Thought I'd include this deleted part instead of just dumping it into the Recycle Bin ;). I thought this scene was too redundant; it is after all just another re-enactment of something that already happened in the episode.



"Enjoy it while it lasts, women are trouble, haven't you learned anything from me?"

Tony peered at McGee from under his NCIS hat, his vision half obscured and all he could see was McGee's ample midsection. He must have fired his personal trainer.

"Yeah, not to go on undercover dates with a doctor whose father is the world's biggest arms dealer?" McGee retorted, enjoying the ability to tease Tony about the incident after years of being subjected to similar taunts from his co-worker.

McGee almost felt sorry for his barb after noticing the smirk disappear from Tony's face while as he looked away and continued to pick at the mould of the print. Almost.

Tony schooled his features immediately and repeated almost the exact reply when Ziva brought up The Great Undercover Mishap all those weeks ago when they were searching for Michelle's sister.

"Thats low, probie."

McGee ignored him, happy to bask in his 'happy place', plus, it wasn't every day that it was Tony who was crouched on the ground while he stood aside him literally doing nothing.

"Oh - And not to loan your friends money, you still owe me 40 bucks."

He was still kicking himself for that moment of weakness as Tony pleaded and begged him to part with his money to buy a limited edition action figure of Magnum P.I while at a collector's shop looking for evidence a while back.

"Don't change the subject – what are you talking about?" Tony protested, suddenly aware of a numbness creeping along his feet. He'd been crouching on the ground for far too long. Stupid slow drying rubber mould thing!

McGee crouched down in front of Tony, seemingly to help him, but merely put a hand on his co-worker's shoulders.

"Tony, I understand what's going on here. You're jealous! You haven't had a date in a few weeks. It's okay." He let a look of pity cross his features before smirking at Tony.

Tony let out a chuckle, amused by McGee and his infatuation for the Level 5 Sorceress. Oh, he needed to share his ingenious plan with Ziva really soon so they both could laugh at McGee together.

"Me? Jealous of the Elf Lord? I think you have me confused with someone who is far less awesome." He quipped, noticing McGee remained unfazed.

"Level 5 Sorceress." McGee said slowly.

Tony raised an eyebrow, wondering for a moment if McGee had conveniently forgotten that he was the only one who appreciated the world of online role playing games. He seemed to be taking this far too seriously. Tony watched as McGee got up and brushed his pants in satisfaction before he turned back to the tyre track in front of him.

Toying with people sure had its share of fun, but when it was on someone as gullible as the Probie, Tony wasn't quite sure anymore.



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