Hey all. So, I never thought I'd be writing a sequel to Beauty from Pain, but here we are thanks to Ebony :). This also officially means, I'm writing a trilogy which for some reason is exciting to me, as I never thought I'd write a sequel to anything. Anyway, this story wont be too long, maybe five chapters. This picks up a few weeks after BFP ended. Thanks to Corey for reading this over for me and to EBony, because well, she's the reasont his is being written! Hope y'all enjoy!

She tiptoes into the room, dim light coming through the one bent blind on the shades. The rest of the hotel room is messy; their clothes are thrown about everywhere, as well as all the equipment Coach decided to store in their room. She glances down at her watch before realizing she can't even see the numbers. The clock glows green on the bedside table next to her slumbering boy. 1:13.


She lets out a silent sigh and takes off her watch, tossing it in one of their open suitcases. Next, she takes off her shirt and then her pants, adding to the piles of clean and dirty clothes. She reaches behind her back, unhooking her bra and letting it fall to her feet. She gropes around in the dark, finding an oversized T-shirt, not sure whether it's her own or someone else's. Either way she puts it on and slowly climbs in bed, trying not too make too much movement so that she won't wake the boy next to her.

She relaxes when she lays flat on her back and she blinks a few times before shutting her eyes. She rolls on to her side and curls underneath the sheet. It's hot and humid outside but the AC is on full blast, making her sweaty skin freeze. She rolls on to her side, hand sliding on to her lover's back, palm flat against his skin. She's finally about to feel content and fall asleep when he rolls away from her. He lets out a disgruntled huff before sitting up, running a tired calloused hand through his uncombed hair. "Late night again huh?"

She covers her eyes with her hands before propping her head up. "What is wrong with you?" He get out of bed, shaking his head at her. She blinks a few times, eyes adjusting to the cold darkness. She watches as he oversteps all of the junk strewn across the room, narrowly missing a weight as he walks out the door, slamming it shut behind him. She closes her eyes, jumping slightly at the loud noise echoing in the room. He's probably woken up everyone else in the suite and she falls on to her back hopelessly.

This is too much work. When they had gotten together a few weeks back, it seemed like everything was going to be alright. They had worked out all their issues hadn't they? She sighs and shoves all thoughts out of her head. She just needs to sleep…

She wakes up a couple hours late when she hears him quietly shut the door behind him. She yawns and turns away from the window, looking up at him. She doesn't say a word just stares at him with sleepy eyes and a blank face. "I'm sorry," he mumbles, laying down next to her, resting his head on her chest. She wraps her arms around him, nails softly dragging up and down his bare back.

"You shouldn't be sorry," she responds because they're still all jumbled. The immediate pain and anger is gone, but they aren't okay. He just keeps bringing up what happened, their baby, their broken months and she hates it. She knows it happened, she can acknowledge it, feel more okay with what happened, but it still hurts. And Lucas constantly bringing it up is just way too much. So, she puts space between them, too much according to everyone around her, but she can finally breathe when she does. She goes out at night with the girls and just forgets everything and just lives without the memories of what's happened. Even if it only lasts a song, she can just be at ease for a moment.

She knows what it's doing to them though. It's why he gets mad at her, why he yells only to come back out of guilt because he thinks she's still super sensitive about everything. But she's not… or is she? She's not sure of anything anymore.

"What are we going to do?" he whispers into her breast, squeezing his blue eyes shut, wrapping his arms around her small body. Five weeks and three days. That's how long it's been since they broke down in her apartment. Five weeks. He loves her and he hates her for it. Because she drives him crazy when she goes out at all hours being the teenager she still is. He's not used to seeing her like that. He thought she was done with that, but obviously not. It doesn't feel like before… it doesn't feel like it should.

"So, last night got eventful," Haley says casually as Brooke sits down next to her in the bleachers. It's freezing in the auditorium in an effort to block out the unruly heat outside. It's the final day they have to be there, stuck in this small little city for some god awful sport they have to sit and watch. It's not even like she's cheerleading for it. She can't really… it's supposed to be dead quiet when a lifter is going. So instead, she and Haley, and a handful of other fans that came down with the team sit in the bleachers all day. From 7 to 7, just watching people pick up a stupid bar and drop it on the ground with such horrid earsplitting thuds.

The only part that makes it semi worth it is seeing Big Ben in his spandex. Sigh.

"What do you mean?" Brooke asks, taking a few kernels of buttery popcorn out of Haley's bucket. The blonde girl raises an eyebrow and Brooke slumps back into her seat, putting her feet on the seat in front of her. "Did he leave the suite?"

Haley nods, both to Brooke's question and to the platforms in front of them. Lucas is lifting next in a god awful neon red spandex suit. She looks over at Brooke who's eyes naturally get a little wide when she sees a lifter. "He and Nathan went out. Just down to the lobby though."

"It's a shame they don't have spandex in nicer colors," Brooke mumbles to herself before redirecting her attention back to Haley. "Did he say anything to you?" She brings a hand up to her mouth, starting to chew on her thumbnail. It's a horrid habit she really should quit. She glances down at the rest of her nails, noticing their jagged edges despite their length. She needs a manicure.

"Stop it," Haley tells her, pushing her hand away from her mouth. The brunette frowns and Haley rolls her eyes. "You two need to talk. Stop relying on Nathan and I to do your dirty work."

Brooke rolls her eyes. "Whatever." She's getting mad, that's why she physically turned her body away from her. Haley lets out a huge sigh and throws popcorn at her friend.

"Don't 'whatever' me. You two need to talk. Last night was the sixth time you two blew up at each other. We've been here two and a half days Brooke. That seems like a few too many times to fight over something that you don't think needs to be addressed." She sounds like a scolding mother. Ugh.

"Haley, I don't want to deal with it now. I know we need to talk about it, but I don't want to," Brooke responds quietly, not just because people are lifting, but because she doesn't want Haley to repeat that she needs to talk to her boyfriend. But Haley doesn't say anything. Just gives her that sad, disappointed look before returning her attention to the lifters. "Don't do that…"

"Do what?" Haley responds innocently, keeping her eyes on Ben as he snatches the weight. She pops a kernel into her mouth and Brooke lets out a breath. Stupid guilt…

Their hands are laced together and resting on her lap. She has the window seat and has been staring out the whole ride home. Lucas has his ipod in, while Nate and Hales are a couple rows ahead of them. She's watched as the buildings disappeared, trees and fields taking place of the houses. At one point a few miles back, she saw a cloud shaped like an alligator sleeping. It followed them for a long time and she almost woke Lucas up to see it. But she didn't want to bother them nor take her eyes off of the sky. As long as she stared at it, it would be there.

Eventually though, she took her attention off it, just for one second to get out her camera. She wanted to prove to people it was there because chances were she was going to be the only one to see it. When she looked back though, it had separated, clouds going every which way…

"Luke," she whispers, yanking on his hand slightly in an effort to wake him up. He moves in his seat, changing positions so that now he's not even facing her. His sweatshirt is wrinkled and his bag has opened up on the floor beneath them. She sighs and pulls an ear bud out of his ear. "Luke." He doesn't respond at all this time. She sighs and lets go of his hand, bending down to pick up the contents of his bag.

"What are you looking for?" He asks, blinking a few times as he watches her pick up his bag and notebook. She looks back at him, hair surrounding her face. She lets a small smile play on her face only it's not the smile he'd like to see. It doesn't reach her eyes.

"Your bag fell open." He nods and she shoves everything back into his tattered bag. "I'll fix your zipper when we get back to Tree Hill." She sits back into her seat, her hand finding his once again, as she looks back out the window. They're getting closer to town, a lot of the trees are gone now. She frowns.

"What's wrong?" She turns back at him, a look of question on her face. He reaches up with is free hand to touch her lips, following them as the ends turn down. She pulls her bottom lip between her teeth before dropping it, tasting her cherry lip gloss before she shrugs.

"There aren't a lot of trees around here…" Now he looks at her confused.

"I didn't know you were so in to nature Brooke." She shakes her head.

"I'm not… it's just kind sad." She glances back to the passing foliage and sighs. She can see Lucas staring at her in the reflection and she puts on a smile. "I'm fine babe." She turns around and gives him a lingering peck on the lips. "Go back to sleep." She squeezes his hand and lays her head back.

He watches her for a few more moments before his eyes get heavy.

When he wakes up, half the bus is already unloaded. He looks around, blinking hard and rubbing his eyes. Brooke's not next to him. He yawns and sits up, eyes scanning the bus before he feels a hand on his shoulder. "Come on Lucas, I already got our stuff." He nods and stands up, following behind his girlfriend. He puts his hands on his shoulders only to feel her tense slightly under his touch. She's going to do it. To be honest, he's surprised he hasn't already. Haley must have talked to her…

They step off the bus and he sees Nathan and Haley get into their car, Haley giving them a worried look. He feels bad for her; always encouraging the both of them to talk to each other. Yet they both just ignore her words… Brooke looks up at him. "Are you all right?" He looks down at her and nods wearily. She picks up her bags and he shakes his head. He takes her bags from her, grabbing his own with his other hand. She opens up his trunk and he throws them in. They aren't going to speak, he can feel it. Not about what they should anyway.

They talk during the ride to her apartment. Not a lot, and not about anything that is important. It's random topics, like about what's happening on Lost or what their homework was for Anatomy. The whole time though, they won't let go of each other's hands. It's like a security blanket; her soft touch and his strong grip. When they pull up, he unloads her two bags and she shoves her hands into her jean shorts. "So…" he trails off, noticing how her hair has a slight tint of red in it. The summer does her hair wonders…

"Goodbye Luke." She says it like it doesn't mean forever, but he know it does. He nods and tells her loves her before she wraps her arms around his neck, pressing her whole body against him. His lips get coated in fresh cherry lip gloss, her shirt rising up when he lifts her off the ground. He's gonna miss her…

He sets her down and she pulls away, but not before he leaves one last kiss on her lips. "See ya around Brooke…"