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Chapter 14: Heated Ecstasy

We walk back to the bar under the sickly orange glow of the street lights, Tifa and I lagging several feet behind Barret and the kids, reveling in our wedded bliss.

A cool wind blows down the street and Tifa shivers against its bite, so she moves closer to me, leans her head against my shoulder and slides a hand into one of the back pockets of my pants.

She looks up at me, a cautious look on her face. All I can do is smile. We've never been this comfortable with each other…it never seemed quite right…but now that we're married…there's nothing we can't do…

Soon we arrive back at the bar and Denzel and Marlene rush inside and up the stairs to get ready for their stay with Barret, who follows them into the house with some reluctance.

Tifa tries to follow them, but I hold her tightly against me. She stares at me for a moment before I swing her up into my arms and carry her over the threshold. Once we're inside I set her down on the long counter and stand in front of her. She runs her fingers through my hair and I lay my hands on her waist and soon our lips meet…

When we part my eyes search for Tifa's, and when our gazes meet, I'm surprised to find hers eyes different. It seems as though a shadowy veil has been lifted from her eyes, leaving them to glitter like the stars in the night sky. They are still the same eyes I've come to know and love, but now they're brighter, more alive.

Could it be my love that has changed her so…has her love changed me? Only time will tell.

Barret and the kids leave about an hour later, leaving Tifa and I sitting next to each other at the bar. I take her hand in mine and we sit, silent and unmoving for some time.

With every passing minute I can feel myself becoming more and more anxious. I turn to look at Tifa, only to find her staring at me intently, her eyes studying every aspect of my face.

When her eyes meet mine she looks away and stands up quickly, her back turned to me. I get up slowly and stand behind her. I wrap my arms around her and she leans back into my chest.

"What are you thinking about, Tifa?"

I softly kiss her neck and the gently rest my chin on her shoulder.

"I'm thinking about the last few weeks, how quickly and absolutely our lives have changed, we went from being best friends to being engaged over night…and now we're married…I just never thought that we would be together…and yet here we are…"

I spin her around to face me; our faces are only centimeters apart.

"I'm sorry I kept you waiting for so long. My whole life I've guarded my heart, built up walls and pushed people away, and eventually, everyone gave up trying to get close to me…but not you. You cared enough to break down any barrier I put around my heart…you taught me to love. You drove away the darkness that consumed my soul, which ruled every thought and controlled my every action. I owe you my life in so many ways, and so for the rest of this life you've given me, I'll spend every day returning the favor."

"I look forward to it, Cloud."

Our lips meet then. The kiss grows to such an intensity that I end it. I keep thinking about where this kiss is going to lead, to what will happen, the final act, the one that will bring us truly together.

In all the years I've known her, I've never really thought about this part, never really thought of Tifa in that way…to me she still has a certain…innocence about her.

I know that Tifa isn't innocent, neither of us is. We've both taken lives, done things we're not proud of, but as far as making love goes…she's innocent…but tonight, tonight I'll be the one who takes that away…but out of love, not lust.

"Are you sure you're ready to do this, Tifa?"

I lay a hand on her face and stroke her cheek with my thumb.

"I've never been more sure of anything, Cloud." she says as she leans closer to me and whispers into my ear. "Take me."

Her words are a challenge and they ignite a blazing fire inside me. I crush my lips against hers. She grabs the waistline of my pants and pulls me up the stairs, our lips never parting.

We fall back against her bedroom door, pinning her against it. We become lost in the fervor of the kiss for sometime, enjoying the connection.

Soon the kiss isn't enough and Tifa slips off my shirt, and runs her hands over my chest and arms, tracing the lines of the muscles there.

Tifa's is the next to go, I run my hands along her bare waist, over her hips, any part of her I can touch.

But I stop when my fingers touch her scar.

I pull my lips away from hers and look down at her chest. The scar stretches almost the entire length of her torso, starting just above her left breast and ending on her right hip…

Anger flares within me as I remember the day this wound was inflicted…and who dealt the blow…Sephiroth…

I trace a finger over its slightly raised surface, thinking about how easily she could have been taken from me…

The caress of Tifa's hand on my cheek breaks my train of thought and my eyes meet hers.

"What's done is done, Cloud. It's nothing more than a memory." Her voice is quiet and consoling.

"I know." (A/N)

My lips descend upon hers once again and our kiss resumes with more ferocity than before.

Tifa opens the door behind her and we stumble back into her room. We fall back on the bed, a tangle of limbs and heated passion.

Soon we're both undressed, naked in our primal glory. Before continuing I have to stop and gaze upon Tifa's beauty, her ivory skin, her raven hair fanned out in all directions, the curves and contours of her goddess-like body. (A/N 2)

I stand at the edge of the bed for several more seconds, trying to take in everything about her. She slowly lifts her head and looks at me, her eyes blazing and her expression somewhat impatient.

I crawl onto the bed, lean over her and position myself at her entrance. Our gazes lock again.

"I love you, Tifa."

"I love you too."

I kiss her gently, slowly moving from her lips to along her jaw line and finally her neck. Her breathing becomes more ragged and a quiet, pleasured moan escapes her.

"Cloud…take me…" she gasps.

I swallow heavily and look into her eyes.

"It's going to hurt."

"I trust you, Cloud."

I swallow again and begin to enter her, I meet resistance almost immediately, and Tifa breathes in sharply.

"Are you ready, Tifa?"

She smiles weakly and nods her head. With one sharp thrust I take away her innocence, causing her to moan in discomfort and her body to arch against mine.

I begin moving once she calms down, each thrust causing untold feelings of pleasure to crash over me.

A pleasured scream and a burst of fluid signals Tifa's orgasm, and after a few more thrusts I join her in the ecstasy of the climax. I empty myself into her and collapse down onto the bed next to her.

I curl myself against her body, wrap an arm around her, and let sleep overcome me.

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(A/N): Cloud's response to Tifa's statement shows a lot of his character development throughout this story. Seeing the scar probably would have sent him into a depressing mood before, but he has started to become a more...forgiving character, what would have normaly bothered him before, now seems to have very little effect on him.

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