Cold Medicine and Sweet Nothings


Mom told you not to bother him.


You're just here to make sure he's okay.


In case he needs water or barfs… or something.


Oh, shit. Don't say that…


Just ignore him.


You're just supposed to let him sleep.


He's getting pretty desperate…


That cold medicine must finally be kicking in.


Shouldn't've let him be out so long in that rain yesterday…


You're not supposed to bother him.


He needs his sleep…


He'll stop sooner or later.


See? Now, he'll probably pout a bit, then finally go to sleep.


"W-What is it Kaoru!?" The boy's cheeks burned a bright red, hearing his younger brother sound so… desperate. And not just for his attention.

The younger twin pulled the blankets a little tighter around himself, and smiled warmly up at his brother; his face a light shade of pink, due to the cold. Reaching out from the bed, the boy lightly placed a hand on Hikaru's, taking notice that the other felt much colder than him. His soft smile grew a little more.

"I love you."

Yeah. That medicine is definitely getting to him…

"Go back to sleep, Kaoru."

A soft, sleepy laugh echoed through the almost silent room, and the younger of the two did as he was told. Only moments passed, and Hikaru finally stood up and leaned over the bed, placing a quick, yet soft kiss on his brother's hot forehead. Kneeling down next to the bed, Hikaru laid his crossed arms near the edge and rested his head on top. His hand found its way to his brother's head, running his fingers trough the slightly damp hair. A faint, loving smile grew on his lips when Kaoru hummed softly in approval.

"Love ya, too…"


Now what?

"When are you going to give me that cold medicine?"