Hi hello!! Alrighty this is my first story doing Appleseed. Okay this takes place during Appleseed: Ex Machina (this is the only movie I have seen) during which you follow the adventures of my character, Nikkita, Deunan's younger sister.

Me: Okay!!!! HI!!! This installment Nikkita's parterner and Briareos get hurt in a mission!!

Deunan: He doesn't get hurt to bad does he?

Me: Not much!!!


Nikkita: Why does Rico get hurt?!! He's been my partner since I first joined E S.W.A.T.!!!

Me: I said they don't get hurt much!!!!! Damn! And to think I'm her and she's me!

Nikkita: Whoa confusing

Me: Yeah now on with the story!!


Chapter 1 Watches

" All right secranize you're watches on my mark" said the head of E S.W.A.T. "NOW!" he said when it hit the time and I set my watch.

"Haha! What's a high-tech cyborg doing with a old tech watch?" said one of the men(I can't remember his name) said to Briareos.

He just tapped it and said "It has a heart like I do". "That ticking is going to get you killed. Deunan! You're his partner, tell him!" he said looking

at my sister. She wordlessly held up her own matching watch to Briaroes and I laughed and the dude said "Man you two are made for each other…

well what about you Nikkita?" he turned towards me. I held up my wrist which had nothing on it and Briaroes and Deunan laughed and

she said "I'll explain if I remember correctly 'I never wear a watch unless its water proof and if its not I don't wear it' was that right Nik?"

I nodded solemnly and that set them off again. The guy just shook his head and walked away. "Crew get ready we are at the landing site!"

the head said. "Alright!" I said, "Time to Fight!!"