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"Sydney you can't go around telling John Cena that he sucks every time you see him," Vince scolded his seventeen year old daughter. They were preparing her for the wrestling world when her birthday came up in just a few short months. They had a plan for her to debut after No Way Out but the twist was for her to be on Legacy's side, adding to their little stable but as the female part.

"But daddy, he should at least know that he sucks," she protested with her arms crossed over her chest. She wasn't anything special but looked different then the other McMahon children. Where Shane and Stephanie had most of their father's traits, Sydney had their mother's blue eyes and blonde hair but she sure had Vince's temper and stubbornness.

"Sydney, he is an employee of the WWE and I assure you, he does not suck," Vince said as he tried to reason with the teenager, who seemed to want to just do her own thing and had been for the past two weeks and that alone was making Vince rethink his plan of home schooling his youngest child. Maybe it wasn't really home school as Sydney did everything online.

"Daddy, you employed a complete ape then," she retorted with a roll of her eyes. She had a severe dislike for her father's apparent favorite of the company. She herself preferred the stars like Randy Orton, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Cody Rhodes, and sometimes she even liked Ted DiBiase Jr.

"Sydney, just promise me that you won't harass John any more," Vince sighed, giving up on trying to reason with the youngest McMahon; it was almost as bad as trying to reason with Stephanie.

"Fine, daddy, I promise I won't harass John," she said as she tried to keep a straight face. Her dad only said not to harass John anymore but he did specify as to which John he meant. She stood up and skipped out of her father's office with none other than finding John Cena on her mind and to give him a piece of her mind as well. She was baffled at how he could be a grown man and still act like a teenager. Idiot, she thought to herself as she walked through the hallways.

"Man, that girl at the club last night was hot, I'm tellin' ya, Orton," John Cena said as Sydney walked into the cafeteria and saw Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr., and John Cena all sitting at one round table.

"I'm sure she was," Randy replied before taking a drink out of his water bottle. His eyes saw the blonde hair blue eyed McMahon walk over to their table and he almost choked on his water that he was swallowing due to the blazing look that the youngest heir to the WWE had in her eyes. "Man, I think you're in trouble."

John turned and looked at Sydney and a smirk covered his face. John figured that she had just got done talking to Vince and that she was coming to apologize to him for being such a bitch towards him. But oh how wrong he was.

"John 'I'm a Monkey' Cena, you are the biggest joke to this industry today," Sydney seethed loudly as she finally reached the table and she slammed her hands down onto the table top.

"Oh yeah? Then how come I got more opportunities at the WWE Championship then Randy," John asked with that smug look on his face.

"He has actual talent, John. Maybe you should look that word up in a dictionary and then actually try to have some talent, monkey," she spat at him angrily. She had went from happy to angry in all in a matter of minutes.

"Are you saying I don't have talent?" John asked, an eyebrow raised.

"I just said that moron! Are you deaf now too? Or are you just mildly retarded?" she snapped at him. She had little patience for John's stupidity.

"Just making sure I heard you right," he said casually.

"Even Theodore has more talent than you do, idiot and he's just starting out. Do me a favor and remove your lips from my father's ass and learn how to wrestle; I get tired of watching the same ole shit in the ring when you have a match. Maybe Randy can teach you or something but then again, I wouldn't want Randy to lose any of his brain cells," She spat at the current World Heavyweight Champion.