Author's note - This might be a really short chapter. But, hang in there. It's the first to my story.
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"Wake up, wake up!" A voice yells from outside the door.

You sit up yawning and sighing at the usual wakeup call from your mother. You have an overly large room with a closet to your right, three drawers brimming with clothes on your left, a vintage chest and vanity stand towards the door of your room. You sit up against the pillows. You hear a yell outside the door and hasten to get out of bed, but the door flies open before you were able to get up.

"Mum says to get out of bed and get ready." your brother, Andrew, said lazily.

"All right, all right. I'm up." You respond. Then thinking, 'What am I up for?'

You head toward the door of your very own bathroom and close the door behind you. You're in the middle of brushing your teeth when someone knocks on the door.

"You have no time for a shower, young lady!" Your mum says loudly, enough to shake the whole door down.

"I know, that's why I took one last night!" You yell as loudly back at her. "Though no one still tells me why we're up so early!" You finish cleaning up and reach up to your hair and release the braids you put in yesterday. Your shiny, brown hair falls just past your shoulders, curling slightly from the braids. You run a comb through it to make sure there are no tangles and open the door.


"Andrew!" you scream at the top of your lungs. Something had landed on the floor right by your feet. Looking down, you see splatters of brown and green mixed together.

"Andrew!" you screamed, yet again.

"You yelled?" Andrew said, coming up behind you with a satisfactory grin.

"Did you do this?"

"No. It was dad." He replied sarcastically.

"Clean it up! It's so disgusting! And it SMELLS!"
"You would know, wouldn't you? You wake up to this smell everyday anyway." Andrew muttered. obviously not thinking you could still hear him. Even though he was a year older, you still commanded a little respect because you were the little sister, which made you unbelievably happy.

"Have you heard where we're going yet?" You asked Andrew.

"All I know is that it's supposed to be this grand party that starts at 11 and is only for purebloods." He answered and walked away.

You look down at your watch and see that it's 10:25. You hurry to your room and get dressed. You decide on a pair of jeans, embroidered at the back pockets & a white formal blouse. You add a little bit of muggle fragrance called, daisy by marc jacobs. You stand around, debating whether or not to bring a purse and in the end, you decide against it. You glance once more at your watch and find out that you had spent 20 minutes on picking out clothes. You run toward the bathroom to put on a little makeup.

"Are you ready or not?" your father shouted from downstairs.

"Yeah!" you shout back down, exasperatedly.

You and your brother emerge from your rooms at the exact same time. You push and
shove to get through to the stairs first.

"We will be traveling by Floo Powder. There shall be no complaints." Added your father, when he saw Andrew open his mouth and close it again.

"All right. I shall go first then, shall I?" Your mother said.
She grasped a handful of green, gold powder from the mantle and threw it into the fire, that was casually burning a bright green now. Next, she stepped in and shouted.

"Malfoy Manor!"

'Well, I guess that's where we're going.' You had no idea whose house it was or where it was located. You were next, repeating what your mother had done and felt yourself flying past many fireplaces. Finally, landing at the correct one.

Someone's hand had appeared right in front of you and you gracefully took it, seeing as you were about to collapse because of lack of balance.
"Bonjour, madamoiselle." A clear, deep voice said. You looked up and spotted (first) platinum blonde hair. Making your way down to icy, blue eyes and coming to rest on a face with fine features.

"Hello." You reply. 'Not at all bad looking.' You thought.
You stepped out of the fireplace and reluctantly took your eyes off the boy and chanced a glance around at the decorations.

"Wow." Everything was decorated to the fullest. It was a large house with fine furnishings. Obviously a house of a wealthy pureblood family. You turned back to the boy and noticed him watching you. But he turned away when you looked back.

'Shy, are we?' you smiled, thinking.

Taking a couple of steps forward, someone came running out of nowhere and collided into you, sending you falling to the floor.

'Good thing I didn't wear heels or a dress.' you thought to yourself, while landing on your butt. You hear a grunt beside you and look over to find a fairly good looking boy with short, black, spiked hair and light brown eyes. He had opened his mouth to say something, but when he looked up, closed his mouth once more.

"Well, I guess. Don't mind me. What were you about to say?" you asked him when he shut his mouth.

"Nothing." He muttered. Then, "I'm sorry for knocking you over like that." He stood up and brushed himself off before lending you a hand.

"Thanks." You say and take his hand as support to get up.

"Name's Zabini, Blaise Zabini." He said, looking at you when you were standing up properly.

"Ileana Lasko."

'Seems like a pretty decent guy.' you think.

"Ileana dear. You had quite a ghastly fall. You should watch it young man." Your mother appeared, saying.

"He's already apologized mother. No need to call him names." You mutter.

"Yeah, Blaise. We don't want any klumsy accidents already." Someone voiced, coming up behind you.

It was the boy with platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes that had greeted you when you had first stepped into the manor.