This little gem takes place just at the end of "Utopia".

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The Year That Really Never Was

The Doctor watched in desperate horror as the Master dematerialized the TARDIS before him. The shouts of his companions and the screams and howls of the Futurekind hardly penetrated his consciousness.

Until, that is, someone grabbed his arm.

"Get the door, will ya, Doc?" Jack said, before launching himself at the disappearing ship.

Still dumfounded, but finding his feet at last, the Doctor turned and ran to help Martha hold off the oncoming hordes.

Despite his best piloting efforts, the Master found himself on twenty-first century earth. With a sigh, and a none-too-gentle kick to the console, he made his way down the ramp to the doors of the Doctor's TARDIS.

The Doctor may have fused the coordinates, but that wasn't going to stop him. This primitive planet, favorite of the Doctor's as it was, could make an excellent base for his conquest of the universe.

He opened the doors, and was immediately punched in the face and knocked flat on his back.

"Welcome to earth," the voice of Captain Jack Harkness greeted, before the Master slipped into unconsciousness.

The end.

Just a completely random bit of fun in the spirit of "what if"; I hope you enjoyed!