"Correct me if I'm wrong but are you telling me that from now on we will be followed and observed every moment, that starting tomorrow morning we will have guards hand picked by my sister?"

"You would be correct on all those assumption," sighing Lelouch slumped down into the chair, watching him Mikoto took a sip of her tea before placing it on the table, "thankfully I foresaw something like this and have made sure everything was taken care of." Nodding his head Lelouch straightened him self and glanced out the window.

"Very well, have you been able to get a hold of our contacts in Australia?"

"Yes I have and they have agreed to help with the project, the only thing they request is to remain in their homeland as they work on it being that the other countries are still currently at war with each other and within."

"That is agreeable. Inform Sayoko that she is to up her watch on Nunnally more now than ever, if it comes down to it if something happens she is to take her out of this country to the designated place." Nodding her head Mikoto finished off her tea and placed her empty cup on the saucer, "also, have you found out anything about the subject that I requested."

"Your assumptions on the matter were correct," Mikoto responded watching Lelouch's reaction, gazing over at Mikoto Lelouch smirked and motioned for her to continue, "the security is tight but I was able to get in, though barely, through my search I found the thing of interest alive and quit frozen. The system they are using is extremely elaborate and I am guessing they have some of the greatest minds in their possession, I was also able to gain access to something very interesting if I do say so myself. It has something to do with the Geass." Pausing Lelouch looked at Mikoto in surprise, before taking a sip of his tea.

"Does this threaten any of our plans?"

"No, it does not, in fact this will help our plans even more." Smirking in response Lelouch stood up and finished off his tea placing the cup down and walking towards the balcony.

"Have Sanction move the materials to Australia as soon as they have finished their mission in China, move the Renegades to another location and have one of them contact the Resistance over in Area 11 and offer them some of our support," pausing Lelouch turned to look at Mikoto, "I also want you to get a hold of your contact and request for two doubles, one of you and one of me, if we are going to get things moving some more I can not remain here." Nodding her head in agreement Mikoto stood and brushed her dress, grumbling slightly about Britannia culture, earning a small smile from Lelouch.

"I shall have it done before the end of the day, I'll see you later Lulu," Mikoto replied grinning at the scowl on Lelouch's face from Milly's and her favorite name for him. Exiting the room Mikoto sighed softly before heading towards the gardens, things had gotten quite complicated in such a short while. It did not help that they were now in Britannia and would be under constant surveillance, but then again with Lelouch's quick thinking having doubles would help with that problem. Growling in frustration Mikoto rubbed her forehead before pushing off from the wall and walking back to her rooms, the presence of someone following her making her pause in her step. Turning Mikoto smiled softly and squatted down, "If you are going to follow me you must learn to silence your footsteps and breathing." Mikoto chimed softly, a smile crossing her face as her follower peeked out from behind the column.

"I'm sowwy," A little voice remarked, smiling softly Mikoto cupped a hand to her cheek.

"There's no need to apologize, now why don't you come in the light so I can get a good look at you." Hearing a shuffle, Mikoto's eyes softened at the figure before her, "what's your name sweetheart?"

"My name is Alexander Dagonet," Alexander stated proudly puffing his chest out smiling Mikoto took the time to look at the boy, and nodded to him.

"And what a strong and powerful name it is young sir, now might I inquire as to what you are doing exactly?"

"Momma said that I was allowed to stay on the west side of the building and only the west side, so I am, she said nothing about their being other people on the west side who are not helpers." Mentally smirking at the boy's sharp and intelligent observation Mikoto giggled softly, earning a look of awe and dazzle from Alexander.

"No, my companion and I are not helpers we are guests of the royal family for the time being and they have placed us here until other accommodations are made for us." Nodding his head in understand Alexander opened his mouth only to close it and stare at the floor tugging the bottom of his shirt, seeing the behavior Mikoto smirked. "What is wrong Alexander?"

"You're not like the other guests, you're nice and smell good, and you're really pretty." Alexander replied softly, reaching over Mikoto smoothed a strand of hair down before cupping his chin and forcing his chin up gently.

"No, I'm not like the other guests, those are people who are proud and hollow things who have forgotten that they are mere mortals in this world, but believe themselves otherwise. Promise me Alexander that you will never try to speak to any of them, please promise me." Mikoto begged softly, looking at her Alexander nodded his head in understanding smiling Mikoto kissed his forehead softly and stood up, "thank you Alexander, now why don't you hurry back to where your mother is, I am sure she is worried about you by now." Nodding Alexander turned and ran off, watching him leave the smile slowly vanished from her face as Mikoto turned and headed back to her room, her mind racing through the short time with Alexander and opening a whole new situation.