Chapter 2 saw us getting rid of those pesky scouts. If you enjoyed that there is more to come in following chapters.

Chapter 3 – WTF? Space marines again!

Groggz disappointment soon disappeared as in a flurry of dust noise and flame two Thunderhawk gunships and a Stormbird flew overhead at full throttle.

"Ooh, flyie fings" said Groggz stating the obvious.

"Oh tank yoo captin obvius" was the sarcastic reply from Scragga.

" Er bozz shudn't we chase dem or summin'?" said Progga.

This extracted the sort of evil grin that only an Ork with the prospect of killing Space Marines can manage. To give you an idea of this grin imagine an ear-to-ear grin but made of sheer malice.

Shortly after this discussion the three Orks moved off to intercept the Thunderhawks as with many years of loyal (?) service to Gergutz they knew these gunships where leaving orbit which meant they would be travelling pretty much straight up giving a good chance of getting a straight engine shot.

"Easy lads" came the calm menacing voice of Scragga "Easy, wait fuh it." The gunships engines grew brighter as the crews on board gave it full power


A wave of heat blasted past the three Orks.

"FIRE!!!" roared Scragga.

Three Rokkits literally screamed away from Three Launchas and hurtled skywards each trailing a dirty orange flame.

"Lets see ow dey like deez noo grot Rokkits"

This was followed by three distant bangs.

About thirty seconds later three flaming meteorites, or Thunderhawk gunships as we'd known them before, hit the deck with a noise like a thousand Trukks disintegrating at once.

"Dare yoo go boyz, wot yoo tink ov dat?" growled Scragga through a grin.

"Shud we go an' loot da tings?" asked an exited Progga.

"Yeh, but virst I shud tell da big bozz."

"Wot shud we doo?"

"Wait fur me to git bakk."

Moments later Scragga burst into the rusty pile of spares that served as a rudimentary headquarters.

"Hey bozz did yoo heer dem bigg booms erlier coz dat woz me" said Scragga being the biggest glory hog in his tribe.

"Yeh ah didd, why?" came the deep growling reply from the ten foot tall lump of pure Orkyness, known as Gergutz, warlord of the Aporkalypse, that stood before him.

"Coz dat woz me an' me ladz –"Scragga said before being cut off by an irritable Gergutz.

"Git on widdit!"

"Well bozz weez shott down vree big flyee fings."

"Wot sorta flyee fings?"

"Wun biggun an' too smalla wuns"

"Well why ain't yoo lootin' 'em?"

"Me fort yood want too see forr ya self"

"Jus' as well yoo came den as I doo wont to see dem"

"My pleesure"

"Well kwitt stallin' an teke mee to dem!"

"Yez bozz, rite away"

"Oy, Stregz git yoor ladz an' folla me" Gergutz shouted to a heavily decorated Meganob waiting near the entrance to the shack.

Minutes later Gergutz and Scragga burst into the clearing caused by the huge impact of a Stormbird and two Thunderhawks. As expected most of the space marine passengers lay strewn in contorted positions, broken and twisted. Despite the carnage nearly a dozen terminators, a few space marines and their commander were beginning to stir form their impromptu slumbers.

After a few minutes of checking corpses for life and generally dusting themselves down one of the more awake marines spotted the two Orks stood on the edge of the crater and suddenly yelled "ORKS, OVER THERE ON THE EDGE OF THE CRATER!"

Instantly everyone in the crater stopped what they were doing and looked where the marine was pointing.

The space marine commander who had been checking his map attempting to find out where on this godforsaken rock he was. Stood up gained his bearings and strode quickly over to the two Orks and announced himself

"I am Karachna, Commander of the Spider Guard some of which you see before you. And in the interest of your lives I am asking you to leave this place before we have to kill you"

"I wood say seein' yoor curren' position it iz yoo hoo shud be leavin' dis place beforr wez shoot yoo " Gergutz growled moodily.

"Shoot all of us! You and whose army?" Karachna asked incredulously.

"Dis wun" said Gergutz through a huge ear-to-ear grin.

At this cue fifteen Meganobs, two hundred Boyz and enough Gretchin to carpet the Stormbird appeared out of nowhere to surround the crater.

"Aaaaaaooooooooooooooooh, Hi" Karachna said nervously.

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