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The World Museum: Year 7,598

A museum employee was giving a tour to a group of visitors, today was just another busy day for the World Museum and the tour guides. This particular male weasel was having a hard time guiding his group because there were so many people present today.

"This way people!" he said stopping in front of an enclosed glass case.

The group consisted of about ten people, out of the ten a red female fox and her son stood closest to the exhibit. The tour guide cleared his throat; stuffing his clipboard under his arm with a dry look "This is one of the World Museum's most valuable artifacts and is currently in the process of being restored. The original chassis of the AL N.I.C.O.L.E."

A few of the group members snapped pictures of it as the tour guide began explaining its origin "As some of you might know, N.I.C.O.L.E. was the AI responsible for turning the tides of the Great War against the evil Dr. Eggman. But that's not all, even though we have her chassis it is believed she was damaged at some point in time. But before she was, she advocated strongly against the use of specific types of technology. She made a list of them and till this day they have been the strictest laws we enforce."

"Why is that?" a male panda asked.

The guide adjusted his glasses "Well this fact is not as well known by many but all of the technologies she listed were closely investigated once they were implemented. In doing so we have avoided over two hundred catastrophes due to N.I.C.O.L.E's advocating. The biggest one being time travel; it was number one on her list. Recent looks into time travel have been deemed too dangerous and any time travel technology is illegal. It seems N.I.C.O.L.E. was correct again. Who knows where we would be if we had gone through with these dangerous technological marvels." the tour guide said pulling out his clip board again.

"Oh, we are behind schedule. If you all will follow me we will make our last few stops and you can stop by the gift shop." he said walking away.

The group began following and the mother fox pulled her son along as he stared at the brown chassis of N.I.C.O.L.E. "We'll come back and see it again someday Bernard." his mother said as they moved further away. The boy remained quiet as N.I.C.O.L.E. disappeared from his sight, feeling a strange sense of déjà vu…

Authors Notes: Well, I cant believe I wrote a 200,000 word story on an obscure Sonic character that 90% of the population doesn't know or care about. Or just Sonic in general. Sometimes I feel silly writing fanfiction because it will go unnoticed and lets be honest. It is no way important and that's why sometimes I feel as if I am wasting my time. It's just a hobby and when I say that I feel I am wasting my time. I feel this way because its not important but I put a lot of effort into it and IT will be unimportant in the grand scheme of things. So I've done some work for nothing. And let me add this too also because I hadn't really discussed much of the things in the story; I dont think people really care though.

The title of the story is very significant to the story. The reason the story is titled Scratching the Box is because its about how Nicole went crazy because she couldn't feel and she she wanted to feel again. About how a machine fell in love and how after losing its ability to feel, wanted to feel again. It basically sums up the entire story. Its about a machine (Nicole) that went crazy because it couldn't feel. Its the major theme of the story (Scratching the Box); you know like she was trapped in place; restricted on some way or another. She felt trapped after returning to her mechanical body after briefly being able to feel in Sally's body. And she scratched at the metaphorical walls of where she resided wanting to be free and feel again. Which was inside a computer because she was a computer and thats where she lived; it was her body and she could only think. Machines cant feel; they lack the chemical reactions that induce the illusion; neither could Nicole. So her vessel like a organic vessel; our bodies; are likes boxes. So she was 'scratching the box' Get it? And it isn't until around the middle of the story where my readers learn why she went crazy; the readers actually join Nicole at the beginning of the story in the final stages of her plan; the rest of the story explains what she was doing before. I went into great detail, everything in the story is about Nicole and based on the brief side story in a Archie Sonic comic where Nicole briefly switched bodies with Sally. If you have any questions I will be happy to answers them.

I am glad that I have finished my idea to the fullest extent, I'm glad I have pushed myself to the very end. So if nothing else it's a good personal accomplishment. And I know its all about how you look at it, I've looked at it as many ways I can. Now that this is complete, it will sit on this fanfiction website and maybe get a review every 4 years lol. But on a positive note I hope those of you who do like the characters, have enjoyed this. You are my niche anyways so this is for you and me. If you've read the whole story don't hesitate to leave a critique/ review. Thank You all who have read this. I'll see you around! Later.