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Summary: The AFC- the biggest Naruto Fanclub on the planet, along with several other individuals, are sucked into the Naruto Universe. They're separated and alone and they have to not only find out how to get home, but they also have to cope with their new but familiar powers and they have to face the hard choice of changing the future of an entire realm or not.

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Chapter 1: Secret love

Paris, 2005, 7.5 years ago

A 17-year-old girl with long red silky hair was looking around nervously. Her stormy gray eyes were twinkling with panic. She was lost in the middle of the City of Love. And she had to have lunch with her parents in 1 hour.

Thick eyelashes, small straight nose and a slightly pronounced jaw-line were all gracing her face. Her rosy-red lips had formed a semi-nervous pout and from time to time she anxiously bit on her lower lip. She was dressed with smart clothes, perfect for the weather or early-summer Paris. White shirt with long black pants, both perfectly ironed. Black sandals with a low heel shone by the rays of the morning sun.

Her name was Rose Romano, daughter of Patrick Romano and Lucrecia Romano, the most successful lawyers in the United States. The rose had yet to bloom, however, as she was still a shy girl.

She had lost her parents. Yes, high school Rose Romano was a nerd, a bookworm, and it was her Harvard years that would ultimately turn her into the tempest known as Madam Leader.

'Ok, don't panic. All will be fine. All I have to do is find my way back to the hotel…' a look of determination appeared and she semi-confidently strode forward, setting course to the nearest person.

"E-excuse me? S-sir?" she started shyly.

The man turned around. He was nothing to be remembered with- he was a plain local Parisian. Sadly, he didn't know English and since Rose didn't know French, every last hope in finding her hotel was crushed by the cruel irony of the world.

After several hours and one Latte later, Rose was even more lost. Her feet hurt from walking and it seemed that despite the fact Paris was one of the most popular tourist destinations; she had the awful chance of not being able to find anyone who could speak English. The world was cruel.

At the moment our heroine was in a more suburbial part of Paris, a rather cute-looking rich neighborhood. How she had gotten there, she had no idea. There was a small area, a small park with all kind of swings for small children and toddlers. She sat herself tiredly on one of the benches and sighed sorrowfully. She hated Paris.


The voice startled Rose and she swiftly looked up to end up face to face with a blue-eyed blond kid. She looked at her dumbfoundedly, too tired to register what had happened at first. Then it happened. Her eyes grew with realization.

"You speak English!!" she cried of joy and hugged the blond girl tightly." My prayers have been answered!"

Rose let go of the girl and took a better look at her. She was a bit on the short side, slightly plushier than an average girl her age. She had a baby-face and her long, wavy blond hair was just bellow her bottom. The blond girl wore… orange. Who wore an orange jacket over a white shirt in such a hot day? The 10-year old didn't seem bothered, though.

"Can you help me find my hotel? I am lost." Rose said with pleading eyes.

"Sure!" the girl answered with a smile.

'Thank you Lord!' Rose sent a silent thank you to God.

"But first you have to do something for me!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Come to my Birthday party!"


The little angel-looking girl had a foxy grin on her face.

"I had told my class mates that I have a really cool friend from the USA." She started. Then, with a worried look on her face she asked apprehensively," You are from the USA, right?"

"Yes, I am, but…"

"Awesome! We'll have a lot of fun! I hope you like chocolate cake!"

The girl grabbed Rose's hand and pulled the helpless brunette towards her house. And, boy was her house full of guests. There were around 30 children, her classmates, Rose mused, all playing games in the yard and around 15 more kids that she later found out were Fia's cousins. And they were all playing on the front yard.

The girl's house was a rather big for such a neighborhood. It was what one could call a model house. The house was two-stories plus an attic inside the roof, which, it seemed, had also been turned into useable rooms by the look of the fine curtains on the windows on the roof.

The house itself was white. In fact, everything about it was either white, pale or in baby colors. The building itself was booming with music. When the girl led Rose inside the living room, which was full with adults, nobody seemed to notice her. This was the girl's birthday, right?

Until then, Rose had wanted to speak with the girl's parents, find her way back to the hotel and leave as soon as possible…she didn't want to intrude, after all. But seeing as this lovely girl was all alone on her own birthday…she even had to make fake friends in order for people to notice her at all…

She felt pity for her. In that fateful moment, she decided to truly become this otherwise friendly and cheerful girl's friend.

The blond made her way through the thick crowd of adults inside the house and finally stopped at a woman with dyed blond hair. That was probably her mother.

"Mom! This is the American friend I told you about! K'thanks'bye!" as soon as Rose had taken a breath after all this dragging (this was one strong little girl!), the pulling started yet again, not giving the girl's mother even a chance to glance at her daughter.

The said woman was talking to an elderly looking woman in her late fifties. She had registered her daughter's words but had paid them no heed. In fact, she tried to cover it up by giggling lightly, as if her daughter's behavior was completely normal.

"Aww…isn't it sweet? Still, she is a little bit old for imaginary friends but I guess I've pampered her too much, now haven't I?" she flashed a beautiful smile, the same as her daughter's," I wish she was more like the normal girls and listened to me more once in a while at least…" She sighed semi-dramatically. "She is a bit of an odd-ball…"

Her last words were said detestedly, almost uncaringly cold, despite the façade of a perfect mother and a working wife of the modern world.

"But my dear!" started her mother-in-law, just as sweetly, covering up the actual cold tone with which she wanted to scold her, "The young lady she presented was a rather fine red-headed American girl. She looks nice. You should talk later with her."

The girl's mother paled.

"That wasn't an imaginary friend?" she seemed horrified.

"Why would it be?"

As the blond girl dragged Rose around the house, the young red-head began to have a better idea of who this kid was. The house was amazingly tidy and the style in each room was unique and yet fitted the rest of the house perfectly. Family pictures, old and new, hung on every wall, revealing not only of what kind of family this girl was, but also, judging by the older pictures… how old her family tree was.

Rose examined them curiously. On the pictures on which the girl was present she seemed to smile brightly and immediately brought attention to herself with that amazing cheerfulness. Her mother seemed so perfectly elegant in her fashion that the red-head was fascinated with how organized that woman looked. She also seemed exceptionally calm and cold and seemingly did not notice the girl next to her on the pictures.

The girl's father, she hadn't seen him personally, but on the pictures… that man was a pure stud. He was tall and handsome, very fit and seemed almost aristocratic, regal. The girl physically looked like both of them. She was as beautiful as her mother; it was already visible that the girl was going to turn into a gorgeous young woman. She had, however, the same determined face of her father…and his blue eyes. And yet she seemed so different than them Rose could compare them to the elements. Her father was like the earth… such powerful presence… she could feel it radiating from the pictures. Her mother was calm and cold, like water…she seemed to be an intelligent and calculating woman…she did not like her.

And yet, here she was. Their daughter- the element of fire. There was so much silent rage within her, Rose was sure of it. The pain of lacking people who understood you… she knew it all too well…

While Rose was shy, the girl dealt with the problem with sheer cheerfulness and friendliness. That girl seemed to have harnessed the elements of her parents, however. She possessed her father's presence- one could see it in her eyes, and she possessed her mother's intelligence by the looks of all the photos of awards the girl had received during her short life… she seemed to be adept with computers, biology, science… everything.

"…and this here is my room!" the girl finally let go of her hand and went in front of her. She theatrically spread her arms to show the door to her room. She opened it and motioned Rose inside. On the second floor of the house it was quieter than downstairs and it was empty. The girl's room was average of size. Unlike a normal girl room, this one contained little to none girlie/Barbie dolls and mostly collectible Transformers or Beast Wars toys, an army of Dinosaurs which seemed to be ordered in terms of evolutionary development. Apart from the shelves covered in collectibles, the girl had the most intriguing collection of Swords on her wall. She also had a weird white and blue shield with some weird symbols on it and a lion's head in the middle.

Next to the window there was a desk with what seemed to be a dismantled lap top and a piece of paper with some schematics on it, titled "The Bible". On the window frame there were some small statues which Rose recognized as characters from a computer game. The weirdest thing in the room (apart from the dismantled laptop) was the girl's possession of an Electrical technician's tools. It was a big layered case that was opened up and reminded her of a separate shelf. The tools were perfectly ordered.

On the walls there were also posters of the Harry Potter movies, which were signed by the various actors of the movies; there was also one poster of Naruto, some anime that she had accidentally seen on the kiddie channel once.

If the room wasn't pink, she would've been sure this was a boy's room.

"Impressive." was all she could reluctantly say.

"Is it? I've bought all of this by myself!" she waved her hand at her crazy Transformers collection. "And these were from my Grandmother." She pointed at the Dinosaur collection.

She then walked over to the shield and the weird sword next to it.

"These are my pride," she pointed and the sword, "and my joy." She pointed respectively to the shield. "Frostmourne replica and High lord Bolvar's shield!"


"And this will become the most powerful super-computer of the century!" she boasted at the laptop parts. "Just don't tell dad… it's his laptop… he thinks he forgot it at the train a week ago!" she added in a conspirative voice.

The blond kid seemed creepy but despite the initial icy shiver down her spine at the prospect something like her existed in the world, she found her cool in her own nerdy way. Yes, Rose was a nerd… but this little girl was a Super- Nerd! Scary, seriously! And she was only what? Probably 10 years old. She seemed smarter than she looked and that was what made her uncomfortable.

Rose Romano was a very insightful girl, after all she was to be a fifth generation lawyer in her family and the right genes to make her a really good lawyer were combined in her… sort of… And despite her being a genuinely insightful and smart person… this girl seemed eons ahead of her, even if she hid it behind immaturity and cheerfulness.

"Let's go downstairs! I want you to meet my best friend MJ, and my cousin Hatorri, and my eternal nemesis and rival, fellow genius Leopold!" she said that rather too vigorously. Rose nodded apprehensively and was yet again dragged by the mercy of the kid's temper.

She didn't even know her name!

"MJ!!! Hatorri!" she yelled.

Rose finally noticed two distinctly dark-haired and pale kids, sitting away from the rest of the commotion. The girl, MJ was of pale pink complexion and she had crystal blue eyes, unlike the vivid sky-blue orbs of the hyper blond girl. Her hair was straight, dark and silky, drawn back by a red diadem. The girl wore a formal looking simple black dress over a white buttoned cotton shirt with short sleeves. On her feet she wore shiny shoes over white silken socks. She slightly reminded her of Alice in Wonderland. But the resemblance ended there. The pale black haired girl seemed so calm and gentle and yet her eyes were watching the laughing, playing and dancing crowd with stone cold dejection. This was not her type of amusement, or maybe there was more to it? This girl seemed somewhat sad and withered with sorrow despite the happy occasion. At the sight of the blond girl however, this MJ seemed to have immediately cheered up and when she looked at their way she merely smiled slightly and gave a curt nod of recognition to the blond girl.

She was sitting on a sofa with the Asian-looking boy who seemed extremely out of it. He had buds in his ears and he was obviously listening to music, that was louder than what was already played in the house…how he could take the noise, she could only guess. He was of pale Asian complexion, unlike MJ's obviously European complexion. He had raven-black hair which was cut short but with bangs and very short locks of hair. He wore a white cotton shirt and a pair of loose shorts and a pair of white sneakers on his feet. Apparently he was completely completely content with his little sound chaos and was even bobbing his head with his own music and silently sung along with it, eyes closed.

MJ looked at him and her face took upon a light scold. She, a bit roughly, shoved him out of his musical nirvana and pointed at the blond girl and her companion.

"Uh, oh." He blinked a few timed. His eyes were the purest onyx she had ever seen. They seemed dark and mysterious and he seemed to be very handsome even at his age. He stretched and yawned and then smiled sheepishly. "Yo!" he greeted them with a wide friendly smile.

"As I said earlier, these are my best friend, MJ, and my all time fave cousin, Hatorri."

"Hello, my name is Rose Romano, pleased to meet you." She smiled shyly stretched out a hand.

"My name is Hatorri Johnson. My mom's an American Japanese, my dad and Fia's dad," he pointed the now identified girl, "are identical twins so were like brother and sister. Oh, and I am NOT an Uchiha if you were about to ask."

"I wasn't going to."

"Michael Jessica Keats. Fiona's best friend and appointed sidekick by said friend. Me and Mr. Not-Emo here both." She said in a bored manner. "I would like to apologize for any future inconvenience I might cause. My dad wanted…another… boy, but mom gave him a cynic." When she was done speaking, she went back to staring dejectedly at the guests.

"Nice to meet you too, I guess…"

"So! You still have to meet with Leopold! This way, guys!"

The group of four made their way to another part of the residence. Fia gave them the signal to wait for her and she disappeared into the crowd and reappeared with a slightly annoyed looking boy with reddish hair and hazel eyes.

"And this, ladies and Gent, is Leo!"

"They already know me, you dolt."

"But Rosy doesn't!"

"Hi." Rose waved shyly at the boy.

Charlotte Georgiana woke up with a start. She was covered in cold sweat. For the past three months she had almost no sleep at all. And whenever she had a wink of sleep she would always wake up like this – crying, covered in cold sweat, shivering and frightened. She could remember any of her night terrors but she knew what the root of them was- the death of her parents in a car crash 3 months ago.

Charlotte stood up and turned on the lights of her room. She looked at herself in the mirror. Messy shoulder-length blood red hair was hanging loosely. Pale skin, cherry colored lips, blue-green eyes, surrounded by forming dark rings.

The 7-year old sighed. There were no new scars. Usually, after most of the night terrors she would scratch her face with her own nails. That was the reason why she always kept them as short as possible. She still hadn't fully understood the severity of her parents' deaths but ever since that day she had found it hard to speak to other people.

She could still see it in front of her eyes every little detail of that day…She had woken up early that day. Mom and dad had been fighting as of lately and she wanted to make them happy with breakfast in bed. Needless to say 7-year olds were not good at preparing dinner. The red-headed girl had stealthily gone to the kitchen where she took out a frying pan to make some bacon and eggs.

On that morning her parents had woken up from the smell of something severely burned, the sounds of the fire alarm going on, and the fire hoses going of, wetting everything in the house.

Of course, the two very angry and also very wet parents found little Charlie holding two watered dishes with slightly burned bacon and eggs- it was the frying pan that had burst in flames. Apart from being grounded for a month for this, Charlie had also been heavily yelled at.

The Georgiana's were not the best parents. Philip Georgiana was an aspiring musician, a true virtuoso of the violin and the piano. His wife, Marina, was a well- off businesswoman. Both of them were people of their careers and seldom gave attention to their lovely little girl- Charlotte.

Usually she sought their attention but they were always busy, or they would always tell her to be silent or not to bother their very important guests.

That day had been a very rainy day. Charlotte had been seated on the sofa while the maids were trying to dry the other furniture in the house. She was watching the weather channel, the weatherman saying that there was heavy rain in entire France due to some weird cyclone or something. There was nothing interesting on the kiddy channel and so she sat there watching the daily news.

Her parents were now dry and ready to go to their respective work places. Everyone was swiftly moving around her. But it was as if time had moved on without her. She felt unnoticeable and unlike normal happy children, she seldom smiled or laughed.

Her father left his Violin in its cover next to her on the sofa while he was fixing his tie. Her mother was doing the final touches of make up on her face.

"Come, Charlotte, thanks to the little stunt you pulled you are late for school... Feel lucky your father and I have decided to phone your teacher about your current situation."

"But, Mother…"

"No "but, mother" me, young lady! Chop-chop! Your father is waiting for you in the car."

Charlotte did not answer. She stood up and followed her mother to the car. It was raining heavily outside and no sooner that she walked outside her house was she soaked to the bone. Her mother sighed in irritation.

"Are you dumb like that no-good father of yours that you didn't take an umbrella? Get into the car; you've given me enough head aches for an entire week today."

Even though the words hurt her deeply, Charlotte did not answer and entered the vehicle.

The drive to her school was uneventful. Her father was driving, a slight scold marring his otherwise handsome but cold face. Indeed, Charlotte was like her father in many ways. She had his red hair and blue-green eyes. She also possessed his love for music. But she was also like her mother- her skin, her beautiful face…

They used to hug, to kiss, to laugh with each other…. She couldn't understand why they suddenly stopped doing that. One day she had just woken up to the two of them arguing about something. She couldn't quite catch their words. Were they like this because of her? Was she a burden to them? Her father looked at her with little to no emotion at all and her mother always scolded her ever since that day.

They still slept in the same room but there was an invisible wall between them… She tried asking them once but all her mother did was yell at her for asking stupid questions. Then she had sent her to her room…

She feared that they were going to leave her…and she felt so angry at herself for that… they were going to abandon her, she knew it!

That day had been uneventful. School was dull as usual. It was only a few weeks before summer vacation but unlike the other kids she wasn't waiting for it with anticipation. She liked school because that was the time in which she wasn't yelled at or sent to her room. Her teacher was always nice. She had her fair share of problems with math but she excelled in the music class. Her teacher had told her she had the making of a great singer… not that her parents cared. With the beginning of her first year in school she had also started taking violin and piano lessons from good friends of her fathers. It was in favor of her learning how to be organized and responsible.

She did not have pets. Her mother was allergic to cats and she hated anything that was furry, and had deemed even goldfish a dangerous hazard. Charlotte however had a wonderful collection of plushies. Her favorite one was a giant raccoon like plushy which she had named Ron. After Ron Weasley. He was her favorite character in the Harry Potter books. She was an only child and one of her greatest dreams was to have an older brother like him… or at least not be an only child.

That day had been uneventful…until, while waiting for her father to pick her up, she had heard one of the teachers murmuring how her parents were going to divorce and the rumor was that neither of them wanted custody over her.

That was too much for little, gentle Charlotte. She ran. And it was raining so heavily that no one saw her leave the premises of the school yard. She kept running until she found herself on unfamiliar streets. And even then she kept running, knocking down a few people in her way.

It was getting dark and the rain was no close to stopping. She was soaked to the bone, tired and hungry. She saw a large white house and she saw a window open. It might have been around 11 pm and the lights were out in this house. Maybe she could hide herself for the night?

As soon as she had snuck inside the house, a police car passed by. Charlotte seemed to be in some kind of basement. It was warm inside and there were some boxes with what seemed to be clothes. She was very cold and she needed to change her clothes. For her luck, in one of the bags she found a girl's clothes similar to her size. She changed into them. They were too orange for her taste but she was dry now. She took a T-shirt and used it to dry her hair. She hid behind the cartons and fell asleep on a make-shift bed from clothes.

She, however, did not know that that same night, her parents had died in a severe car crash while looking for her. She also did not know they were looking for her. She knew, though, that they were going to abandon her…

That morning she found herself being stared at by a blond blue-eyed girl…

Charlotte wiped the tears from her face. She now lived in a world of silence. During that first week without her parents, the will to speak seemingly left her fragile psyche. She hadn't been able to speak ever since…

The doctors had told her Uncle- the man she now lived with, that it her being mute was caused by sever psychological trauma and that it was not certain if she would ever speak again.

Now, 3 months later, she still couldn't speak. The wound was still as fresh as then. The only difference was those raccoon-like dark circles around her eyes. Her Uncle, Martin, her mom's sister, was a very kind person and did everything he could think of to keep her comfortable and happy. She rarely showed a positive emotion but when she did he was most joyous. She was still learning the sign language but she felt confident that she was going to use it properly and fully soon enough.

Since that horrible day she was what people referred to as a sleepwalker. She would get up at night and do normal or weird things. Sometimes she would attack people, she would scream, she would even speak, sing… she was different from her wake hours.

She still went to therapy. Her uncle had told her that she had locked herself inside her mind and that she was sleep walking because she couldn't find a way out. She trusted him because she was only 7 and because she wasn't old enough to understand how heavily damaged her psyche was.

She still had most of her old plushies with her, including Ron. She, however, had moved in with her uncle in the states and now was attending a normal elementary school there. The new environment was refreshing for her and she found herself having some new friends with which she could play with.

Life was slowly going back to normal for her…but the mental scars would take a miracle to heal…

One shot…two shots…three shots… Fire… FIRE!!! Every single bullet hit the mark. Every single bullet she fired hit straight into the 10 marker on the cardboard target. Her light hazel eyes were as sharp as a hawk's. The usually pale skin now bore a heavy tan due to her days in the heavy desert sun of Iraq.

Tiffany Mitchels was 21 years old, freshly returned from Iraq. The time she spent there was enough of a life-time of horrors. She used to be a tall 18 year old, very rugged and tough, but still surprisingly handsome young woman. She was feminine in her own way, despite being very athletic and lean. She was a tom boy. Peachy complexion, light hazel eyes, dirty blond hair…

Her greatest mistake was going to Iraq during the war. She thought she was tough enough to handle it. But she wasn't. Bombs and bullets were flaying about. Bodies were ripped apart. The entire operation was one big mistake. That child shouldn't have died. The whole war was a big mistake. She wished she had never gone there. But she had. Still, she managed to return home without further problems.

Her return was relatively normal. No one was there to meet her, since her father was still at the hospital, treating his injuries- he had fallen from the roof while trying to fix it. Life was supposed to go back to normal but it didn't.

Despite everything that happened, she still wanted more of that action. And that was why she was here now- to practice her own skills. She wanted to join the French Foreign Legion. And she knew she was going to enter- she was in top condition, she was rough and she was the best Sharpshooter in her state- California.

AnimaCon, LA, 2012

Have you ever heard of Naruto? Have you ever heard of Akatsuki? Or the AFC? Now you have. AFC or the Akatsuki Fan Club is the greatest Fan Club in the entire globe. It is also the so called mother of the Cosplayer Extraordinaire team of the AFC- the 52 starting members being the best Cosplayers out there. And those 52 met at the Louver, Paris, 7 years ago.

AFC was the Akatsuki Fan Club. It was part of the Alliance between Naruto, Inuyasha and Final Fantasy Cosplay groups, and some other minor ones.

The Trio's nemesis was the Alliance between the Gundams, Soul Society, and the Death Librarians.

For the outside world, those were just cosplay skits, but for the inside world, these skits were actually battles for supremacy between the groups of the fanclubs. It was a battle of Alliances, or, as one of the main characters would say: " It's a PvP doggy dog world out there, and every Con is a battleground. Winning is a must. But even if we lose a battle, the war is yet to be won. After all, no revenge is sweet, but pay back is always a bitch."

As of lately, however, the number of accidents between those two alliances had immensely increased. For example, on the last Con, the famous Hyuuga squads were 'attacked' by the Shinigami Captain squad. The confrontation resulted in the police forces having to lock them up for 24 hours.

Among the AFC Inner Circle ( the starting 52) there was a Hyuuga Squad, Kage Squad, Akatsuki Squad, an Uchiha squad… but among them of greater importance for now were these several individuals:

Among the Inner Circle there were 10 Akatsuki members who possessed the rings, with which the real Akatsuki were so famous with, along with the cloaks.

They were the Cosplayers of said Akatsuki members. Pein was cosplayed by a female version of him- a tall woman with more that pleasing feministic qualities, including a hypnotizing gaze, plumb lips, lavishing red hair, and ,most of all, her Tsunadean great big bust.

Her usually stormy gray eyes were now covered by Rinnengan contact lens, which made her look unusually intimidating. Fake golden and jeweled piercings, the same as the main Pein's, covered her face. Yes, she was Pein's sexy no Jutsu.

A very interesting twist of the original Akatsuki was Hidan's Cosplayer- Tifa. Tifa was a Senior Corporal of the French Foreign Legion, with characteristically white hair and purple contact lens eyes. Her hair wasn't bleached – according to rumors her hair grew white ever since her service in Iraq. She was as aggressive and swearing as the real Hidan.

The Konan Cosplayer was the mother of two- 2.5 year old son Vincent (mini Vincent Cosplay included) and 5 year old daughter Tifa (mini Tifa Lockheart Cosplay included, duh). She and her husband were Italian. Konan was a rather tan Italian woman. Her natural hair color was raven black but right now her hair was dark blue, while her naturally blue eyes contrasted a bit too much with her dark complexion. Her husband's name was Marco, and he was a Cloud Cosplayers. Both met 10 years ago during SakuraCon and married 8 years ago. It was pure chance that AFC came across them. Just like her idol, Konan, or as she was known by passport, Malena, was a master of origami.

Deidara was most likely the "Rum Tum Tugger" of the AFC. 1 blond, 5 Japanese otaku read-heads, 1 word- cake. The Deidara of the AFC was an artist. He was the ace of cakes. He created one of the most expensive and beautiful boutique cakes in Japan. Needless to say he had 5 red-head girlfriends which were the reason why he started cosplaying as Deidara. His real name was Deidara and he didn't have mouths on his hands or his chest. But with his cakes, one would wish they had. David did not believe his art was a bang. His art was fleeting, true, but his art was truly delicious.

Deidara was 166 cm tall and weighed 50.8 kg. David was 180 tall and 90 kg. Obviously a lot more sex on legs. He also possessed a lot of stamina both in his art and in bed. He was Australian. Went with the accent. Him and his Sasori partner both.

Speaking of Sasori…there wasn't much known about the Sasori Cosplayer. His connections with the group were purely business-like. His name was Sam and he was Australian. Rumor had it that he was a mercenary, assassin for hire. But those were just rumors, or were they?

The Kisame Cosplayer was very tall, 195 cm and he was from San Francisco. While Tifa was from LA, both of them were good friends from even before joining AFC and it was him that made her sign up for the French Foreign Legion. Both of them were Senior Corporals but while she trained her gunning skills in her spare time, he trained swords. It was only later, when both of them joined the AFC that his skills came in handy. His real name was Benjamin, Ben for short.

The Zetsu Cosplayer was a botanist. He was recruited by the AFC after a few of the members visited the big botanic garden he was taking care of. He was chosen for Zetsu not only because of his amazing knowledge of plants but also because when he was drunk he turned nasty.

The Itachi Cosplayer was probably the best and most natural Cosplayer of them all. She, yes, she- was a 16 year old British girl with blue eyes, pale skin and rosy gentle lips. Her name was Michael Jessica Keats and she was the Trickster World Champion. She specialized martial arts and was adept with different kinds of weapons, except guns and the like.

Her best friend was, ironically, the Sexy no Jutsu Naruto Cosplayer- Fiona Johnson. And she was the real founder of Akatsuki, hence the reason why she wore another Sasori ring. But unlike his, hers was turned with the stone down, as a symbol of her secretive status. Most of the AFC members were in some way trained in the martial arts. Unlike them, however, Fia was a cheerleader and, while very agile and vigorous, she was not what people would refer to as physically fit. She was 175 cm tall and 17 years old. She weighed 65 kg and apart from her bronze tan, contrasting blue eyes, and long blond wavy hair, she was most commonly remembered by her tight ass, thin waist and big bust.

To cut a long story short, all the members had their own story. But one's true character could be best revealed through a series of life changing events such as the ones that would eventually occur.

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