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Chapter 1: New kids

As he sat staring at the school through tinted windows, he felt a shiver run up his back. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. His friends would never be by his side; his memories would curse him till the day he died. His friends, Hermione Jean Granger and Ronald Billius Weasley, were having a conversation, about him and his money and how Ronald's sister, Ginerva 'Ginny' Molly Weasley, would be his wife, with the headmaster of their school, Albus Percival Wilfred Brian Dumbledore, in his godfathers' house without silencing charms up. He quickly found Remus and Sirius, his godfathers, and explained to them what he had heard. Remus had picked up his son, Teddy Lupin, who was two and a half, while Sirius and he had found his Blood Sister, Luna Lucy Lovegood, and Sirius' new charge, Draco Lucian Malfoy, before packing their belongings and going to the wizarding bank, Gringotts. They sorted out his accounts and files before looking at the houses he now owned. They had decided on one that had been abandoned for twenty three years and that Albus didn't know about. They picked up a few items before port keying to their new Home: Forks, Washington, America.

"—an…Evan! Snap out of it!" Luna said from behind him.

"Huh? Oh thanks Lu."

"You're welcome Evan, but it is time we went and got our timetables."

"Of course."

"Don't worry Evan. Remus, Teddy, and Sirius are just a phone call away. There are no Wizards or witches in this area, so we are safe." Draco said.

"Thank you Lucian, I know that though."

"I know you know, but it seems to be the only way to reassure you that everything is normal. Come on, before they call Remus and Sirius about us skipping on the first day."

Evan picked up his bag and a folder before slinging the bag over his shoulder and holding the folder close to his chest as if it was a barrier that would protect him from the outside world. As all three of them stepped out of the car, they noticed the students were staring at them. Both Luna and Draco positioned themselves on either side of Evan and they walked as one to the reception office. Evan began to sink back into himself by the time they got to the reception office. Draco opened the door for them and they walked in.

"Good morning." Luna said in her normal, floaty voice.

"ARGH! Don't do that Al… Wait, who are you?"

"I am Lucy Black. This is my brother Evan Black and our cousin Lucian Black. We are starting today."

"Oh, okay… Didn't you just move here yesterday?"

"Correct, but we didn't want to get behind in our school work and thought it best to start straight away."

"Okay, I have your schedules and a map for helping you around… Which one is Evan?"

Evan raised his hand slightly off of his chest.

"The class for Biology is full so we had to put you in your second choice. Is that okay?"

Evan just nodded while he felt a comforting hand on the small of his back. He smiled slightly at Draco before hiding his facial expressions. The receptionist handed them their schedules before they walked out of the office. Draco noticed there were more students arriving and staring at them.

"Why are they always staring?" Evan asked.

"In these clothes, love, it's hard for them not to stare." Luna said

Evan looked down at his clothes. He was wearing a pair of black leather trousers with army boots and a black t-shirt with an emerald green button up shirt on over the top of it left open. His jacket was a leather Silvio jacket with an AFI over the shoulder bag. On his face he had his lip ring, his tongue ring, and his contacts in. On his right ear he wore a bat earring.

He then looked at Luna. Luna wore a pair of skinny jeans with a pair of flat boots over the top of them. She wore a floral kaftan with a white, thigh length wool coat with a leather shoulder bag. She wore long dangling earrings and a lily clasp in her hair to keep her hair out of her face.

Turning to Draco, he noticed he was the one that stuck out the most. Draco wore skin tight leather trousers with leather boots over them. He wore a fitted pirate/peasant shirt with a long leather coat over the top and a leather shoulder bag over his shoulder. He didn't wear any earrings in his ears but he did wear a sample of his godfather's blood in a vile around his neck.

"Okay Evan, you are in Government first with Jefferson in building six, I'm in French with Etoile building four, and Lucy is in Management with Clair De Lune building two." Draco said handing Evan his map and his schedule.

"We'll see you at lunch bro. Don't get into much trouble." Luna said, before walking swiftly and silently off to building two while Draco and he shook their heads.

"Lets get you to class first, Ev, then I'll go to mine. You and I are in the same trig class third; so I'll see you then, but till then I want you to be careful."

"I will Luc. Thanks and you don't have to walk me to class. I can manage that." Evan said in a small voice.

"I know you can Ev, but how will you introduce yourself to the teacher?"

"I'll just hand him my note." Evan said softly, not looking up from his schedule.

"Listen Evan, we know you can take care of yourself, but it is time you got spoiled so suck it up and take it before you hurt your mate."

"I can sense them even if I can't see them. I'll be fine. Go, before you are too late." Evan said walking past him and towards building six.

"Evan, keep your phone in your hand at all times, just in case."

"Will do." Evan said, before entering his building. He walked down the corridor to the class room. He could hear the teacher talking inside. He knocked on the door before entering. He closed the door before turning to the teacher.

"… I'm Evan Black. I started here today."

"OH!" the teacher said loudly "You are the one Miss Smith was talking about. She said you were quiet and that you were here with your sister and cousin. When did you move here?"


"Staying with family?"

"My uncles and my godson."

"Really? Where about?"


"Okay… why don't you take a seat beside the window?"

Evan nodded and made his way to the empty desk. He noticed a stiff backed boy that looked in pain. He wore blue denim jeans with a grey turtle necked jumper. His hair was blonde and his eyes were golden brown just like Remus'. The boy turned towards Evan with a slight frown on his face.

"Is something wrong Jasper?"

"No sir. Nothing is wrong." Jasper said in a polite voice.

Evan noticed that jasper didn't breath, blink or move like a human. Jasper didn't have an allure therefore that ruled out Veela. Elves could not hide their appearance from magical beings and he didn't smell canine. Evan then noticed that his lips were moving quickly yet no sound was coming out of them… not to human hearing anyway. Evan quickly started to work till Jefferson called them to a halt and finished the class. Evan quickly shot out of his seat and grabbed his belongings before running to his next class. He noticed Luna sitting in her seat with an empty desk beside her.

"Lu." Evan whispered softly. Luna's head tilted slightly to indicate that she was listening. "Is he a vamp?" He asked so only Luna could hear.

"Yes. All his family is. They mean us no harm… quite the opposite in fact."

"Is Rem safe around them?" Evan asked causing her eyes to glaze over slightly.

"He is fine. Our families will be really close."

Just then the English teacher walked in and spotted them.

"Oh, it seems we have two new students with us today. Why don't you introduce yourselves?"

"I am Lucy Black and this is my brother Evan Black. We are here with our uncles, Siri Black and Rem Lupin, Rem's son Ted and our cousin Lucian Black.

"Oh? Are you related to the Blacks from La Push?"

"What are their names?" Luna asked as Evan started to sketch a family tree out.

"William 'Bill' Black and Jacob Black." A Brown curly haired brown eyed girl said. Luna looked at Evan for an answer, who shook his head.

"No, Madame." Luna said.


"Yes. Siri is one hundred percent English. No American blood in him." Evan said softly. Lucy placed a hand over Evan's and squeezed gently.

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