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~The Second Coming of the Sage of Six Paths~

Uchiha Itachi was having a bad day. First, those odd people in the black cloaks with white clouds on them had wanted him to join their cult, or whatever it was, and when he had refused, they beat him into the ground. They were stronger than him.

Itachi hated being outdone.

Next, the missing nin he was hunting got away, so Momoichi Zabuza was still on the loose.

He had also slipped in blood on his way to the part of the Uchiha Massacre he was assigned to, dying the clouds on his cloak red. The leader saw him, and decided it would be a fashion statement.

So they all left to dye the clouds on their cloaks red, the leader taking Itachi's with him to get that perfect shade of blood.

Leaving him to kill everybody else. Itachi was relatively well skilled, but his clan was not known as one of the strongest clans in Konoha for nothing. That took a while, leaving his brother time to see him, effectively ruining his plan to pretend that he had been murdered trying to protect his family while his little brother was at school.

Now, at the headquarters, as one of the initiate members, he slept on a scratchy pad on a stone shelf, and could hear the Sandaime Raikage bitching about how he wasn't able to get a Hyuuga, and the Yondaime Mizukage crowing about his victory at destroying another bloodline clan. Why the Akatsuki had needed to enlist the help of those two fools, he would never know. Oh well, they'd be gone tomorrow.

~At the Temple of the Sage on Six Paths~

Naruto thought back to a little while earlier, where all this chaos had begun.

"Hey, look, he woke up!" Naruto looked around to notice that the monk had fainted. "Hey, Sage-san, he fainted. Can you wake him up?"

"Certainly, young one." The sage stepped forward into the light, and Naruto saw that he was a tall man with a dark colored skin, like he had been in the sun since birth, working in the fields. His body showed it too. He was lean, with a lot of muscle, and looked about forty years old. He took a bag out of his pants, which were changed every seven years by the Head Monk (although Shizoku was new enough at his job that he had yet to have the … pleasure… of that task). He opened it, revealing an odd green plant with four leaves, and held it under the monk's nose.

He awoke almost instantly, shooting upright before shouting, "I've got to tell Shizoku-sama!" and bolting off, stopping only to bow to the Sage.

Yes, that monk was certainly odd. But that was okay.

~Meeting Hall~

Sarutobi had never thought that he would be in this position. He was here, in the Meeting Hall of the Temple, with the legendary Sage of Six Paths sitting between him and a certain demon container. The Sage had already announced that he would return to Konoha with Naruto and him.

He had informed the unusually quiet boy of his burden, many years earlier than Sarutobi himself was planning on doing, almost directly upon asking if he could see the whisker marks on the small boy's cheeks. From just glancing at the boy, he was able to tell who he had descended from, how many friends he had, how much the people of Konoha liked or disliked him, and which bijuu he had sealed in his stomach.

No, Sarutobi no longer even wanted to contest; this man was definitely the greatest. No contest.

The Sage, as it was, was currently ignoring his meal in favor of linking himself and Naruto in both chakra and in blood, so that, in effect, the Namikaze descendant became his son. There were several reasons for this; one being that he was the godfather of his friend Namikaze Tarawa's unborn son, so it was sort of a duty, the other being that this was the child who woke him up, so sort of a sense of gratitude. He was currently in the process of etching the Rinne'gan into the boy's eyes, which was a slow and painful process.

The boy took it without even a whimper.


Uchiha Sasuke was running for his life.

Or so he believed.

Sasuke thought that his brother was hot on his heels, ready to close in at any moment. He thought that only the skills he had gained from training had kept him alive.

Of course, had Itachi actually tried to kill him, or cared at all, he would have died before he had taken three steps.

There! Up ahead, he could see the Hokage tower looming out of the darkness. Sandaime-sama would know what to do!

~The Temple of the Sage of Six Paths~

"There… Done! Open your eyes, young one, and look around." The Sage had just put the finishing touches on Naruto's new bloodline. He opened his eyes, and saw everything in a sharper, brighter clarity than ever before. When a bird flew past the window, he tried to count the feathers on the top of it's wing, but only succeeded in counting three before it disappeared in the other side of the window frame.

The Sage was interested in this new world. He wondered what had happened to the outside. He heard from this man, this "Sandaime", that he was revered as a god among men. There were ninja "Villages", now, and this man was the strongest and most respected ninja in his village.


But, on the other hand, the ninja had grown weak. They had a need for some sort of "handsigns" to manipulate the chakra correctly, and had to shout out the name at the end, giving a skilled opponent time to counter.

Not impressive.

He, the Sage of Six Paths had no such inhibitions.

Then the elderly "Hokage", had told him of the boy's treatment at the hands of his own village. He was beaten, feared, and overall mistreated.

He remembered his loyal friend the Kyuubi, and thought that "if this boy was the Kyuubi, then none of them would be alive today".

And he would tell them so.

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