This is my first fanfic, so please keep all criticism constructive.

Chapter 1 – Beginnings

On the relatively unknown planet of Krell (take a right at the Cadian gate through the eye of terror, a left at the greater demon of Slaneesh and carry on past Alpha Centauri and you're there) the great Ork warlord Gergutz was fighting a huge but hopeless space marine army known as the 'Aetas Inculta'.

The space marine army was losing…badly. The chapter master was dead along with his honour guard, all but three of the termies were lying in a growing puddle of there own bodily fluids, what was left of the 3rd company was running around in circles trying to lose a huge group of Boyz chasing after them randomly firing their shootas into the gaggle bringing down a few stragglers. A few of the scouts, fearful for their lives had fled into the nearest group of trees and hidden away from Ork eyes.

This decision by the Scouts was definitely a bad one as while they where busy watching a group of Nobz walking below them, what was left of the Space marines piled onto the waiting Thunderhawk gunships and took off. The Scouts fearing that the Orks would, as legend says, eat them in a frenzy of a fungus beer fuelled victory celebration known as getting 'tanked up', Chose to stay where they were.


"Hey, Progga can oo smell dat too"




"Wanna go look"

"Yeah ah cudz do widda good larf"

The two Orks then stomped off into the forest, the clomp, clomp, clomp of their iron shod boots dying away.

"Hey, sarge do you reckon there are other marines left on the planet?"

"Maybe, 'cause Ork's noses are rarely wrong. In fact it's a miracle they didn't smell us!"

Just as the sergeant finished his sentence a familiar smell of rotten meat and fungus beer filled his nostrils.

A/N the name Gergutz is not a reference to Dawn of war's Goregutz as at the time I made up the name Gergutz I had not played DOW. Also Aetus Inculta is Latin for wasted time.

By the way I think this is a good point to stop. Cliffhanger…


More coming soon.