fic, so play nice. It's a crossover between Supernatural and NCIS. Read on!

The sound of car doors slamming notified the occupants of the ramshackle building to the arrival of newcomers at the unlikely hour of two in the afternoon.

Jo Harvelle emerged into the room just as the burly forms of the Winchester boys made it through the door. Sam crossed to the bar where he half sat, half collapsed onto a stool, letting his head drop forwards onto the bench top.

Dean entered more slowly, eyes warily scanning the corners of the darkened room before settling beside his little brother. Jo settled two bears in front of them and leaned comfortably on the slightly greasy bar. Dean tilted the condensation frosted bottle towards her in a semi-salute and nodded to her mother behind her.

"Jo," he greeted. "Ellen." He took a swig and sighed before speaking again. "What's been happening?" Jo glanced back, meeting her mother's eyes before answering.

"We-ell." Ellen began. Dean put down his bottle where it chinked on the bar top. Sam lifted his head, staring with a lack of focus that suggested he may have been asleep, or close to.

"What?" Dean asked, looking between mother and daughter.

"There's been some talk." Jo took over from her mother. "Lots, actually, about something. Something big."

"Big as in…" Sam spoke for the first time since he'd entered the bar. "demonic big?" Jo shrugged.

"Maybe, maybe not. But we got Ash to do a spot of digging. Turns out there's a whole lotta weird shit showing up at this spot up north." Sam exchanged a glance with Dean.

"Where?" The older brother pressed. "We could go check it out." Jo gave a wry smile but Ellen beat her to the delivery.

"There's just one problem with that boys." They shared another glance. "It's on a navy base. No way you'd get in." Dean's eyes narrowed speculatively but Sam sat up, looking interested.

"Is this base the home of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service?" Jo shrugged.

"Might be. Why?" Sam's eyes glittered and he gave her one of his lopsided smiles.

"Because if it is I might just know someone who can get us in."

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