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A disturbing visitor...

A small movement woke him up out of the light sleep he had fallen into not long ago.

He opened his eyes and stared into the darkness around him, seconds later he felt fingertips on his chest, tenderly moving downwards.

He shivered at the moment her fingertips were passing his naval on their way further south.

"Abs I'm not young anymore." His body was still worn out from the hours of love making before. At least that was what he thought.

She slipped her hand into his boxer and snickered when his body betrayed his words.

"I see." She said. "Ok maybe I'm still young enough."

With a smile he pulled her on top of himself, seeking her lips with his own.

In that moment the doorbell rang.

Ignoring the disturbing noise they continued until the bell rang again.

Out of breath Abby moved away from her love.

"You better get that, seems to be urgent."

With a sigh he kissed her forehead. "Don't forget were we have stopped." "Don't worry, that won't happen." She said while she watched him getting dressed with boxer shorts and a t-shirt.