Hello, I'm CLOUDxTIFAforever, and welcome to Final Fantasy VII: The Aftermath Revisited.

Summery:It's everything you love about the original"Aftermath"...just completely rewritten and edited. The biggest difference between this story and it's predecessor is the COMPLETE lack of script, it has also been changed from 3rd person view to 1st person.

Author's Note:This story will be told mostly from Cloud's POV, it may also contain some chapters told from Tifa's.

Disclaimer:I have been writing for these characters for almost a year and I have to say it's been an enjoyable experience. But I do not own them in any way, shape or form, just my plot scheme.

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Chapter 1: Beginnings

Peace…absolute inner peace. Peace of my mind, my body…my soul. This feeling is new to me…almost alien. But this new sensation, this new amazing feeling of cleanliness and clarity…I just can't seem to enjoy it, to revel in the relief of the pressing darkness that usually consumes me.

I'm sitting in a corner of the 7th Heaven bar, alone. My fellow members of Avalanche are celebrating at the long counter that runs almost the full length of the far wall, their voices are dull roars as tell jokes and reminisce about past events…maybe even the events that happened only mere hours ago.

Less than 4 hours have past since I defeated Sephiroth…again. I can't seem to get my mind off of one question…how does he keep coming back? Maybe he's something that can never be truly destroyed; a cancer upon the planet, slowly eating away whatever good is left in left here in this dismal place. Or maybe…maybe it's the darkness in my own soul, in my heart, my guilt over the lives I've taken…destroyed. Could that be enough to keep bringing on his plague from whatever circle of hell he may rest in? I wish I knew…I wish I could find my light, something to keep the darkness at bay…to take away the guilt, the sadness…but as I think about it more, maybe I have found my light…maybe it's been here all along.

Tifa Lockhart, my childhood friend, the one constant in my life, my ray of hope…and the women I love…

She's serving drinks and having a few laughs with our friends, but she seems distracted, throwing a concerned glance my way every few minutes. And I'm so deep in thought that I hardly notice when she walks over and stands next to me.

"What's wrong Cloud, what are you thinking about?"

"How does he keep coming back Tifa?"

I hear her sigh and I can see her shift her weight in my peripheral vision.

"So that's what all this sulking is about?"

"I just want to know how he keeps coming back, it's impossible…I killed him…"

"Cloud…I don't think we'll ever be sure of how he came back…but for now, let's just enjoy the victory…okay?

I tilt my head up so I can see her. Her eyes meet mine quickly, almost eagerly.

"I can't Tifa…I can't just forget about this…I have so many questions I want answers to. If Sephiroth can come back…why can't Zack…Aerith?"

She blinks down at me for a few moments, contemplating her answer, but when she opens her mouth to speak a sudden crash from the counter pulls her attention back to our friends.

"We'll talk about his later, but for now…just try and have a good time, please?"

She lays her hand on my right shoulder and I feel a sudden pain rip down my arm. I jerk slightly and clutch the source of the pain; the stab wound I received from Sephiroth earlier.

Mine and Tifa's hands touch for a matter of seconds and it's enough to send a chill down my spine, I can't help but feel a moment of peace, in spite of the pain. I'm barely aware that she's speaking to me; I'm lost in the sensation of her touch as she unzips the front of my shirt and begins to examine the wound…

I can vaguely hear her telling Barret to take me upstairs and then…black… (A/N)

I wanted to start the chapters off small, because if you've read the original"Aftermath" you'll remember how long the first chapter is. I'd rather have more REALLY short chapters, then very few long ones. Anyway, I hope the rewrite is getting off to a good start, please leave a review and tell me what you think.

A/N:There was a scene with Aerith after Cloud passes out, something like a dream, but when I went back over the original chapter draft the scene was completely unecessary and therefore taken out.

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