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~The Second Coming of the Sage of Six Paths~

8,500 years ago, as the Sage of Six Paths (creator of ninjutsu and the modern ninja world, as well as first user of the Kage Bunshin) finally drove away his longtime enemy Uchiha Sasuke (Who, curiously, shared his name with a child, his great-great-great-many times over grandson, born 8,494 years later), he slipped into a coma do to the information overload of releasing exactly 17,000 of his Shadow Clones who had been with him the entire battle.

He was carried to a temple in the mountain, where he has remained since then. Oddly, he did not decompose, he just kept sleeping with no need for food or water, no need for air or for light. But a thirst for companionship, that is what he had. He was sure in his mind there that if someone were to speak to him, he could wake up.

~Eight and a Half Thousand Years Later…~

Sarutobi, The Professor, Sandaime-sama, the strongest ninja alive in the ninja world, and predecessor/successor of the student of his student, and arguably the strongest ninja in the ninja world ever, laughed as he saw his young charge's antics.

"Watch this Jiji! I'll get it this time!" A six- year old Uzumaki Naruto intoned, cart-wheeling along the road to the Temple of the Sage of Six Paths.

"Yes, yes, very good Naruto-kun. We are almost to the Temple, so calm down." Sarutobi had brought the boy along because he feared for his safety. The last time he had left for any length of time, Naruto had been in the hospital for almost a week, which was extraordinary, considering his regeneration powers.

When they arrived at the gates, Sarutobi went to meet with the Head Monk, Shizoku, and left Naruto in the care of the other monks.

The monks began to take Naruto on a tour, starting with the bell tower.

~Thirty Minutes Later…~

"… And here lies the Sage of Six Paths. He is still alive, but he has been in this coma for over eight thousand years. In fact, today is the eight thousand five hundredth anniversary of the day he was found lying on the battlefeild." The monk told Naruto.

"Can we go in?" Naruto asked.

"G- go in? W- well, I guess it wouldn't hurt…" The thick door swung open with a creak, revealing a dark room, dim and dusty.

Naruto walked right up to the Sage's ornate bed and bent low over him. "Naruto, come back here, we do not touch him!" The monk called.

"Just a minute! Get better soon, Sage-san…" He yelled to the monk, whispering the last part in the legendary figure's ear. "Goodbye… See you later… Get well..!"

Just as the monk was about to close the door, there was a creak from the bed. A figure sat up in the dark and looked at the monk and Naruto. They could clearly see the rings in the whites of his eyes, the black rings going from the very center to the edge, almost hypnotic.

A raspy voice said, "Naruto… a nice name… for you, I shall awaken from my slumber…"

The Sage of Six Paths had awoken, and he had spoken.

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