Today, while I was packing my things into boxes (I'm in the process of moving), a thought crossed my mind. I was thinking about Shinji's habit of mumbling. Taking a break from throwing things into boxes, I scribbled on a piece of paper a story to go with my thoughts of Shinji's mumbling. Thus, a new fanfic is born. The title fails (because I often have trouble titling things), but that's ok…I think.

Anyways, I don't own these characters because…well, I don't think I need to point out the obvious.

This fic is ShinjiXKamio (two of my favorite characters).


Quiet Mumbles

Fudomine's tennis practice had ended for the day. The team's members quickly changed and left the school. The only two left in the clubhouse were Ibu Shinji and Kamio Akira.

Looking at Kamio out of the corner of his eye, Shinji thought of an idea.

"Akira doesn't talk to me very often anymore," Shinji's bad habit of mumbling began. "Maybe he doesn't want to be my friend anymore. Maybe I did something to upset him. I don't recall doing anything that would anger him though. It kind of makes me sad because I really like Akira. We're best friends, so I thought he could tell me anything. Maybe I should just confront him and tell him how I feel. I wonder how he'd react if he knew that I like him as more than a friend…"

Kamio's cheeks began to heat up. "You know, Shinji, I can hear everything you're mumbling."

"I was hoping you could."

"Sh-Shinji!" he fidgeted as he tried to find the right words.

"It's ok. I guess things are going to be awkward between us now. That's the price I had to pay…"

Kamio walked up to Shinji and pulled on his sleeve. "I…I like you too, Shinji."

A faint smile formed on Shinji's face as he stole a kiss from Kamio. There was no need for words as the walked out of the clubhouse hand in hand.


That was short, wasn't it? That's ok. I kind of enjoy writing short things like this. Please, tell me what you think. Thank you for reading my fic.