This is my first story every written. After I read many pokemon stories I came up with this story. I am a novice writer so there might be many mistakes but I did my best and I hope you all like it.

Summary: Gary had a normal life while attending school, he had many friends, but one day out of the blue something from his past is going to appear, a emotionless boy named ash, is now attending his school. Gary is now afraid of the boy and soon memories he had locked away will come back. A palletshipping rated M for foul language, murder, rape, and probably sexual content in later chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon and credit goes to the person who came up with the idea.

Frozen Heart and the Beast Within: The New Student


A young boy was crying and shouting to a dark shadow in front of him that held a knife.


As the young boy looked around, he saw his dear friends and big sister dead on the ground, covered in a pool of their own blood. Just then, the dark shadow steadily walked toward the young boy while laughing deeply. An evil smirk appeared on his face.

"NNNNNOOOOOO!" screamed the young boy, gasping for air while drenched in sweat.

It was, after all, only a dream.

After regaining composure, he turned to the clock that sat on the end table next to his bed and noticed that it was blinking 4am.

He pulled his knees close to his chest and rested his head on them while tears started to form and soon turn to waterfalls, trying to rid himself of the fear that haunted his dreams. All he could think of were those brown emotionless eyes
staring directly at him.

That day had started just like any other, with the usual routine. The young boy was lying in bed, trying to sleep even though his clock kept buzzing to alert to him that school was going to start soon. Wiping his eyes and turning the alarm off, he got up, and while heading to the door that lead to his room, he stopped in front of a mirror that was hanging on his closet door.

The young boy was sixteen. His hair was an auburn-color, and short, but was just the right length to have it spiked. He was tall, but still short enough to look his age, and had green eyes. Around his neck hung a Chinese peace symbol, green was on one, yellow on the other.

He took a quick shower, got dressed, and ate a modest breakfast before running off to school.

As he walked down the road, backpack hanging securely over his shoulders, he heard a distant cry come from the opposite direction.

"GARY! WAIT UP!" the red-headed girl shouted as she and her best
friend came running down the side-walk.

"What's up?" Gary yelled back as the two girls came to a stop in front
of him. The first was a red-head named Misty who always held a Togepi close to her chest, while the second was a brunette named May who wore a bandanna on her head. Both girls had blue eyes.

They had made it to school a few minutes early and chatted, but soon stopped when they heard a shout coming from the front gates of the school and noticed a blue-haired girl, who also wore a bandanna on her head, running towards them while waving her hand up in the air.

As she rested in front of the group to catch her breath, she jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder, only to realize that another friend, who was quite tall, had brown-hair, and could seemingly see without opening his eyes, had joined them.


All Brock could do was laugh while the blue-haired girl released her steam.

"Sorry about that. Didn't mean to scare you Dawn,"

Of course by now everyone was laughing. Gary was the first to stop and ask Dawn what was important enough for her to sprint down to him, and at that statement, everyone had calmed down.

"Well I just heard that we're going to have a new student join us today, and that he's mysterious," and immediately the three girls started to gossip about the new student.

The bell rang shortly after. The classroom was quickly filled with students chatting and finding their seats. Soon the teacher had entered the classroom and told everyone to sit down. He was quite old, but still spry enough to teach. His name was Professor Oak.

After the students had taken their seats, Oak began speaking.

"Today we are gong to have a new student in our class, and I would like you all to give him your utmost respect and full attention."

Gary just looked out the window, but was brought to full attention when he heard the name of the new student.

The new student was young compared to the others, at only fourteen, and he had dark hair that seemed messy but still suited him. He had a Pikachu sitting on his shoulder that seemed to mimic his expression, but what really caught the students' attention, mainly Gary's, was the fact that the student's eyes seemed to have no pupils, leaving only brown orbs that showed no emotions.

"Well, Ash? Would you like to say a few things about yourself?"

The young boy just stood there, giving everyone an ice-cold stare. The students were a little scared as they stared back at him, but the silence was soon broken when Misty spoke up.

"Where did you move from, Ash? Do you have a family? What are your hobbies?"

She, too, was quickly frightened when Ash just stared blankly at her in response, until out of the blue the young boy finally gave his response.

"I moved from a small town. I live by myself. I kill people."

All the students stared as he spoke. His voice sounded cold and emotionless, just as his face portrayed, but what caught people off guard and made them tremble in fear was the answer he gave to the last question.

Dawn was the first one to start chuckling quietly, but soon after, everyone began laughing at the boy, thinking that he was telling a joke. But one student was still in fear, and it showed plainly on his face.

The day continued as per usual, with gossip about the new student, who sat in the very back, in the dark corner that nobody liked to be in, traveling quickly around the campus.

After the school day had finished up, the students continued to wonder about the new kid. They only knew that he went by the name of "Ash," and that he was too scary to be around. They dispersed, returning to their homes or loitering about parks, except for one student, who seemed to still be in shock and fearful.

Gary was baffled, and could only stare at Ash. Ash got up and, just before walking out of the classroom, gave Gary a stare that was going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

That night he was quiet, and his big sister, Daisy, worried that something was wrong. She kept asking Gary what happened, but was soon dismayed when he remained silent and went up stairs.

Gary closed the door to his room and sat on his bed as memories flashed through his head. He trembled, and the only words that he could form in his mind before sleep took hold of him were "He's back!"

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