Malfoy Dazzles Some More

Later that night all of them had done their homework and were now preparing for bed. Ron took sympathy upon his friend. "Don't worry mate, all will be fine. The school will forget about this soon enough. And that ferretty git is not even that pretty. It's not as if all the girls swoon as soon as he enters the room,"

"I know for a fact that most of the girls in this school think Malfoy's hot," Seamus informed knowingly, milking the situation for all it was worth; he didn't assume superiority too much of the time. The others didn't halt in their motions but their ears secretively sharpened. Seamus smirked imperiously and folded his arms. "You won't believe the things that come out of them, especially the quiet girls. And I can tell you that Hermione is not so anti-Malfoy as you might think,"

Ron jumped to her defence out of reflex mostly. "You're lying! Hermione would never find that poncy git attractive! She despises him!" he was nearly squeaking the words. And it didn't escape anyone that he sounded like he was trying to convince both Seamus and himself.

"Mate, who here gets to listen to girl talk? And believe it or not, most of the things that are said that have to do anything with Malfoy are quickly followed by..." Seamus let his eyes fall on the raven-haired boy indicatively. The other guys turned to him.

Harry started. "Me? They talk about me?" he said incredulously, cheeks slightly crimson.

Seamus' eyes gleamed. "And not only that but... you and a certain someone doing things... together..." he said with a mischievous grin. The whole room had stilled and gaped on at the Irish boy claiming some ludicrous things. Ron came out of his own stupor with an incredulous bark.

"Harry and Malfoy? The girls talk about Harry and Malfoy? Together?"

Seamus quirked an eyebrow and a smirk in reply. Harry jumped in. "That's crazy! That's, that's wrong, they can't do that!" he sputtered indignantly. The blush had been replaced by a paler pallor of his skin.

Seamus closed his eyes and crossed his fingers. "I swear on my kilt," There was a silence throughout the room. All the boys were obviously rendered shocked beyond motion.

When the silence seemed to stretch on and on, Seamus finally rolled his eyes, walked over to his trunk and then produced a copy of the latest Witch Weekly. "Ever since Malfoy had... dazzled everyone at the modelling competition," A few eyes swept surreptitiously over to Harry, Ron's included, "he has been requested time and time again to come back and shoot more photos by popular demand." Seamus opened to the correct page and placed it on one Dean's bed with a flourish. The bed's owner, Ron, Harry and Neville came closer and inspected the page.

There was Draco, shot in all sorts of scenarios and poses. The page made sure to comment in the caption that he had been wearing no make up whatsoever and the pictures weren't enhanced in anyway. There was another moment of silence, each one taking in all the pictures and waging a war with himself to convince himself that it was a lie and Malfoy simply couldn't be like that in real life. Seamus looked around the room with a grin at the absorbing and disbelieving faces of his housemates, their arms folded over their chests protectively. He then took the magazine off the bed.

Ron's hand had nearly shot out of its fold for a second in a placatory move but he hid it by scratching at his arms. The rest had made similar jerky movements, suggesting that they were going to protest but thought better of themselves. How incriminating. "Well, I guess I'll keep this since I'm the only one in here who thinks Malfoy's gorgeous, so..." Seamus said. They were eyeing the paper in his hand with uncertain interest and hesitant curiosity. The silence spoke for the other boys. Seamus turned around and placed it on top of his trunk instead of inside, and walked out, half-thinking they would be brave enough to actually take it.

There was no doubt about it. Malfoy was simply hot. Those pictures were just showing what he already had. Pale unmarred luminous skin, the slightest hint of a nose so delicate, pristine forehead capped by laid-back stark white platinum hair. The finest, sumptuous neck one could dream of connected to a heart-wrenching chest and torso with the faintest suggestion of well-defined muscles stringing it from below. And then that wonderful skin stretched over everything as the final piece of this complete arsenal. The magazine was there, right there, waiting to be perused.

The boys had not moved from Dean's bed after Seamus had closed the door behind him. After a few seconds of indecision, someone at least dug deep down in them to jerk alive the thing that had sorted them in this house in the first place. "I'm just gonna, ahem, just check out what the girls find so fascinating about that book, you know," Dean uttered whilst rubbing the back of his neck nervously. The others spurred into action and quickly assented with dismissive "Of course, yeah,"s, "Sure, why not,"s and "Hm, hm, right,"s. Dean cleared his throat and walked over to the Irish boy's trunk, all the while eyeing the book. He picked it up and turned the pages leisurely as if he was considering them, but obviously wanting to get to page 37 with the pictures of the Slytherin Ice Prince.

The crowd at Dean's bed stood there, intensely watching Dean's every muscle on his face, irises included. Then Dean stopped paging. His eyes widened by the slightest of fraction and were dancing furiously around the page he had reached from where they could see. They saw Dean's Adam's apple bob up and then back down again. Ron, Neville and Harry were barely sitting tight. All that was needed was Dean's pulling the magazine closer to his face and they came running.

The four boys looked at Draco's pictures for a considerable time. Malfoy was doing unimaginable things with his long almost white hair. They saw him closing his eyes sultrily and some pictures had him actually smiling, not even a provocative smile but a simple smile, something they had never seen Malfoy do. And they were beside themselves.

Probably to break the tense silence they had fallen into whilst they were indulging on Malfoy, Neville cocked his head to the side at a white spot near the middle of the page where the spine of the book was. "Is that Seamus' semen?" he asked quizzically. The other boys had seen that already. And to think they still hadn't pulled out and walked away at least in shame when they noticed it. Now that they were forced to openly acknowledge that that really was a cum stain, they just had to pretend surprise and disgust and scatter apart. They did so, Dean shooting Neville an openly irritated look, not bothering to hide it, before putting the book down.

For retaliation of acknowledging the fact that they had been goggling at Malfoy's pics for one reason or another, and to keep the tense atmosphere at bay, Ron casually said, "This just goes to show that he really is a poncy git," There were all round passionate agreements from the others.