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Rating: T

Summary: Alzeid realises that guilt is not his cup of tea.

Forgive me

Alzeid combed his fingers through Rahzel's hair. He felt the sweat in her hair soaking into hand. He picked up the cloth from the basin, wringing the water from it. Folding the cloth, he put on her forehead.

He looked at her, lying there on bed has if she were dead, her face pale, bruising on her throat.

Her black hair was tangled, her breathing coming in short bursts, drops of sweat running down her face.

He felt a churning feeling in his gut, acid-like, he knew what it was.


He shouldn't have let her go, even when he was angry at her.

He leaned down to her ear. "I'm sorry Rahzel," Whispered Alzeid. "I never meant what I said. You know-- I was worried about you."

Rahzel slept on unobvious to the Alzeid's torment. He'll never forget what he did to her...

Where was she? Alzeid thought. That idiot! Did she know what time it was?

"Are you looking for me?" said Rahzel. She stood there looking confused. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you--."

"Are you kidding me?" said Alzeid. He glared at her.

Alzeid lifted his hand, he slapped her.

Her eyes widened; she lifted her hand to her cheek trying to stop the stinging. Her cheek was tinged with red.

"Where were you? Here I was going on a wild goose chase all around town looking for you. Worrying whether you were hurt! Who do you think you are?"

"I'm sorry," Said Rahzel. "I didn't know you would worry so much about me--"

"I've had enough! Don't ever come back to me!"

She left.

He didn't think she would. He got her back, but not unharmed.

Now he'll spend his life asking for her forgiveness, whatever it took. She got hurt because of him, she had the strength to defend herself of course, but he knew inside she was fragile.

He remembered she'd said the words before him.

Hey Alzeid! I'm sorry. Please forgive me.