AN: I apologize for the long delay. Life has been crazy busy! I hope you'll enjoy these chapters before tonights new episode. I even wrote a Tiva to make up for a it. :) Enjoy!


Ziva: We hit a dead end

Tony: No pun intended

Ziva: Actually it was

Tony: Well in that case, nicely done!


"What is this for?" Ziva questioned as she found a bagel and cream cheese donning her desk the next morning.

Tony smiled across the bull pen. "Consider it a gold star."

"But it is not gold, and it is not a star."

Tony hung his head in defeat momentarily. "Forget it. Just think of it as a job well done."

"We solved the case as a team Tony and I do not see bagels on McGee or Gibbs' desks."

"That is because they haven't shown significant improvement in their American idioms."

She stifled a laugh. "You gave me a bagel because I am getting better yes?"

"I gave you a bagel because positive reinforcement is key in continuing the behavior. Next time it will be a poppy seed bagel."

She had to smile. "Well thank you Tony."

"No Ziva, thank you."

Gibbs strode in moments later. "Where's my bagel DiNozzo?"

"Uh, um…"

"Bat got your tongue Tony?" Ziva questioned, lifting up her bagel to take a bite; only to have Tony grab it and hand it to Gibbs.

"Here you go boss."

Ziva threw her hands up. "What was that for?"

Tony retreated to his desk. "Because I spoke too soon."