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Could a computer be designed in such a way go beyond its programming to gain awareness? Aware of emotions and other abilities only organic begins could experience? Was it possible under extreme and unreal circumstances? What type of action was there for someone or something, itching, writhing, to feel the electric touch of life? Nicole, once compact, now had her own free movement within the city of New Mobotroplis; she was, in fact, that AI.

She gave the impression she had a personality because her excellent programming; or so she told them. They did not know as much as they thought they knew about her. However, her friends considered her to have her own persona. Nicole was everywhere inside New Mobotropolis; always. She even created a holographic image of herself in recent times. With the power of New Mobotropolis she now could preserve her form, for as long as she wanted. Though, today she remained mostly formless, not needing to show herself; watching the lives of people through the many cameras of the city. She was looking through a particular security camera in the break room right now; knowing one of her friends was about to enter.

Nicole was...trying to identify a conundrum...that had happened in her past. Right as Sally entered the room and grabbed a cup of water and began drinking from it. Sally spoke aloud to Nicole knowing she would hear her; that after walking in the sun all day she felt like her body was on fire. Nicole watched the slight contractions her body made as she drank the liquid.

With a large "Ahhhh" her body would loosen and Nicole stared at her wondering if she could ever experience it again.

Nicole materialized on the other side of the room. Sally glanced over at Nicole without saying a word and getting more water to drink and taking a seat at a table to drink this time. Nicole remained quiet while Sally was drinking her water, knowing she would speak when she finished. Nicole looked at a counter she stood next to. She put her hand to it and squeezed it; hard. She registered it and the software that concentrated the energy around her hologram, so she could touch physical objects told her she connected with the object; nevertheless, she felt nothing. Nicole thought and that was all she could do now...

Before she could begin describing it, she lifted her hand from the counter staring blankly at her hand. She hadn't been able to classify it since it happened…it was like an illusion. Nicole ran a search on the Internet as Sally lounged in this break room sipping her drink. She looked for explanations about the chemical reactions that caused emotions; of course she didn't have any being a machine and all.

Though she did the brief time she switched bodies with Sally, but being back in her current form all she could do was think, she could not understand it anymore. Though she had experienced an emotion, for the first time as well, she could only remember the experience. She could not remember how if felt...only the thought of it...

It was like a like a magic trick; it was mind-boggling. She knew memory of what happened, but couldn't feel it. The past few months of her work around the city had been tougher with her own mental distractions going on.


When Sonic was in her presence, after her body switch with Sally, she could not focus on her task. What shocked her most was that she did not mind. In all the years of her existence, she had never put any priority above her main task and as time went on it became worse. She had saw him in Sally's body...

It'd gone on for some time now, and her unsettled thoughts had led her to this point where she had been making plans. Following that day in the Knothole...

Despite this, he affected her so much that when he came around she allowed lenience on her endless task of running the city. She had come to want a body in recent times...

It was all that ran through her cpu every day for the last few years. She stopped processing as Sonic walked into the room. He walked past Sally exchanging a brief greeting with her and walked over to the pop machine. Deposited money into the machine and looked at Nicole staring at him.

"Hey Nicole." he said guzzling his drink.

Nicole spoke in the tone she always spoke, a neutral tone "Hello Sonic, how are you?"

Ever since the body switch with Sally she wanted to recall the things she felt but as hard as she tired she could not "I'm cool, I..." Sonic glanced at the clock on the wall "I'm late!" he yelled.

His quickly drank his pop and dashed off taking a glance at Sally as he left the room. His facial muscles formed a frown as he looked at Sally. They had just recently broken up. She thought of Sonic daily...

Something in her changed after her temporary body switch with Sally...she had her own...thoughts...now...

Soon though Sally finally spoke rambling about Sonic. Nicole walked over and took a seat with her at the table. Sally knew Nicole couldn't understand what she was feeling, but she didn't care, and it was true. Nicole did not understand anything Sally said when she talked about 'How she felt'. She talked about Sonic for a while and dismissed herself; she was late now. After she left Nicole looked at the glass Sally had drunk out of. She picked up the cup and squeezed it. The glass broke, but she felt nothing; the curious look on her face did not fade though.

A blank look at her unscathed hand as she moved each finger showed that the hologram emulation software that projected her, told her that region sixty six of her hologram was moving. She wanted to feel emotions like organic's again. Just once more…

Hoping, that if it was possible she could make it permanent. As these last few years her thoughts were getting the better of her.

Every passing day she became more preoccupied with wanting a body. So much so she began to think of ways to make a body, to create a organic psychical form. Which luckily, she had endless information and resources at her disposal. There still was confusion one subject; an organic's soul. Sally and she had already discussed the subject so many times before she did not want to bother her with it anymore. Rotor was the second candidate; he remained mostly unbiased to most people. Nicole uninterested in the broken glass anymore dematerialized out of the room and went back to her work of running the city.

The next day Nicole decided she would talk to Rotor after she finished checking the daily diagnostics on New Mobotropolis. Since she had no need to sleep her day began when the residents of the castle awoke. She looked through cameras in the castle watching them awake in the early hours, when they were up and about Nicole appeared into the main control room. Two hours later after the city's the daily diagnostics she contacted Rotor and agreed to meet him at his house.

Rotor lounged around his house for a while cooking lunch and reading the paper then his phone rang; Rotor got off his couch and walked over to it and answered it "Hello?"

"It's Nicole. Is the time feasible for my presence in your house?" asked Nicole.

"Yea, come on over." said Rotor.

In a second she materialized is his house and immediately asked her questions "Rotor, when a person's body forms does the soul enter while being created?" asked Nicole.

A strange question, but Nicole must've had a logical reason for wanting to know "Well, it has been proven a soul enters a baby's body when the body is complete. But you can't tell when its complete. That's impossible." said Rotor.

"Do the principles remain when applied with clones?" asked Nicole calm as ever.

Indeed strange, ignoring the subtext he trusted her "I think its the same idea as it is for a baby." Rotor rubbed one of his tusks.

"Your input is appreciated Rotor, now if you'll excuse me I must attend to my work." Nicole said looking satisfied; she dematerialized from his living room as fast as she came.

Leaving a puzzled Rotor, he thought he should report Nicole's strange behavior to Sally. But since today was his off day he did not follow through with it. Instead he sat down on his couch and picked up his laptop and enjoyed the rest of his day.

A few hours later Nicole rematerialized in a secret dungeon in Castle Acorn. A room filled with a computer, beakers, and a large tank of a greenish liquid with a single piece of brown tissue floating inside it. She thought of being alive again; it was a plan of hers that had been in the works for sometime now. The experience of physical sensation had blown her mind the brief time she had switched bodies with Sally. Every little touch in Sally's body, the smallest breeze of air that moved across Sally's body engrained itself into Nicole's memory. The recorded memory of it placed into a special folder; no one knew of.

Nicole could not forget the memory while in Sally's body; though she could not currently feel or remember how it felt. It drove her crazy and she had already made up her mind that she wanted to achieve physical sensation again. And now that the city had the capacities she'd been waiting for she was going full forward with her plans. As she tapped the keys on the computers keyboard in this room she had a blank face on her holographic form. She registered region sixty six and sixty seven were touching objects as she typed. She wanted to feel again...

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