for this McForgetful?" Tony grinned as he held up the leather laptop case.

"Tony! That wasn't very nice!" Abby punched his arm.

"Um, NCIS Special Agents? I'm from the NYPD, and I am going to take you to the precinct." A tall, African American man smiled at them.


Olivia paced nervously around the squad room. The agents from NCIS were coming today. She tucked a strand of silky caramel colored hair behind her ear and checked the clock once more.

"Don't wear a hole in the floor, Liv. They'll be here. The plane landed at 9:30. It's ten." Elliot gently reminded her.

"We've never dealt with this agency before! What if they're like the IAB, all control and power, and total ass holes?" Olivia challenged.

"I assure you, Detective, that we aren't all control and power. As for the ass hole part, we do employ Agent Gibbs, so I can't comfort you on that one." A female voice answered from the doorway.

Olivia and Elliot spun around and stared at the elegant redhead standing in front of them. She had ivory skin and sparkling emerald eyes. The woman was wearing a pair of black slacks and a plain white blouse.

"I'm Director Jenny Sheppard, NCIS." The woman smiled as she extended her hand. Olivia hurried over and shook it.

"I'm Detective Olivia Benson, and that's my partner Detective Elliot Stabler." Olivia smiled at the group that had formed behind Director Sheppard.

"This is Special Agent Gibbs." The Director pointed to a tall, gruff looking man with gray hair and bright blue eyes, who just nodded at them. "Then we have Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo."

An attractive man with brown hair and mischievous green eyes stepped forward and smiled, shaking Olivia's hand, "Call me Tony."

A dark haired woman slapped Tony's head and glared at him, "That is Officer Ziva David." Jenny smiled at the younger woman's actions.

Ziva stepped forward and extended her hand to both the detectives. Jenny was about to introduce McGee, when Abby raised her hand and started jumping up and down.

"Abby?" Jenny asked.

"Me next!"

"That is Forensic Specialist Abigail Scuito." Jenny stepped back a bit, as did the rest of the group. Elliot and Olivia shared confused glances before a black blur attacked Olivia.

"HI! Call me Abby, because that's what everyone calls me! You're Olivia and Elliot right? I just love love love New York! It's such a big city, you know, because Washington isn't nearly as big as this city and-"

"Abs!" the man called Gibbs warned the woman, who was dressed in all black.

"Sorry, el jefe." The woman took a big step back, but kept on smiling.

"Then we have Agent Timothy McGee." Jenny continued the introductions.

"Hi, pleasure to meet you." A nerdy looking brunette stepped out of the group.

Olivia smiled warmly at him, Elliot just shook his hand.

"And last but not least, we have Dr. Donald Mallard." An older gentleman with a Scottish accent shook Elliot's hand and bent down and kissed Olivia's hand. Olivia blushed furiously.

"Our Captain's around here somewhere…" Olivia looked in the direction of his office, "I'm pretty sure he's in there, if you need him, Director Sheppard."

"Please, call me Jenny." Jenny smiled as she headed off towards the Captain's office.

"The rest of the squad is home already, but we will meet them tomorrow, when we get started on the case." Olivia nervously clapped her hands together. The man, Elliot, stood protectively next to her. Gibbs took note of this, and made sure to mention it to Jenny later.

"Um, Gibbs? Where exactly are we planning on staying?" the foreign woman, Ziva, asked.

"Jenny has all the plans. Ask her." The man answered before walking over to the coffee machine and pouring himself a mug.

"That isn't the best coffee in the world!" Olivia warned.

"I've had worse." Gibbs answered before taking a swig.

Five minutes of uncomfortable silence later, Jenny and Cragen emerged from his office, "Olivia, Elliot, the agents have nowhere to stay, it seems the travel bookers at NCIS forgot that detail."

"The women can stay at my place?" Olivia suggested.

"That would lovely, Detective Benson." Jenny smiled warmly at the woman. Elliot noticed that as soon as she had appeared, Gibbs had instantly been behind her, guarding her.

"Elliot?" Cragen urged.

"I guess the guys can stay at my place." Elliot mumbled under his breath.

"Yay! A sleepover in New York!" Abby cheered, breaking the silence.

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